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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Hey mates. Decided to pursue my Valhallan Army idea and with that being the case, I am selling my small Sisters Lot I have collected so far. Sisters Lot is:

* Codex and Cards (Good Condition)

* Cannoness Model (Sword and Shield Sister from the Triumph of Saint Katherine Boxset, Unprimed).

* Converted Celestine w/Banner (Primed Black)

* 3x Squads of 6x Sisters each with: (All Primed Black)
- Superior w/CCW & Bolter
- 2x Storm Bolters
- 2x Bolters
- 1x Simulacrum Imperialis

* 105x Custom Sisters Dice

* 1x Custom Made Miracle Dice and 1x Custom Made Turn Tracker Trays for Sisters of Battle.

Pretty good lot to get any Sisters Army started. Preferably looking for $$$, but I am willing to do $$$-&-trade or trade for Astra Militarum Tanks. Looking for NOS Chimeras and LRBTs atm.

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Made in us
Bounding Assault Marine

Baltimore, MD

Willing to split this up? I may be interested in the canoness.

2500 pts Raven Guard, painted 
Made in us
Krazed Killa Kan

Columbus, Oh

I'm curious about the custom dice.. One Hundred and Five?

You gotta take photos!

2+2=5 for sufficiently large values of 2.

Order of St Ursula (Sisters of Battle): W-2, L-1, T-1
Get of Freki (Space Wolves): W-3, L-1, T-1
Hive Fleet Portentosa (Nids/Stealers): W-6, L-4, T-0
Omega Marines (vanilla Space Marine): W-1, L-6, T-2
Waagh Magshak (Orks): W-4, L-0, T-1
A.V.P.D.W.: W-0, L-2, T-0

bringing 40k Events to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Oh. Ask me for more info! 
Made in us
Angelic Adepta Sororitas

id be interested in a few of these thing if you were up to splitting

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I might go for some of the dice? Maybe 12-24?
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