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Fresh-Faced New User

i have had what i can only describe as an insane idea and i wish to get some feedback on this build before i start buying models.

the idea is an eldar army devoted to slaanesh using chaos marine rules. some conversions would need to be made to the models for WYSIWYG rules, as well as chaos corruption. the idea is that the eldar army has been empowered by slaanesh and the improved profile matches the marine profile.

guardians as chaos marines
wraithguard as chaos terminators
wraithlord as chaos helbrutes
windriders as chaos bikes
wave serpent as predators
wraith fighter as heldrakes
warwalkers as obliterators
swooping hawks as raptors

i have a pink/purple with silver highlights color scheme

how would you feel about facing this army? is this just a mistake that other players would just refuse to play against?
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Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

As with anything “counts as” it should be fine, as long as you’re clear on what counts as what. Sure, you’ll probably come across people who complain, but most shouldn’t.

Personally I’d be inclined to wait until an Emperor’s Children codex is released for 40K and use the proper models. Who knows when that will be though? If you like the concept then go for it, don’t let some strangers on the Internet tell you what to do.
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Sneaky Chameleon Skink

El Torro wrote:
If you like the concept then go for it, don’t let some strangers on the Internet tell you what to do.


I personally love converted armies, go for it!

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Monstrously Massive Big Mutant


On the modeling aspect I'd be thrilled to see that, you should start a blog here in order to showcase your progress.

Batlling side I'd be very happy to face such an army, might be an issue for ultra competitive events, but for a game with friendly opponents should be absolutely fine.

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Annoyed Blood Angel Devastator


they are right to say its your army so if you like doing it do it, but for me it would be a pain to remeber wat the differend units are. one or two units would not be a problem but a hole army, not thanks

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Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

I’d do this differently. i’d use the eldar just as regular eldar but add daemons of slaanesh as allies. Completely legal in something like Open Play at least.

Like someone said, if the models look like eldar units but play like CSM, that’d be a PITA for an opponent to keep track of. Also, I don’t see why they should play any differently than regular eldar, they just happen to be slaanesh worshippers now..

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