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Made in gb
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

I made a battle report last year for 8th Edition which basically recreated Last Stand at Glazer’s Creek, with Imperial Guard vs Tyranids instead of Imperial Guard vs Orks. A link to that battle report:


For this, my first 9th Edition battle, I decided to keep things simple and fight the Only War scenario. 2,000 points a side.

Fluffwise this is taking place on the same campaign. Basically Cabeiri IV is being invaded by Tyranids and this is just one of the many battles that took place during the campaign. The defenders are mainly made up of the PDF of Cabeiri IV with support from Cabeiri II (an Ogryn planet) and Cabeiri VIII (an Ice World). My protagonist and Warlord for the defenders in this battle is Inquisitor Chang, an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor who specialises in hunting down the Tyranids.
So without further ado, here’s the battle report:

Inquisitor Chang was concerned. Not so much by the massive swarm of Tyranids arrayed against him, more by the fact that this war had been going on for various weeks now. The Tyranid menace was seemingly endless and relentless. The limited forces of the Imperium on Cabeiri IV were sadly far from endless. The casualties continued to pile up with no real way of knowing whether reinforcements would arrive at all, let alone when. Chang had sent various distress signals to the Deathwatch and nearby systems before the Tyranids had made Warp communication impossible, though he had heard nothing back so had no way of knowing if the signals had been heeded.

Still, all Chang could do was concentrate on the matter at hand. During the fighting on Cabeiri IV Chang had managed to cobble together various hangers on. Some of them had come with him from previous campaigns, some were “borrowed” from the Cabeiri IVInquisitor Chang was concerned. Not so much by the massive swarm of Tyranids arrayed against him, more by the fact that this war had been going on for various weeks now. The Tyranid menace was seemingly endless and re Planetary Defence Force, and some had just been civilians or other fighters who he had seen potential in. His trusty colleague, Inquisitor Abed, was also joining the fight today. Of course the Cabeiri IV PDF, led by Commander General von Klinerhoffen, was doing most of the fighting in this campaign. Chang, Abed and various other Ordo Xenos Inquisitors were doing their bit to try to see off the Alien Menace too though.

Looking at the Tyranid forces in front of him Chang was relatively sure the battle would go his way, like countless others before. Whether or not the war would be won was a different question though.

Forces of the Imperium:

1 Battalion Detachment and 1 Patrol Detachment – 10 CP in total

Astra Militarum Battalion – Catachans

Inquisitor Chang – Ordo Xenos, Warlord, Needle Pistol, Nemesis Daemon Hammer. Psyker

Colonel “Iron Hand” Straken
Company Commander – Laspistol and chainsword
Primaris Psyker

6 Infantry Squads – All with 1 plasma gun and 1 bolter

8 Crusaders with a Chimera
Ministorum Priest with laspistol and chainsword
Ogryn Bodyguard with Bullgryn Maul and Slabshield
Sergeant Harker
2 Veteran Squads. Each has shotguns, 3 meltaguns and a Chimera

1 Hellhound

1 Leman Russ Demolisher with 3 Heavy Bolters

Militarum Tempestus Patrol Detachment – 43rd Iotan Dragons

Inquisitor Abed – Ordo Xenos, Force Sword, Needle Pistol, Psyker

Tempestor Prime with Command Rod

3 Militarum Tempestus Scions squads, each with 2 plasma guns

Millitarum Tempestus Command Squad with 4 plasma guns

Tyranid Force:

1 Battalion Detachment – Hive Fleet Leviathan – 12 CP in total

1 Hive Tyrant with Wings and 2x Two Devourers with Brainleech Worms. Warlord
1 Broodlord

16 Genestealers
24 Hormagaunts
5 Termagants witht Devourers, 20 with Fleshborers
2 x 3 Tyranid Warriors with 1 Venom Cannon

3 Hiveguard with Impalers
3 Zoanthropes

16 Gargoyles

2 x 1 Screamer Killers
1 Trygon Prime

1 Hive Crone

Turn 1

The Tyranids took the first turn and straight away skittered as fast as they could towards the Imperial Guard line. Their turn was relatively uneventful other than that, causing very few casualties in the shooting phase. Even a couple of Hormagaunts died from Overwatch while trying (and failing) to get a lucky roll on the charge.

The Imperial Guard on their turn held the line and repositioned slightly to better take advantage of the shooting phase. The Veterans in Chimeras daringly moved forward to try to take on a couple of the bigger Tyranid monstrosities.

The shooting phase was brutally effective. Most of the Gargoyles and Hormagaunts fell to the Imperium’s tirade. The Militarum Tempestus also joined the fray on the Tyranids’ left flank, vaporising a Screamer Killer Carnifex in the process.

By the end of the first turn it wasn’t looking good for the Tyranids. Most of the larger monsters remained relatively intact, but the Imperium had put a big dent in their army. Would the Tyranids be able to stage a comeback in the following combat phase?

Turn 2

Now it was time for the Tyranids to see if they had enough of an army left to capitalise on the ground they gained in the first Turn.

