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Fresh-Faced New User

Hello! I'm a new player and I've got 500 points of Ultramarines. I was wondering which direction I should go when it comes to what I should get next. I currently have 10 Intercessors, 3 Eliminators, 1 Captain, and 3 Inceptors. If I wanted to move up to, say, 1000 points what kind of stuff should I get? Heroes? Transports? Tanks? Really not sure which direction to take here. My main opponent will be the Tau.

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Thinking of Joining a Davinite Loge

Assuming the group of 3 Intercessors are the easy-to-build ones, I wouldn't count them. The min size of an Intercessor squad is 5 and there's no reason to take reduced units. If you can find two 40mm bases (terminator bases) then you would have two Primaris Lt's. Could you give some detail on what weapons the units have? With base equipment, your army only comes to 380pts.
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Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

I know very little about the current state of Space Marines, but I guess one question to ask yourself is do you want to stick to pure Primaris or do you want to throw some Firstborn in the mix?

Pros and cons to both, though the cynical among us might say that you're future proofing your army better by sticking to Primaris, since the Firstborn will be phased out sooner or later.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

NE Ohio, USA

A dreadnought of some sort.
An apothecary
And +2 Intercessors as the min. squad size is 5.

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Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation

I've a feeling he meant Inceptors(?). Could be wrong.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Definitely a Redemptor dread (or two! they're great!), another squad of Intercessors (or infiltrators/incursors). I'd also get a Librarian--probably the standard one or Tiggy if you want him. And finally an Apothecary.

And as others said, convert those 3 ETB intercessors into 3 different Lieutenants (one with auto bolter, one with stalker, and one with power sword). 40 mm bases are easy and cheap to get just about anywhere (even from GW)

A Gladiator tank would be good if you want a tank, but really Redemptors are strictly better.
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Fresh-Faced New User

Oops I meant Inceptors!

Ok so some kind of dreadnaught (or warsuit?) and maybe another HQ choice. Which HQ choices would be a good pick? What is a librarian going to do for me?
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Longtime Dakkanaut

The Ultramarine psychic discipline is kind of underwhelming, but the powers in the main Marine codex are decent. One hands out +1 T and +1 S to a target model and another is a 5+ invuln save bubble; those are both solid.

From a general "what am I going to get the most use out of?" perspective though I'd recommend getting a Chaplain and possibly a Lieutenant first on the HQ front. Also the Primaris Techmarine is a decent add if you get the Dreadnoughts. The Librarian is a little too unreliable for my tastes and some of those powers are begging to build your whole list around; having Psychic Fortress fail to go off on a critical turn can really hurt.

Personally I swear by Aggressors for anti-infantry work (they still pump out a ton of shots even if they're not the leaf-blowers that they used to be) and there's something to be said for both the Whirlwind tank and Suppressors if you can get your hands on them playing into Tau; shutting down their Overwatch shenanigans hurts them a lot.

In the longer term you're eventually going to want another Troop unit or two for ObSec and for building Battalions once you more up past the 1000 point mark. Infiltrators with their 12" deep-strike denial bubble are worth a look.


Both the Start Collecting Phobos box and the Heroes of the Imperium look like good purchases for what you already have, the one is the aforementioned Suppressors, Eliminators (which I think are better than they get credit for at the price point), Infiltrators, and the Phobos Lieutenant (who's gear is admittedly kind of a mess) and the other is a couple of normal Lieutenant, an Ancient, and another five Intercessors for ObSec.

The Honored of the Chapter box is ... interesting for the price. Between the three boxes there's a solid set of high-value shooting to put an Ancient in the middle of.

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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Like others said - Redemptor, but Heavy Intercessors might be a good UM unit, too ( official box out in the near future ). At some point consider Incursors with a mine as well. Getting them into cover in an advanced position can be a great speed bump.

Made in us
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

I've been playing Ultramarines for more than 20 years or so. One of the things I've enjoyed with them is I can usually take a little of everything and play a reactive game to the opponent. I've had friends "complain" that everything in my army has the same target value. I've long thought that was the way to play Ultras. Let your opponent tell you what they hate, and how to play your army based on what they do.

Lets get some more info - which captain?

What's he got?

Shooty Intercessors or Assault Intercessors?

Plasma or Dakka Inceptors?

Sniper or Fusil Eliminators?

Right now you have
1(or 2) Troop,
1 Heavy Support,
1 FA.

First things first you should likely stock up on some more troops. You start getting over 500 and you start getting out of Combat Patrol and into Battalions and Brigades. That means minimum 3 troops and 2HQs.

Just played with some Battlescribe, using Uriel Ventris as a average cost captain, plus a power sword lieutenant, 10 Intercessors, 10 assault Intercessors and 10 Tacs with a 10 point Heavy and Special weapon, you're right around 775.

Dakka Inceptors and sniper Eliminators with zero upgrades will hit exactly 1000. You'd be troop heavy under 1000, but everything over 1000 on your trek to 2,000 could theoretically be "toys" like Aggressors and Eradicators.

After the Aggressors/Terminators/Bladeguard/Choppy and/or Tanky Guys and some Eradicators/Devastators/Big Gun Guys, you can fill in some of the support characters like Apothecaries, Libbies, and such.

The Space Marine half of the Indomitus box or top tier starter set should get quite a bit of what you're looking for plus some for the trek to 2,000- especially if you want to stay 100% Primaris.

Tanks and Transports should be fairly low on your priority list. They're just in a very bad place right now. Especially tanks.

My WHFB armies were Bretonians and Tomb Kings. 
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