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Perseverance, the largest mobile probe to be sent to another planet, and the first to carry a separate vehicle, a helicopter, along with it, has landed safely on mars.

While this of course pales in comparison to a hyperwealthy narcissistic megalomaniac sending a sports car and spacesuit wearing mannequin off into space, i thought it was worth some notice and attention.

I'm hoping to see some really amazing stuff come back from this probe. Irrefutable evidence of life would be nice. Maybe an image of a large, 3 legged machine would be interesting too, but I'm not holding my breath for it.

I would like nasa to send a special probe to mars to reach one of the viking landers. Those landers had special nutrient broth tanks in them they scooped martian soil into to see if there were any live microbes in them. The tests, using 1970's tech, gave inconclusive results.

Nonetheless those two tanks may have been, for a time, the most hospitable environments on mars for life. I'd like to see a special probe sent to drill a hole into one of the tanks and take samples of the interiors loking for evidence of life.

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I hope they examine those in a space lab.... I've seen the movie "Life"

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I would much rather everyone have a half ass than no ass.

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