The Broodlord, which had been ambushed by some sky diving Militarum Tempestus, still had 2 Wounds left and decided to take revenge on the Scions. It charged one of the squads and chewed through it by the end of the Imperium turn, ready to charge the other Scions squad in Turn 3.

The Zoanthropes, perhaps foolishly, made a move for the third Scions squad, managing to kill a couple in the Psychic and Combat phases. By the end of Turn 2 though it wasn’t looking good for the remaining Zoanthrope, unless it could hold out long enough for the Genestealers and Broodlord to get there.

The Trygon Prime was in an awkward position, essentially facing the Imperium’s right flank all on its own. With a plethora of targets it finally decided to charge the Hellhound, destroying it. In the Imperium turn the Trygon Prime was predictably vapourised by a combination of the Leman Russ Demolisher and a Veterans squad with meltaguns.

On the Imperium’s left flank the Hive Tyrant charged the Infantry Squad guarding an objective. Sergeant Harker heroically intervened, even causing a wound on the Hive Tyrant. In the Imperium’s turn Colonel Straken and his Ogryn Bodyguard joined in. It’s unclear who will win this fight, or even if it will be a stalemate by the end of the game. Either way this objective will be crucial in deciding the outcome, as the two Tyranid objectives and remaining Imperium objective seem safe for now.

Turn 3

After coming out of hibernation in Turn 2 the Genestealers weren’t sure where to go. After much deliberation they headed for the centre of the board and charged a Chimera, destroying it by the end of the Imperium’s Turn 3. Inquisitor Abed with a Minitorum Priest and 8 Crusaders suicidally decided to pile into this combat. It paid off though, most of the Genestealers died on the charge and the rest decided to run away, seeing as they weren’t within synapse range. 5 of the Crusaders still fell to the Genestealers though.

The combat on one of the Imperium objectives between the Hive Tyrant, Colonel Straken, his Ogryn Bodyguard and Sergeant Harker came to an abrupt end when the Hive Tyrant took one too many hits to the face. The characters were now free to set their sights on the Hive Crone, which was in combat with the last remaining Infantry Squad on the Imperium’s left flank.

The Broodlord was gleefully getting ready to continue munching through the Scions. One Trooper was not having this though, as his overcharged plasma gun killed the Broodlord on Overwatch, whilst simultaneously killing himself by rolling a 1 to hit with his other shot.

The last remaining Screamer Killer was working through a Veteran Squad, who in turn were unable to take its final 2 Wounds. On the Imperium left flank Inquisitor Chang, the Warlord, was finishing off what was left of the Termagants.

Turn 4

There wasn’t much shooting to speak of in Turn 4, though several of the ongoing close combats were decisively ended, in the favour of the Imperial Guard. The Veterans finally managed to find a weak spot on the Screamer Killer and Colonel Straken made short work of what was left of the Hive Crone.

By the end of Turn 4 the Tyranids literally had 4 Tyranid Warriors and 1 Hive Guard left. The Imperium, though it had sustained some casualties, still had more than enough forces left to cover its own objectives. The Imperium were not close enough to the Tyranid objectives to contest them but it didn’t matter. The Imperium had an extra Victory Point for Slay the Warlord and the Tyranids had no way to gain any extra Victory Points themselves.

In light of the above the Tyranids decided to leave the battlefield and not bother with a 5th Turn. Victory to the Imperium.


So that’s it, my first game of 9th Edition ended with a decisive victory for the Imperium. Even if I had played a 5th Turn it wouldn’t have been possible to table the Tyranids, bur it was close.

The game was pretty much decided by the end of Turn 1. The Imperium hammered the Tyranids as they were closing in and by the end of the Turn the Tyranids didn’t really have enough of an army left to do much. I’m not too sure what I could have done to make for a more balanced game. Perhaps I needed more terrain, or simply a more competitive Tyranid list. I will post a thread on the 40K Army Lists forum to see if I can get some feedback.
Made in nz
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Off the shoulder of Orion

Nice report. Would love to see some closer photos of the models.

Great battle for the guard - not often they one-up nids in close combat across the board.

My Collected Narrative Photo Battle Reports


Thanks to Thor 665 for putting together the article
Made in gb
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

 Gordy2000 wrote:
Nice report. Would love to see some closer photos of the models.

Great battle for the guard - not often they one-up nids in close combat across the board.

Thanks for your comments.

I hadn't really thought about it but yes, the Guard did pretty well in close combat overall. To be fair the Tyranids were pretty beat up already by the time they made it into combat. I guess that's what happens when you take the Catachans doctrine and some beefy characters (like Straken).

I was especially surprised about the way the Genestealer combat went. I wasn't expecting the Crusaders to polish them off. Things probably would have been different though if the 5 surviving Genestealers hadn't all fled.

As for seeing more close up photos, I didn't take any close ups for two reasons:
1. I'm a terrible photographer
2. My painting skills aren't much better.

Since you raised an interest though I did start a painting blog, which shows some photos of the Guard. The blog:


I'll see if I can add to the blog at some point.
Made in eu
Hardened Veteran Guardsman


Cool report. I much prefer written ones to the YouTube variety, it looked liked a fun game.

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