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see if the great voice of the hive mind called the internet can solve this.

do void shields regenerate if they hit 0 wounds. by the rules it states a void shield not at full wounds regenerates at the start of the command phase. so technically 0 wounds isn't full wounds.
this would make sense as to how they can be restored in the law and how they can be turned back on in titanicus.

or, are they just crappy shields that get turned off permanently after 3 wounds not over flowing. making them worse then an imperial knights ion shields.

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the argument came up between two players during a 5k game, as it happens two imperial knight always maintains their shields, while having more shots that can be split more, better weapons skills but at half speed.

they could not justify double speed for double price at half weapon skill. when both knights can kill a warhound on a single turn, but the warhound can not return the favour.

not to mention that 2 knights can hold more objectives, have house rules, relics and stats.
so anyone know if a depleted shield can be restored.

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Lord of the Fleet


The rule states:

"Each time an attack causes a void shield to be reduced to 0 wounds, that void shield collapses: this model loses that void shield."

Looks pretty clear to me that once the shield is down, can't be regenerated. I 100% agree that it's awful and worse than the Ion Shields, but that's FW rules for you!

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Its a little ambiguous it depends on the interpretation of loses that void shield

Does that mean it loses the void shields defence because it now has 0 points and you can't assign damage to it to take it to -1

Or does that mean its removed from the datasheet entirely

Because its an equally valid interpretation that

"At the start of your Command phase, if this model has a void shield that has fewer than 3 shield points remaining, that void shield is restored to 3 shield points."

Causes all void shields to switch back on that have collapsed if you interpret it as lose the defence of the void shield their still there they just have 0 points

and doesn't if you interpret it as lost from the datasheet entirely.

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I agree with Valkyrie.
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Tacoma, WA, USA

If the Void Shield is lost then you can’t check how many wounds it has.
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Let’s be honest: if you’re using models with Void Shieldsyoure already outside the realms of WAAC Matched Play Or Bust, as the Dakka default is. You need to be having conversations about how to even field Titans, so if you and your opponent wanted to make rules for how to bring a Void Shield back online you absolutely can. They just don’t appear on the datasheet, so you’ll need to come up with something.

 Stormonu wrote:
For me, the joy is in putting some good-looking models on the board and playing out a fantasy battle - not arguing over the poorly-made rules of some 3rd party who neither has any power over my play nor will be visiting me (and my opponent) to ensure we are "playing by the rules"
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