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Torch-Wielding Lunatic

Hi. Had a situation today, which I have not encountered yet...

Opponents Reaver managed to get itself boxed in, between buildings and 2 already partly damaged Warhounds, with zero shields, lots of structure damage a few crits and reactor in the orange - basically walking dead.

During his movement activation he decided, quite rightly IMHO, to simply take it on the chin and moved in such a way that he managed to collide with both Warhounds at the same time - so legal contact with 2 bases simultaneously. Clearly he was going for a classic suicide by taking himself out and hopefully both Warhounds either through collision damage or a 'hopeful' reactor melt down.

How should this situation be handled? ( My Google-Fu is shocking today unearthing nothing helpful).

1 - Does he take a D6 collision damage against 1 Warhound, then apply results, whilst that Warhound also takes collision damage and applies damage... and hopes for a reactor meltdown to take out the remaining Warhound? - End of activation.

2 - As it's a simultaneous collision should all 3 roll collision damage together then apply results simultaneously? - End of activation.

2.5 - As point 1, but repeated twice until end of activation to account for colliding with both Warhounds?

3 - As the Reaver is colliding with 2 separate Titans, should the Reaver take 2 separate rolls of collision damage, applying damage to everything involved? - End of activation.

There was no charge order, just operating under a normal movement activation.

Any light shed would be appreciated!

Made in fi
Longtime Dakkanaut

Voluntary collision is explicitly forbidden in the rules for movement. You need Charge orders to go for that cinematic bodyslam (with Smash attack), otherwise sucks to be in that situation.

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Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

Nice! We missed that line - Thank you Sherrypie.

Question then... Let's assume Charge orders had been issued. Is it legal to base contact both Warhounds simultaneously or is it simply a case of only 1 Warhound can legitimately be the target?

As a general question then, should this happen due to a forced move by some means (Machine Spirit, Leg Damage or however it may occur), how would you approach the damage rolls as per the first post?


(We misplayed that rule then. We opted for the cinematic approach and the Reaver took 2 sets of damage vs the Warhounds 1 each. Yes the Reaver did meltdown and took out 1 Warhound aswell, which then went on a WildFire as it went down and you guessed it... totally missed the Warhound sat next to it. Fun times )

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Made in fi
Longtime Dakkanaut

In Charge orders you move almost normally (thus stopping without colliding with anyone) and when you stop, you can hit one enemy with one weapon or with Smash attacks. In general, in AT you can never attack multiple targets by default unless on Split Fire orders.

It's a pretty rare scenario where you'd get that multiple collision situation, because usually if you're pushed around by something like Concussive weaponry, you immediately stop on the first impact and can't wiggle that millimetre to hit another target as well. Buuuuut, since we all end up there at some point anyway, all involved parties take hits before the action ends. Hilarity ensues.

#ConvertEverything blog with loyalist Death Guard in true and Epic scales. Also Titans and killer robots! C&C welcome https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/717557.page 
Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

Seems pretty clear, so many thanks again!

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