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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Now then, I came up with a list and a game plan earlier, and would love some feedback and thoughts. It revolves around the secondaries I have in mind, (engage on all fronts, investigate sites, and psychic ritual). The bullgryns, crusaders, astropaths, priest and inquisitor mob the centre of the board, and start investigating, and creating a safe zone for the inquisitor to start the ritual. The HSVG squads can be deployed to either capture nearby objectives, or provide fire support for the mob. The tauroxs camp on the backfield objectives (hence the autocannons for a bit of longer range). The plasma and melta squads pop down, either via deep strike or Valkyrie, and push the mid and enemy objectives, and start engage on all fronts.

The list itself is:

Battalion Lambda Lions


Inquisitor (Force sword, Hereticus - Scourging, Ignis Judicium, Inferno pistol, Ordo Hereticus, Psyker, Puritan, Stratagem: Inquisitorial Mandate)

1 CP extra relic


Prime (rod, power sword, auto-reliquary, keys to the armoury)

Prime (rod, chainsword, laurels)


2x Scions (10) - 4 plasma, plasma on sgt

2x Scions (10) - 4 melta, power word on sgt

2x Scions (10) - 4 HSVG, sgt naked


Astropath (nightshroud)

Astropath (barrier)

6 bullgryns (bat and board)

6 crusaders



2x Valkyrie (multiple rocket pods, heavy bolters, lascannon)


2x Taurox Primes (missiles and autocannons)

Would love to hear your feedback!
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

I love lambdas. Especially out of valkyries.
You might want one single 10 man squad with no specials on it at all for the use with the stratgems
precision drop + point blank shooting + killing fields + gifts of the mechanicum, and the order FRFSRF and quite possibly the old grudges warlord trait.
Once you have pulled this combo off against someone, you can't ever go back, its just too much fun. Also, you hvae the option to stick other things in the birds instead, and use these 10 guys as a resilience blob (near the warlord they go to 5++ and you can give them an extra +1 on save from the astropath, and that means you are looking at 90 points of 4++ goodness. Drop them carefully, and they can hold an objective surprisingly well for gaurd, and even aren't complete crap in melee with their little 3/-1/1 1+1from the minister attacks.

That gives you 45 free points, I would stick those into another (extra) command squad (since you have only used 4 slots). If it were my little army, I woudl further drop the two tauroxes as being unable to move your non scions, and pick up a third fully loaded valkyrie. leaving you with enough points to buy a SECOND 4 scion command squad
You would then have enoug points to give both command squads, rather exactly, 4 hotshotvolleyguns each.

That makes these relatively fragile little squads cheap enough you don;t cry big tears when they go down, and you can place them so as to pour on the volley fire ... or to spread out for recon objective vp, or to take various objectives, or to harrass, or to use to perform actions.

I caution you that ritual seems to go badly for me every time. Someone usually whacks the guy trying to do it with something you can't stop. Usually.

So I would do the army like this.

Inquisitor (as you have him)
Tempest prime (rod, reliquary, keys, powersword)
Tempest prime2 (laurels, chain, rod) (-1 cp for extra warlord trait, old grudges)

10 scions with 9 hslg and 1 hwlp/chainsword
10 scions with 4 plasma, 5 hslg, 1 plaspist/chainsword
2x Scions (10) - 4 melta, hslp/powersword on sgt, 5 hslg, each
2x Scions (10) - 4 HSVG, sgt naked

astropath (+1save)
astropath (-1 to hit)
6 bully with maul and shield
5 crusaders (no slot)
4 scion command squad with 4 volleygun
4 scoin command squad with 4 volleygun

valkyrie with 2 MRP, 2 HB, 1 lascannon
valkyrie with 2 MRP, 2 HB, 1 lascannon
valkyrie with 2 MRP, 2 HB, 1 lascannon

Now you have some extra shots at things like recon, your air corps is less likely to get shot down (and the enemy could potentially end up eating a wide variety of special weapons stepping out of valkyries, and thus, immune to auspex scans.)
You do lose 2 taurox. You gain 1 flyer. Tauroxes as you had them shoot 6 times with fairly decent weapons .. and I know that's a tradeoff, but the valkyrie swarm can pretty much put its guns on the enemy and then float far away.

I won't say this is better or worser than your list -- its just a difference in playstyle, and I really enjoy that combo. (Which, I note, can also be done with a unit that has 4 volleyguns and 5 lasguns and a single pistol). I think people often overlook the utility of a cheap scions 10 man squad!

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Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

That combo sounds like one of the meanest things to do to anyone. I love it! The problem of dropping tauroxs for valks is that the Taurox is able to camp an objective, which is the name of the game in 9th.
As far as I can tell, it's only in the SOB codex where the priest moves crusaders to the NoFoS slot, but I'll check the FAQs.

The plan with the ritual was basically because I'd have so much muscle as screen, and invuns with the crusaders, that between 3 psykers, a ritual could be pulled off, especially as all of them would be centre board anyway.

I do like the look of your list tbf, I will definitely be stealing the idea to give the 2nd prime old grudges.
Made in ca
Been Around the Block

Please forgive the noob question, but I was trying to recreate your list in BattleScribe and its giving me an error on the Scion squads: For each w/ special weapon entry, it says "must have 1 more selection of Hot-shot Volley Gun (minimum 1 each)" if I chose anything other than HSVG (plasma, melta,etc).
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Sounds like a straight up error in battle scribe, there is no minimum required hotshotvolleygun for any scion unit. Its an optional special weapon.
Did you try it in command squad as well as usual squad? Did you try it with changing the settings for tempestus regiment or did you perhaps try adding a scion unit to a non scion regiment (so its got no regiment of its own?) It sounds like a straight up programming error, and it would be interesting to see if they are busted in every instance.

But yeah, that sounds busted. Some of my best friends are scions with meltas, plasmas, or grenades.

Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

The error in BS is known about and is on the list of fixes for the next patch. There is also the error with the bone 'ead having to take 2 shields.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

I don't use battlescribe -- so its always a good idea to check my off the cuff maths in a list. Hope I got it close!

Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
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