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I'm reading False Gods at the moment and I'm a bit confused as to how Erebus is still alive. On Davin when Horus goes into the temple the priestess slits Erebus's throat as the spell to get him into Horus's mind requires his death. After this whole part of the story however he's still alive but with no explanation as to how he survived (although the mark on his throat is mentioned). If the spell required his death then he must have died as he did end up in Horus's mind, but then how did he come back to life? Perhaps I've missed something!
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He's just that much of a douchebag, that even the chaos gods don't want him in their realm.
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Jealous that Horus is Warmaster

You should go back and read the book again, mostly because it's a very good book, but I'm fairly sure it explains he uses warp magic to heal himself and kill the witch.
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Yeah it explains pretty explicitly in False Gods how/why. There's also a great short story in Mark of Calth that further expands on Erebus' relationship with the lodge.

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I’d guess that the Larraman's Organ or Mucranoid implants would Space Marines to survive that kind of injuries.


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