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Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

Skashran’s is nearing the end of his Path to Glory and his chance of getting back in Khorne’s good graces. Few obstacles remain in his path, but those he is yet to face will be formidable ones. Today, Skashran and his Doomguard will be facing an enemy they have encountered before, but who now is more powerful than ever.

The Story So Far
Having fought and won for control of the Guardian Spirits, the daemons of the Doomguard had delighted in tormenting them until the information Skashran sought was extracted. Under duress, the spirits proved extremely helpful, and they pointed the Doomguard towards the depths of the Realm of Fire – the scorched wastes of the Scablands and the Dreadhold of Fiery Fury within.

However, as is ever the way, things were not going to prove easy for Skashran, for another warband was already ahead of them in the race to the Blood Shard of Isile. Gorlag’s Skybasha Boyz were on their own Path to Glory, and very close to completing it. Their Gore-Gruntaz had spotted the Doomguard’s approach and, having beaten Skashran once before, Gorlag was confident he could end the daemons once and for all. Deciding to be cunning and brutal (rather than brutal and cunning), the Orruk Megaboss laid in wait for the Doomguard to approach, launching an attack when they would be at their most vulnerable.

For the full report and more piccies: https://ttgamingdiary.wordpress.com/2020/12/22/path-to-glory-lying-in-wait/

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