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Hey all,

I was wondering if any dakkanoughts know what the component is that is stuck to the battery pack. If so. Does it have a polarity.


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Is the device rechargeable?

Looks to be part of the Lithium polymer battery pack. Probably part of an overcharge regulator.

The batteries aren't AS *foom*able as the older Li-ion batteries, but they still don't like overcharging/overheating.
So yes, it probably is polarised.

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Clermont De L'Oise

Thanks for the reply.
Yes it is a rechargeable battery. The component is not actually part of the battery, it is stuck to it. It was originally wired to two points on the left of the image where you can see one short wire still attached. The two points are labeled SP.
Basically it is my sons toy camera that he dropped which it seems has dislodged the battery and snapped the wire connections.

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