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So, how many of you use the concept of a "Session 0" where you work with the players as a group to build characters, background, and possibly even (maybe) some of the the basic world before the first game of the RPG even begins?

How have you done it? What tips and tricks do you have? Do you think it was value add? Are there situations where you think it is a "must do" or a "never do"?

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I usually do a session zero combined with a very gentle "meetup" style first session to get a feel for the mechanics. I make the first half of the session optional if folks have already made up their character and sent it to me for approval but I ask those who haven't or aren't sure how to show up to get it done. The second half of the four our session is a small "bunch of adventurers walk into a bar/inn/spaceport/whatever" type session with a small and easy combat encounter to actually try out the rules.
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I like doing a decent session zero. I generally game with the same people and they are all friends of mine so I can generally skip the x-card, lines and veils kind of stuff but that is nice for randos.

I also generally insist of team character building if the game doesn't do that for me, I want everyone to have a coherent reason for being around each other and make sure they are compatible.

I've fallen pretty hard into the PBTA sub-genre since it fits really well to the predilections of my players and that incorporates a lot of shared world/character building as a part of the system.
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