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Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

Words... Always difficult to find the correct ones to start things with.

Procrastination : Transitive verb. : to put off intentionally and habitually. Intransitive verb. : to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.

That's a great word to start with!

Also explains my lifetimes worth of 'Pile of Shame'. Not a single painted mini for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, Adeptus Titanicus or Aeronautica Imperialis. I do however have a fully painted WW2 Bolt Action German force and an almost fully painted U.S force, with scenery and boards complete... must go back finish them soon (Yet more procrastination...)

Pile of Shame : What is a Warhammer pile of shame?
The meaning of “Pile of Shame” refers to a hobby that has gotten out of hand. An example would be a gamer who has a collection of unplayed videogames. For a fashionista, it would be clothes that were bought but never worn. For a miniature painter, it would be the pile / mountain of unpainted miniatures.

I got issues. The pile of shame is rather large... As I waffle on the size of the pile will become apparent, but instead of boring you with a complete list, as you might expect, I thought I'd start by sharing my solution to my problems... which you can probably guess, as I'm posting in the painting blog section.

Step one with any problem... is admitting you have a problem to yourself & other people.
Pretty sure this introductory post covers that: STEP ONE - CHECK

Step two would be working out how to go about solving that problem.

Yes, I could take the usual advice by setting small goals of painting each week; a mini here, some scenery there, some base colours on a small squad, do a few units of 'troops', then rewarding myself with a character... then every completed 500-750 points starting a centrepiece model... but I don't think that works for me and I'd tail off very quickly.

So, I thought I'd hit this from a new angle (for me) and tackle several issues in one go.

Issues: Massive pile of shame, never used an airbrush correctly, get really bored painting figure after figure, never tackled a painting project to full completion, never really batch painted anything other than small squads and never really enjoyed making forum posts. Oh and a crippling fear of failing at things... (If you don't start, you can't fail!)

Solution: Hit them ALL at once - yay! : STEP TWO - CHECK

I'm aiming, possibly waaaay too high, to create a project thread detailing my progress by going through each army I own stage by stage until the end!!... Feth, theres alot of armies to go through... If I can figure out how polls work, I may even let someone else decide the fate of the next army to get painted.

Hopefully I'll figure out a format to present all this in and if anyone feels like chiming in with tips, however small... please do!

I have not set myself any hard and fast goals yet, other than to post here when I've completed a step in whatever project phase I am in. I may have to pick certain days of the week to make progress posts, to keep me on some kind of track or just post randomly... I'll see!


ARMY : Raptors
(i) - Undercoated - ✓
(ii) - Armour Basecoats - ✓
(iii) - Armour Highlights - ✓
(iv) - Weapons Basecoats - ✓
(iv) - Weapons Highlights
(v) - Packs / Pouches Basecoats - ✓
(vi) - Packs / Pouches Highlights - ✓
(vii) - Decals - ✓
(viii) - Minor Details
(ix) - Weathering
(x) - Basing

Anyways... First post incoming, apologies for the waffley intro, but I needed to create some self investment in this, so wish me luck if you're inclined & thanks for dropping by!

Cheers, Squeal - 2021

(Good title? Bad Title?)

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Made in us
Sneaky Chameleon Skink

I will be watching this with interest... The pile of shame is an ever-present problem for me, good on you for trying to tackle it!

Anything I say, unless expressly noted, is my own opinion. Take it as you will
My Blog: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/796348.page#11061568
Now painting seraphon for Underworlds! 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Well, good luck , you should take inventory of your pile.

"Us Blood Axes hav lernt' a lot from da humies. How best ta kill 'em, fer example."
— Korporal Snagbrat of the Dreadblade Kommandos 
Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

So... first proper post.

First off, I needed some inspiration to really get started. Subject matter that would not be too daunting to tackle as a first project and something that inspires me. I found that inspiration by flicking through some older Warhammer Community pages and remembering about a chap who painted a fantastic 'Raptors' Space Marine force - Luther from the Mighty Brush.

I went to his website and had a good poke around, discovering the neat range of transfers he sells and some rather straight forward guides. I've always been a fan of the 'Raven Guard' but painting a force entirely in Black and making it look convincing always seemed a step too far and beyond my abilities. I think a Primaris focused 'Raptors' force will be a great stepping stone to tying in some of my other forces (I.E. a combined 'Raven Guard' & 'Raptors' force, which will be closely allied to a small, but vehicle heavy force of firstborn space Wolf Space Marines. I really do like the Wolfy bois.

