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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

So I recently got quite a bit of season one of Underworlds for a great deal, to play the game, but also as it’s a great size for a warband to just sample painting something different.
This has quickly followed with getting several other warbands whenever I saw a deal. Up to about 18 of them now..
So I thought I better get started on them!

First I have a few already built so will do those ones first.
Beginning with the Godsworn Hunt, grabbed this big sword guy.
He’s currently got a wash on him so hopefully a bit of that shine disappears once dry.
Then I’ll get to work on the rest if he comes out as I hope.
[Thumb - 5E0E5483-7312-4793-8DA4-B99DB5B04F64.jpeg]

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Ok, so they’ve come along a bit.
They had bits of paint on when I got them so I’ve been trying to do damage control somewhat to sort out all that and also get some base colours across the warband.
[Thumb - 965B9A05-944E-4779-945A-9650448E57E6.jpeg]

[Thumb - 41D40B34-EBC2-409B-A82B-676A6EC6EC9E.jpeg]

Made in au
Bloodthirsty Bloodletter


Hey mate, off to a great start! Smart colour choices with the red really popping against the neutral colours. Love the variety of skin tones - it's a pain to do but always pays off and looks great in a group.

I too am guilty of buying faster than I can paint...looking forward to seeing what comes next!

PS great work on the doggo. Looks like he's ready to take a bite out of some bad dude.

t z you are k 
Made in ca
Damsel of the Lady

drinking tea in the snow

They're looking good so far and i agree with tzurk, the chaos puppy looks adorably ferocious.

realism is a lie
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