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Recently, a good friend up in Scotland who dragged our gaming group into AoS has decided to pick up Direchasm and get into Underworlds as a fun little side thing for our group to play while others play AoS. And like a sucker I went 'Sure, why not?'

It was inevitable. With the introduction of the Starblood Stalkers I was going to get pulled in anyhow.

So, I have slowly decided to pick up things to be self sufficient to an extent - by fluke I'd already purchased a Morgwaeth's Coven for the miniatures alone and have no picked up the core set cards and rules as well as dice. Obviously boards and tokens are on my list for next week.(Bless ebay!)

But I also plan to pick up a few warbands as painting projects and also to add options and cards.

So I am wondering, what would go best with the Starblood Stalkers - where I'm seeing a lot of reaction synergies (Skinks) as well as Hunter synergies.

Recommendations for warbands for general good cards or specifically good for the Lizards?

I already have the Starblood Stalkers, Morgwaeth's Bladecoven and the Core set decks from Direchasm.

I'm looking at Rippa's Snarlfangs or Hrothgorn's Mantrappers for Hunter synergies...

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Sorry for the super late reply. Do share what you have decided to do.

But if you still need guidance...

Two warbands and a starter (either tomorrow's release, Direchasm, or even Beastgrave) is plenty to get you going. The next thing I would buy is the universal card pack releasing tomorrow followed by the warbands you find most interesting.

Do recall that rotation is a thing in competitive play, so Beastgrave universal cards (including the gift pack and Arena Mortis) will rotate out near the end of this year when Season 5 lands.

Henry R. 
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