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Made in us
Moustache-twirling Princeps


I'm just trying to find my way back to Warhammer 40k after a long hiatus... hoping the Marines bring me back. Enjoying the idea of the diversity of the list and the chance to model some pretty heroic dudes.

Raven Guard Successor Chapter
Born Heroes / Whirlwind of Rage

Necropolis Hawks
Adeptus Astartes - Strike Force - Eternal War ( 12CP - 2000PT - 0PT )

Adeptus Astartes Battalion Detachment ( 3CP - 1975PT )
SUB-FACTION: Raven Guard

Lieutenant in Reiver Armour (75)

Primaris Captain (145) Heavy bolt pistol, Master-crafted power sword, Relic shield
UPGRADE: Chapter Master

WARLORD: Primaris Chaplain on Bike (140)
UPGRADE: Master of Sanctity
TRAITS: Champion of Humanity
LITANIES: Canticle of Hate (Aura)

Assault Intercessor Squad (200)
1x Assault Intercessor Sergeant: Power fist
9x Assault Intercessor

Heavy Intercessor Squad (300)
1x Heavy Intercessor Sergeant
2x Heavy Intercessor: Heavy bolter
7x Heavy Intercessor

Incursor Squad (115)
1x Incursor: Haywire mine
1x Incursor Sergeant
3x Incursor

Incursor Squad (115)
1x Incursor: Haywire mine
1x Incursor Sergeant
3x Incursor

Bladeguard Veteran Squad (175)
1x Bladeguard Veteran Sergeant
4x Bladeguard Veteran

Primaris Apothecary (95)
UPGRADE: Chief Apothecary

Inceptor Squad (225)
1x Inceptor Sergeant: 2x Plasma exterminator
4x Inceptor: 2x Plasma exterminator

Eliminator Squad (90)
1x Eliminator Sergeant
2x Eliminator

Eliminator Squad (90)
1x Eliminator Sergeant
2x Eliminator

Eradicator Squad (210)
1x Eradicator: Multi-melta
1x Eradicator Sergeant
3x Eradicator

Total Command Points: 3/15
Reinforcement Points: 0
Total Points: 2000/2000

The idea here is to capitalize on movement shenanigans. The Chappy boosts up field towards the enemy and to be ideally near the Bladeguard or Assault Intercessors to lob out CoH or EoR, depending on need. CM's Master of Ambush will pull the CM and Apothecary to where they will do the best work (or another unit if I need to rearrange a unit I can). The Inceptors DfA to where their plasma will do the most work. The Incursors and Infiltrators use Concealed Positions to get forward and/or lock out other movement shenanigans. Strike from the Shadows will be on the Bladeguard and/or Eradicators (or maybe Infiltrators if that is better).

There is a lot of synergy in the list, I think, and it should be able to just slingshot right into the enemy. The heavy Intercessors can lock down an area (Unyielding can help too) or split up and form a firebase and a unit to march onto another objective. Apothecary is going to do double revives with the 3 wounds because oh lord that is brutal. Tempted to toss the Armour of Shadows on the Apoth just to keep them a bit safer.

Also, with it being the Necropolis Hawks as my Chapter of choice, I am hoping to make this thematic. Like they are moving around the urban ruins and all that. I think by not having vehicles it will feel more true to form.

On a last note, I had an alternative list that drops an Eradicator w/ MM and the Interceptors for a Suppressor squad and a Reiver Lieutenant w/ Oppressor's End for another forward threat (Reiver) and a unit I can have drop onto a distant objective w/ Smokescreen who can also put out some long-range fire.

Thoughts on the primary list? Alternative? The overall strat? Not looking to go outside of the Ultima Founding fluff, so all Primaris. Otherwise, open to all input!

Updated it for some points errors I discovered via the new app. Didn't rewrite the breakdown so some stuff may have changed but the general premise is the same.

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Made in us
Moustache-twirling Princeps


Bumping for some love. Any folks with 9th experience have some input?

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