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With nothing happening on the gaming front due to the continued outbreak of Phobon Plague there was plenty of time to put together a Troops on Parade feature.

This time it's the turn of the 28mm Spanish Civil War collection to get the spotlight.

Started mostly because I really like the figures (own up who hasn't done that !) My knowledge of the period was pretty limited, but along with the number of figures, my interest has grown and grown and the more I learn about SCW the more it fascinates me.

We have our own set of rules which I think (I would I wrote them !) give a real period flavour, it's definitely a highlight of the gaming year putting on a SCW game. A real shame it has such low popularity amongst gamers, it has a lot to offer.

Pop down the blog for a ton of photos of the units along with the now standard Utubes video.

At the end of the piece I start to think about the future of the blog. Do I carry it on ? In all likelihood yes, but probably in a changed format, hits are massively down on many posts and that traffic seems to be migrating to other Social Media. I think it's a general trend, just typing out loud.

Regards Ken
The Yarkshire Gamer

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