Yes, that's three separate Space Marine forces, but again hopefully all tying together in that the Raptors will be a Tactical based force, the Raven Guard will feature more Close support elements, while the Space Wolves will bring the Big Guns to the table. Each playable individually, but rather fun in a large scale game.

I won't be painting them in series, as that may become too monotonous, but will space them with other projects... Also have a Grey Knights detachment or two to add, so that's four separate Space Marine forces to do... and Space Marines are not even my favourite faction! (...oh and Let's not forget the Death Guard).

Bit more pre-amble (Ignore if you like!)

Tackling this project with a paintbrush was simply not going to cut it, I just don't have that much time... no one does! Usually, certainly with my Bolt Action forces, I used the Army Painter range of spray cans to lay down a primer, which doubled as a base coat, but I'm not convinced that buying so many spray cans is a wise investment, so after some serious reading I opted for the airbrush route. This should help speed up all primary painting stages before going in with a brush for more detail work.

I've ended up with a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR plus, which I upgraded to the 2 in 1 set for more flexibility. I still have my old compressor, a 'Holding' compressor with tank, but with it being 20 years old, having a dodgy gauge and hosing that has rotted away... well I didnt fancy using it on safety grounds. So I picked up a Sparmax 610H which came with a braided hose and a free cleaning station. Bonus! All picked up from 'Everything Airbrush' in the U.K.

Keeping on the safety side of things, I also got an air extractor with LED lights to vent any paint fumes / particles from out of my lair. Did look at building my own, but with so many conflicting ideas, facts and safety concerns, I think it was easier, certainly quicker, to source one from 'eBay'.

Spending 'quite a bit' on this initial set up was rather extravagant, but balanced (in my head) by wanting to fully commit and hit this running to learn new skills, techniques and reducing the pile of shame at a quicker speed.

So far everything is going well. I've committed, I have the tools and I've announced to internet strangers my plans (Halp!)

Next Time: Some actual images and some more waffle.

Cheers, Squeal - 2021

Made in us
Incorporating Wet-Blending

Somebody say waffles?

Ambitious goal you've set for yourself, and I look forward to your progress! Heaven knows I could do to tackle some of my own pile...

The airbrush is gonna be your best friend. Just make sure to keep it clean in between uses and get a feel for how your paint should be. After a while it becomes second nature as far as how the paint flows, and you simply cant beat the gradients an airbrush can get you!

Made in us
Krazy Grot Kutta Driva

Waffles you don't have time for waffles plus the syrup will get on your models and clog up your air brush. You are definitely doing better than me. You got the tools to get the job done. You will do great hopefully you will be posting some pics soon. Good luck!

Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

So. Raptors.

As I mentioned previously, I was really taken with the finished Raptors painted by Luther from the Mighty Brush. The detailed steps given on his website gave me a plan and more importantly, hope, that if I can follow the instructions given, that I may be able to produce a final result that will at least be good enough for tabletop play and actually earn a place in my display cabinet.

I just need to scale up the amount of painting. Five man squads... to long and too easy for me to give up and just say "Kill Team Squad!" and leave it at that. So entire army at once? Maybe.

While I'm talking hope and honesty, some of these are going to take ideas directly from Luthers work with a healthy dose of blatent plagarism thrown in as well. I'm sure some of you have seen more than enough pale imitations of Luther's work, but at least it's inspiring people to learn and progress in new techniques. These are not going to be jaw dropping models by any means, I'm learning as I go, but with a bit of luck, after a few armies, we may see some final finishes worthy of a thumbs up!

So I'm going to start this off with some images of my squads in their full naked glory (just to prove no cheating is going on here) and maybe throw in some backstory / fluff.

Raptors - 7th Company.
Delayed return from last action due to a distress call. Originator unknown.

Tactical Talon - Perninae


Intercessors - Squad Atratus

Intercessors - Squad Bellicosus

Intercessors - Squad Cristatus

Most of the figures in these squads were take from the Dark Imperium box set. The last squad is half a standard multi pose Intercessor set.

Tactical Talon - Strigidae


Infiltrators - Squad Stygius

Infiltrators - Squad Capensis

Reivers - Squad Nyctea

Majority of models for these guys came from the Shadowspear box set. The Reivers came from the Space Wolf Kill Team expansion. I decided that none of my Space Wolves would have crossed the Rubicon Primaris, as they will classed as a lost part of their chapter.

