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Made in nl
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi, i am new to orks and totally clueless on what i should be doing with my models.
I bought the Ragnar vs Ghazzkull box because i wanted Ragnar and the model for Ghazz is awesome.
After that i received some new models and dont really know what clan to choose before i start builing/painting everything.

The models i own at the moment are.
20 Boys
10 Gretchin
5 Nobz
3 Meganobz
1 Boomdakka snazz wagon

Before i start building everything i want to have some kind of gameplan.
For now i want a 1000p list that i am happy with using these models.
If it is possible i would like to keep some shooty units as i like the ork gunz or mixed weapons options. I also own a SW army so i have the melee thing covered for now.
What should i aim for with these units and how would you build them yourself?
Also what character/unit could i add to these units to make them better?


Made in us
Shadowy Grot Kommittee Memba

Well, Ghazghkull's speed and aura generally lend him to leading a large number of models to battle at approximately the same speed he's going - often that's lots and lots of boyz, and you get a Kustom Force Field in there somewhere maybe using a Morkanaut to help protect the ladz. The other reason for the Morkanaut is that you present your opponent a choice: target ghaz and let all my less protected vehicles survive, or don't target ghaz and end up with an uninjured ghazghkull making hulkmania run wild on your whole list turns 3 onward.

Another option might be to go heavily armored - get a Bonebreaka to put the nobz and meganobz in, upgrade it to the Forktress to give it similar dfenses to Ghazzy, get just 10 more boyz and hurl them in using a Weirdboy turn 1 just as a distraction/disruption piece. And you probably want 10 more gretchins to fill out the remining troops for a battalion.

"I can't believe all these tryhard WAACs out there just care about winning all the time when it's supposed to be a game for fun!!!!!!! Also here's my 27 page essay on why marines are OP and Orkz should get a bunch of OP rules so I can win more games


Made in gb
Lead-Footed Trukkboy Driver

Welcome to the Waaagh! and welcome to Dakka.

Firstly, I'd like to direct you towards the Ork tactica thread, the link to which I'll put in spoilers below.

Secondly, as far as the direction you take your army in it wholly depends on what style of army you want to play. Orks do well when they lean into one style of play and target saturation; lots of infantry, or lots of vehicles/hard to kill targets, typically not a mixture of both.

What I will say about the models you already have is that nobs as a units are currently underwhelming for their points. If you've not already built them, I would build them in the various melee weapon options so you can adjust the boss nobs for your boys mobs between games without having to magnetise or rip the arms off your models.
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