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Made in fr
Longtime Dakkanaut

Ok maybe i missed this or siomply made what was an ovious seeming assumption, but if i take a necron and make him my warlord he can't use dynastic traits? I mean i jhust assumed pretty much all necrons in an army that was all one dynasty got them and never thought about it, but yes looking again it seems that you replace your dynasty with warlord which might keep it from using dynastic tendencies. Someone want to clear this uop for me?

I guess i just expect GW rules to make sense, (Oh when will i ever learn? ) and honestly it just seems to make less than zero sense that your warlord in a dynasty can't use the dynastic traits. I mean, that one is so...dumb it almost hurts to think on it.

it's bad enough a monolith can't take them, but your necron warlord can't either?

At times i think most gw rules issues are based on people making rational understandable assumptions and gw making exception that are so absolutely counter intuitive people just don't them because they make less than no sense, they really seem nonsensical at times.

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"But the universe is a big place, and whatever happens, you will not be missed..." 
Made in au
Dakka Veteran

 Matt Swain wrote:
Someone want to clear this uop for me?

Yes, but your incoherent ranting makes it difficult for me to understand your actual question.
Made in au
Food for a Giant Fenrisian Wolf


Why would you replace <Dynasty> with Warlord?
Made in de
Prescient Cryptek of Eternity


Please read the warlord trait page again, this time thoroughly. You dont replace <dynasty> with warlord.
Made in gb
Villanous Scum

Also make sure your title is descriptive from now on.

On parle toujours mal quand on n'a rien à dire. 
Made in fr
Longtime Dakkanaut

forget it, this is what happens when you go too long without enou8gh sleep due to some RLS, and get a little confused reading a new rule. my bad, too musch stress, not enough sleep. life in the new normal america...

I refuse to get hooked on sleeping pills.

"But the universe is a big place, and whatever happens, you will not be missed..." 
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