Close Support Talon - Elaninae ("The Circus")

Outriders - Squad Vultur

Suppressors - Squad Fulvus

Aggressors - Squad Alopex

Outriders from the Indomitus box set. Suppressors frm the Shadowspear box set. Aggressors from the 3 man multi part kit. I couldn't decide on their load out, so went the magnet route for these guys. Two 3mm x 1mm magnets simply mounted in the hollow part of the gloves and another two drilled and fitted on either side of the backpack. PITA to align the backpack mounts, but worth it I think. Two 3mm magnets mounted in each weapon option, one in the gllove and one to connect to the back pack.

Chaplain - Haliastur

The chaplain came from an eBay purchase, obviously sold from the magazine as it came in blue plastic. Whilst a convincing preacher and courageous leader of men, Haliastur has been removed from the Second company, after several engagements incurred a higher than usual casualty rate, due to his preferred tactic of head on assaults.

Fire Support Talon - Falconidae

Eradicator - Squad Araeus

Eliminators - Squad Severus

Hellblasters - Squad Jugger

Again, models from Dark Imperium and Shadowspear. Gonna have fun learning the plasma effect with these guys.

Command Talon - Accipiter

Captain - Nisus (Phobos)

Captain - Ventralis (Gravis)

Librarian - Tachiro

This guy has been a real annoyance so far. Got him ages ago in the Shadowspear set, cut him out of his sprue and cleaned up the tabs and mouldlines and put him in a ziplock bag, ready to build later. So I lost him ...Then found him several months later being eaten by Tyranids. So I rescued him and got him ready to assemble. For whatever reason (Drukhari I think) I didn't build him and 'carefully' put him with my Space Wolves. When I decided my Space Wolves would not feature any Primaris I went to build him for my Ravenguard mix and could not find his head anywhere! Months pass and I gave in and bought him again, but kept him sealed just in case. Typically I find his head with my stormcast spares and put it on a shelf, with some Sylvaneth to guard... no idea why! Because, AAAAGGGHH!! I go to reunite the head and rest of him and the bloody head has gone. Again. Gave up and built the replacement model. So I still have a headless Phobos Librarian.

Ancient - Pengana

Most of this force are monopose figures. Whilst I initially didn't like the concept, they do save alot of time in building and cleaning up and really do look good when mixed in with other multi pose figures. Tried not to have any repetitions by swapping out some heads for the Raven Guard Beaky helmets.

Not pictured:

Store brought Captain: eBay Gravis Captain (...at a reasonable price no less), Shadowspear and Dark Imperium figures.

Redemptor Dreadnought: Built and magnetised from the Forgebane box set.

Outriders - Squad 2: Need to buy. Are these the same build as the Indomitus models? If so will actually need to convert these slightly, so keeping an eye out for some inspiration.

Impulsor - Need to buy. I actually don't like the whole 'hover' tank concept, but I want some transport.

Repulsor - Was going with a Land Raider but, Whilst I have an 'unassigned' one, I decided to keep this force purely "Primaris'ary". (WHW exclusive, so probably going to be a GK or Inquisitorial vehicle).

Thunderstrike Speeder - Need to buy. Just looks like a fun model.

Should be a fun mix of troops, with an element of close assault and fire support included and plenty of scope for different sized battles and trying out various stratagems.

Five man squads... to long and too easy for me to give up and just say "Kill Team Squad!" and leave it at that. So entire army at once? Maybe.

Nah! I'm going split this into two basic waves. Troops & Vehicles. From what I understand, weathering vehicles is a different animal entirely to shading / weathering troops, so I want to learn each separately. Also a chance to do something different inbetween.

So, yeah... boring grey plastic I know, but it's a start!

Side Note: Fully planned to build and paint my models in sub assemblies, as many of my built models feature a big range of magnetisation... Having read around the subject I am convinced that, unless it's a full on display model, you really are not going to notice the parts a brush cannot reach. This is why some of the above models are missing backpacks. Originally they were also missing arms and heads, but for speed I decided to go with almost full builds.

Bugger. Also found out the Outriders are just the Indomitus ones reboxed. Really thought they were different. Oh well, just have to get some assault Intercessors for my Raven Guard and do some conversions.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
...and there's a real danger of painting an army you thought was complete!

I've just listed four new kits I need to round out the force, which actually ADDS 6 new models to the pile of shame / collection

Well, I already have the Gravis Captain and the Dreadnought, so I'm going to add them at least. The other kits will be around for quite awhile I should think, so with regret, I think I'll leave them for a follow up later. Much later. Or will I?... Does anyone else hate this about the hobby?

