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Seraphon Battletome content for modeller/collector?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Hi, this is kind of a tiny question, but I would value some input.
While I so far only collected WH40K Imperial Guard, I really like the look of the Seraphon. But as I had absolutely no contact with AoS so far my question would be how "good" and extensive the lore and artwork in the Serapon Battletome is, if I just want some nice examples for possible paint schemes and some enjoyable fluff to read (I don't really expect to play, I just want to collect and think up some personal fluff). Or is the codex more rules focussed and a bit thin in these fields?


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About 3/4 of a given Tome is non-rules.
Mostly fluff & lore. Some pages concerning painting. A decent # of pictures of the minis.
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