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Hi guys,
I found this Horus Heresy Book 3: extermination signed in England for about 130-190£, shipping included. The values partly comes from it being signed twice, but do you think they are authentic ?
Have you seen any before ?
Thanks !

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Honestly besides taking it and a certified copy of the original signature to a handwriting expert, there's no way to be 100% sure either way.

I'd be inclined to say it's real. Most people who fabricate signatures for fraud aren't going to be using their skills on niche wargaming books.

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Yeah indeed. But do their signatures actually look like this ? Have you seen them before ? I would say Andy Hoar and Alan Bligh
From what I got from the internet, it does match

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The guys forging signatures are doing it for first edition Charles Dickins or Jane Austin, not something like this on an already expensive book with minimal margins - said with the greatest of respect for Andy Hoar and Alan Blight (at least that would be my take on it)

What is the seller's feedback like? Should be a good sign if they are legitimate or not.

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Oh I was just thinking "has this guy drew on this book to sell it better ?", Nothing very important. But it does look real and the guy is nice actually

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The signatur on the right looks like the typcal way Alan Blight used to sign books on the FW Opendays.
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Yeah, those are legit. I have books 1-6 signed by the team & those match the signatures of Andy Hoare & Alan Bligh.

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Xantalora wrote:
The signatur on the right looks like the typcal way Alan Blight used to sign books on the FW Opendays.

Not just the open days. He'd sign the first printings of basically all the Imperial Armour books. It, IMO, adds no additional value to the books if you see it because of that.
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They're almost certainly real. And also almost certainly of no additional value if you're looking at it as an investment the way "signed" memorabilia are usually viewed.

If you think its worth 130-190£ then go nuts, but for me personally and I expect 99% of all other wargamers out there the books are worth the same as an unsigned copy. Retail price on that book right now is $115, which comes out to 86£ ish. So the question is do you really want to pay an additional $60-100 over the normal price of the book?

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