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Made in us
Roarin' Runtherd

I checked out Wahapedia's entry on Macharius tanks and they are packing two Strength 16, AP-4 Damage 9 shots from the main gun, with a native +1 to hit.
Sure it will suffer against invulns but I am of the opinion that durability in this game is a good thing, provided things are in balance. Now, is this worthwhile in today's meta, which is jam packed with things Eradicators and Multimelta bikes being top tier AT weaponry.

Its only 310 points for the basic set up. Assuming both shots hit a tank, even one packing a 4++ save one should get through and in the event it does, 9 damage flat is nothing to scoff at, it can one shot regular dreadnoughts through their damage reduction and damage anything else by a great deal.

Assuming the super heavy tax is ignored, (my personal meta, a group of friends who primarily use my Warhammer Table I built a while back house rule Super Heavies Aux detachments into only costing a single command point and allowing them to take the same faction bonus as the warlord's detachment) would a macharius be a good addition to a guard player's armory?
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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

I think yes, but note that it's usefulness is a bit tied to the usual wound count of enemy models. If there are enough targets that preferably have 9,18,27 wounds or at least close to that (Malcadors have 18, Baneblades 26 for example), it performs much better compared to facing models with wound values in between (like Leman Russ 12, were lots of damage is wasted). Also if the enemy goes mainly infantry/Cavalry/Characters it lacks good targets.

~5100 build and painted 
Made in us
Roarin' Runtherd

So against things like Ork Nauts and things like they work pretty well.

I wish that IG Ace traits go expanded, I play orks and tyranids but one of my friend's is getting into Guard and he's a tread head so I've been looking at the forgeworld range to see if thats a worthwhile gift at a point later down the line.
Made in de
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

The Forgeworld tanks definitly look great, but are a tad expensive.

From an efficiency standpoint I would mention:
Macharius Vanquisher - as long as there are fitting targets
Macharius Vulcan/Malcador Defender - as long as there are predominantly T4, W2 models
Malcador Infernus - possibly the model that profits from the Death Korps doctrine the most
Carnodon - one of the cheapest platforms per Lascannon shot and also pretty dang cheap for 12 T7 3+ wounds.

~5100 build and painted 
Made in de
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Oh and adding to that: the Hades Breaching drill is also currently pretty interesting for ist pricetag.
IF (!) it reaches CC it statistically does:
10 damage against a T8, 3+ vehicle (86% of a Leman Russ)
12.5 damage against a <;T7, 3+ vehicle (killing any Chimera or Tauros Chassis vehicle)
kills 2 Gravis dudes.

In all three cases it kills back its points in just one average fight phase, which is pretty impressive for an imperial guard vehicle. And it can even be buffed by "Crush them", enabling it to do ~17 wounds againt T8, 3+ and having T7, 3+, 4++ (in CC) itself its no glasscanon for its 80 points either.
But to stress it again: it has to get into CC first to do anything.

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~5100 build and painted 
Made in au
Regular Dakkanaut

The Macharius Vanquisher sounds great on paper, but in reality it's not.

You get 2 shots, at best BS3+.

Assuming just BS3+ that's only 1.33 hits. You'll wound anything on 2+ then that's 1.11 wounds. If an enemy even has a 6++ save then your unsaved wound chance drops to 0.925. That's not reliable.

Against a demolisher tank commander they'll get on average 7 shots. They have BS3+ and rerolls of 1 from tank orders. So an average of 5.44 hits. 3.63 wounds against T6 - T8. With an unsaved wound chance of 3.02. For an average of 10.59 damage.

So a demolisher tank commander is still better than the Macharius Vanquisher and is roughly 120 points cheaper.

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