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Longtime Dakkanaut

So, I was contemplating building a Kill Team using Primaris, I’ve got loads of stuff from things like Indomitus and other big boxes, and then Conquests initial run of 20 or so.
But they seem to be getting quite unwieldy in the way of picking options and I’m losing track of what units are in the Kill Team book.

Is there a list of everything the Primaris can take in one place?
As new stuff has come out, they’ve gained some options and not others.

I don’t want to make a full army (I have enough of those), so I want to sell off the spare like the Redemptor Dread etc.
But having “too many” options to give some choice is good.

Character wise, I must have so many lieutenants from the 8th Ed Box, Indomitus and the magazine.
I guess some have weapon variants which is fine, but then there’s stuff like the Judiciar, Ancient and so on. Are they even options? And if so, is it worth having them (playing them in Commanders assuming they’d be there).
You get so many characters in all these big boxes that I probably have more than I’d ever be using.

I need to curb their growth before it turns into a full army!
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Dakka Veteran

Armpit of NY

You must have missed the news - one of the reasons people were upset by the recent Kill Team Pariah Nexus box was that it had completely updated Marine and Necron lists, to include Indomitus models. But so far, there is no way to get that outside of a $160 USD box set. When/if the book would be available on its own (unlikely), or a new KT edition might contain it, is unknown.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

But we know which of the things from it were in the new book?

Also, things like Aggressors and Inceptors, are they usable?
I know Hellblasters are ok.
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Dakka Veteran

Armpit of NY

I'm not going to list every unit that was added to the Marine and Necron Kill Team rosters. As I said, they were significantly changed to reflect models that became available since the original Kill Team book and the release of the new 40K edition with Indomitus. Along with changes to points values, strategems, etc. It is so different, that the Kill Team book is completely outdated to Marine or Necron Kill Teams now; you need the Pariah Nexus book.

That is the situation people were concerned about - these new and very different lists are currently only available in a very restricted manner.
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Wise Ethereal with Bodyguard

You could try the unofficial Kill Team Manager app. It keeps up with the various options available.

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