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Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

 Ramos Asura wrote:
Somebody say waffles?

The airbrush is gonna be your best friend. Just make sure to keep it clean in between uses and get a feel for how your paint should be. After a while it becomes second nature as far as how the paint flows, and you simply cant beat the gradients an airbrush can get you!

Well, it is certainly my best friend now! Just about to upload my first airbrushed minis. Cleaning seems relatively quick and painless - just using water and some Vallejo cleaner currently. Paint to thinner ratios... yeah, steep learning curve my friend.

Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

Airbrushing. So. Much. Fun.

I say fun, what I mean is that the end results are above and beyond what I thought I'd end up with. Really quite pleased with the results so far. No I didn't do any preshading, zenithal or otherwise, nor did I particularly take that much care to only spray the highlights opposite tho the shading, but when viewed top down, they look semi realistically highlighted at least! Something to work on I'm sure.

Pretty disappointed however that I forgot to take images of the individual stages... but then I guess you've all seen a primered Primaris model before =D Also, all of these were done over two evening sessions. Pretty bloody amazed how quickly this can be done!

Shading / Highlighting the bikes was the hardest I found, as the graduation had to be a neat transition without wiggly lines.

Vallejo paint goes through the airbrush really well with minimal amounts of tip dry. Games Workshop/Citadel Air however is a different kettle of fish. Experimented quite a bit with the Elysian Green but found a ratio of Flow Improver to paint pretty quickly. The Ogryn Camo on the otherhand was a total PITA! Kept tip drying really quickly despite mixing in Flow Improver. I found the mix of flow improver and paint seemed to be turning into a gunk inside the nozzle (...yes variously thinner milky consistencies were being used). I used Lahmian Medium instead and it got better, but still not great. Will put this down to the learning curve and hope to improve mixing as I continue.

Anyways... Look. Painted minis!

Primaris Tactical Squads

Sneaky Tactical Primaris

Fire Support Primaris

Fast Assault Primaris

Command Personnel

Primaris Gravis Captain

Tackling Washes and decals next. Fun times.

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Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

Onto the washes stage!

Yeah... didn't go as planned annoyingly. Pretty sure I confused two separate guides on applying the wash. I think Luther recommended 1:1 on the website, but 3:1 in his other guide.

Mix was either to heavy or too light. The first ones I washed were done with 3:1 mix of Athonian Camoshade to Lahmian medium which was super heavy, considering a 2nd coat is then suppossed to be applied after decals are put on, which was me mixing up the guides... Was supposed to be 1:1 mix, then decals, then a second 1:1 mix. So changed it to a 1:1 mix, which still appeared to heavy. Then moved to a 1:2 mix, too light. Finished the majority with a 1:1.5'ish mix which seemed to work ok. Anyway, felt pretty disastrous. Learning curves and all that.

Here's a few pics of the results.

Did not wash the large flat areas of the bike itself, as really unsure of how the wash would affect it, so I simple pinwashed the relevant bits instead. It will all get dirtied up in the weathering stages anyways I am sure.

Onto decals next. Woot - Progress.

Made in us
Sneaky Chameleon Skink

The washes look great. You said that's your first time using the airbrush? I only had the guts to prime with mine the first few weeks I had it. Progress is coming fast.

Anything I say, unless expressly noted, is my own opinion. Take it as you will
My Blog: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/796348.page#11061568
Now painting seraphon for Underworlds! 
Made in us
Sure Space Wolves Land Raider Pilot

Love the effect you're getting with the airbrush. It also looks like you're getting the army done pretty quick. Cheers.
Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

E3DD wrote:
The washes look great. You said that's your first time using the airbrush? I only had the guts to prime with mine the first few weeks I had it. Progress is coming fast.

Cheers dude! To be fair, either the photo's I took are flattering the finish or the light where I keep the finished ones is rather poor... I think the former tbh though.

Yeah, really is my first time wielding an airbrush in anger. Tip dry was common as I keep letting off the air then releasing the trigger, but as I was always told to never press the trigger over your model years ago by a good friend, that has always stuck with me for some reason, so I'm not getting too much spattering. Using Vallejo Model Air paints is also helping massively. Slowly ordering more colours to replace my GW ones, which I had originally planned on thinning. (In hindsight not the best idea ever

It also looks like you're getting the army done pretty quick... Progress is coming fast...

Thanks, I was really happy how quickly I got to the next stage... Now however I'm on the colour blocking stage, so resurrecting my 'old' brush painting skills, and this stage seems to take forever. I swear you can airbrush 5 figures in 3 layers in the time it takes to base paint 5 Bolters... Grrrs!

