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Had a question about the authenticity of an item. Apologies if this isn't where this goes.

I dont see an item number on these like FW normally puts on their transfers. Can't really tell from photo but there are no numbers at the top.

Hard to tell these days with all the knockoffs from China.
[Thumb - IMG_3190.JPG]

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It looks authentic enough. But as you say, knock offs are getting pretty good these days.

Although after a very quick search, the only Iron Hands transfers I can see are the Primaris ones

Or these FW ones which have banners and quite detailed cogs.

I don't remember if FW ever put out another version of the IH sheet with less detailed transfers, though.

So not much help to you really, sorry!

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I've never FW to have transfers without numbers. It usually starts with 99 if I am not mistaken.

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Yes, it looks authentic to me. I bought both sets of IH decals directly from FW back in the day. The set amrogers3 posted was for 40k, while the set with the banners posted by Snrub were specifically for the Horus Heresy game.

I have no idea if decal sets are being knocked-off these days, but I can say with certainty that the set I own is authentic. The envelope the decals were shipped in have the item number 995101011119, and on the very top of the decal sheet it has this same number, minus the last "9", printed. I think I even see it on the picture you posted. In very small letters at the very top: Iron Hands Decal sheet Games Workshop LTD 2010 99510101111. Also, on the back of my sheet is printed "M100309 03," but that's probably a batch number for the decal paper used by the printers.

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timd wrote:

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Yeah, it's the older style that originally came out alongside the Heresy stuff, which ultimately sold out and then was replaced, I've got an Emperor's Children one of the same vintage right next to me, and, specific details aside, the layout etc is identical, and I ordered it from FW directly myself, and still have the envelope.

The code is there, it's just in white ink so barely visible.

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