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Ghastly Grave Guard


Hey all,
Just trying to get an army together here that will be some fun on the tabletop. I have a good chunk of this already, which helps. It seems to have a lot of Gitz but not too many toys. I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not. Any advice would be great. For reference, I haven't played AoS since the very very beginning and the days of "Kurt Helborg is better if you have a nice moustache" being in the rules. Looks more like a proper game now, so I'm excited to get dug in!

++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Destruction - Gloomspite Gitz) [2,000pts] ++

+ Leader +

Loonboss [70pts]: 2. Fight Another Day, General - Loonboss

Madcap Shaman [80pts]

Madcap Shaman [80pts]

+ Other +

Boingrot Bounders [100pts]: 5 Boingrot Bounderz

Rockgut Troggoths [280pts]: 2x 3 Rockgut Troggoths

Squig Hoppers [90pts]: 5 Squig Hoppers

+ Battalion +

Battalion: Skulkmob Horde [1,300pts]
. Loonsmasha Fanatics: 5 Loonsmasha Fanatics
. Loonsmasha Fanatics: 5 Loonsmasha Fanatics
. Shootas: 20 Shootas, Bad Moon Icon, Gong Basher
. Sporesplatta Fanatics: 5 Sporesplatta Fanatics
. Stabbas: 3x 20 Stabbas, Bad Moon Icon, Gong Basher, Pokin' Spear
. Stabbas: 2x 20 Stabbas, Gong Basher, Moon Clan Flag, Pokin' Spear

+ Allegiance +

. Gloomspite Gitz

+ Game Options +

Game Type: 2000 Points - Battlehost

+ Scenery +

Bad Moon Loonshrine

++ Total: [2,000pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe
Made in us
Humming Great Unclean One of Nurgle

Looks like a lot of fun. Pretty light on the heroes but you should be OK as long as your local meta isn't very cutthroat.

Still trying to be more polite. If you catch me being toxic please call me on it.

Enjoying narrative before matched play, crusading on a path to glory! 
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