Made in fi
Purposeful Hammerhead Pilot

You've made great progress! Just keep at it, after the colours have been blocked in you will already be far into competion.

Really digging your airbrush gradients! As long as you can colourblock everything super neatly, the minis are going to look awesome.
Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

 tauist wrote:
Really digging your airbrush gradients! As long as you can colourblock everything super neatly, the minis are going to look awesome.

Cheers dude! Blocking is looking pretty neat so far, if I do say so myself, using a Tamiya brush I have with an amazing tip. Rest of my brushes are GW starter and layer ones and are fairly 'Myeh', so treated myself to an Artis Opus set of brushes which should be with me tomorrow fingers crossed. Blocked in 30 bolters in black. some sergeant lids and the belt pouches so far... more on that though in another post.

Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

So managed to gather everything I needed for the decal stage and got cracking!

Now, don't know about you, but I discovered a handy trick for batch decal's, which is simply, use a thermos / hot water flask. I got fed up after my 3rd trip to the bathroom to replace the water which I soaked the decals in and had an epiphany The flask keeps the water at the perfect temperature and I just changed it every few transfers. (Big silver thing with the 'M' on it). Also found using a big lump of blue tak to keep the figure steady worked a treat.

Can see why everyone recommends a glaze of matt varnish after putting the decals on as the backing film is fairly prominent and I'll also need to wash the shoulder pads again to try and blend the decal into the paintwork.
Used microset as a softener once the decal was in a rough position and was able to move it around quite abit to get it in the spot I wanted. Works well, recommend it!

Just a selection of figures stickered up. Raptor design Decals from the Mighty Brush.

Currently about 3/4 of the way through blocking out the base colours on details like belts, holsters, Bolters etc etc. Basically have the character models and yellow / white helmets to do. Bit soul destroying doing so many in a row if I'm honest, but have some Jinjer, Opeth and Tool keeping me company!

Made in us
Sneaky Chameleon Skink

These are looking great! You weren't kidding when you said you were going to speedpaint this army. I'm a big fan of the armor, looks very tactical but still interesting with the brown shadows and yellowish highlights.

Anything I say, unless expressly noted, is my own opinion. Take it as you will
My Blog: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/796348.page#11061568
Now painting seraphon for Underworlds! 
Made in gb
Incorporating Wet-Blending

The transfers are helping bring these guys to life. I think some shading should bring their tone down towards the rest of the armour too. I’m looking forward to seeing them with details now

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and mini-Marines, Indomitus soon... hopefully! 
Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

Small update with some images. Real life continues to find a way to interrupt my painting sessions, but I've generally managed at least an hour each evening recently, which is good! Still loads of bits and details to paint, but I've been going about it methodically so it's like finish 15 bolters one evening, finish 30 the next etc etc... and I am definitely getting there, just slower than I would like.

Apologies for the odd sizing on the images, used my phone camera for this update, but will set up the DSLR for later shots.

No faces painted yet, all just undercoated in a white. Finished all the yellow helmets which was a total pain! I used what I thought was a light grey base but in daylight they were darker, so it took several thin coats to get to an almost pure yellow basecoat... time consuming!!

All the heavy guys just lack weapon highlighting, minor details and weathering.

Characters are coming on with most basecoats laid down, leather parts highlighted. Stuck on the capes / cloaks, but I think I'll be going for an urban camo finish, just need some good inspiration for those... and there are alot of cloaks on Space Marines!

Troops still need weapons highlighting and then general weathering. Again, small details still need to be added, but that will be soon with any luck!

Thinking ahead, I'll be mucking around with some simple bases to match my game boards / mats which will be the final stretch and also an excuse to bust out the airbrush to spray some dirt / dust around the boots to tie them all together.


Made in ca
Discriminating Deathmark Assassin

I love all the complicated shades in your green, and your leather is amazing!

See what's on my painting table Now painting: Last Night on Earth 
Made in gb
Torch-Wielding Lunatic

 Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll wrote:
I love all the complicated shades in your green, and your leather is amazing!

Cheers dude! The leather parts look better from a distance if I'm honest I actually did 2 tests on the raptors and meant to go with a darker shade, but base coated all the pouches etc in the lighter shade by accident... albeit a happy accident.

Feels like I'm approaching the home straight for getting these guys finished, mainly black highlighting and armour edge highlighting... oh and the cloaks, which I still haven't decided on a final look for yet! After that just basing.

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