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Fresh-Faced New User

This is my first GW or 40k game, so it is my first exposure to this concept that re-rolls happen before modifiers. I'm sure this issue has long been settled, but please indulge me in asking about it again.
Let's say I have a model that has a BS of 3+ and use it to fire on an enemy model that is obscured and at long range. I would then need to roll a 5+ in order to hit.
Then, let's say that I use a tactic that says I can re-roll failed hit rolls with my model this phase.
Finally, I roll my three attack dice and get a 2, a 4, and a 5.

The 5 is clearly a hit and doesn't need to be/can't be re-rolled.
The 2 is clearly a miss, and would even be a miss at my model's base BS.
Can I re-roll the 4? If there weren't any modifiers on the roll it would be a hit, but because of the two -1 modifiers it is a miss.
Is this what "re-rolls happen before modifiers" means?
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Orc Bully with a Peg Leg

Hasselt, Belgium

Where did you read that rerolls happen before modifiers?

In you example, your target number to roll is 5+ even when you rerolls the dice.
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Ship's Officer

Bristol (UK)

Negative modifiers can only stack up to +/- 1, so in your example you'd need a 4+ to hit.

To answer your actual question, and say theoretically that "4" you rolled was actually a 3.
You can't reroll it, during the rerolls step it's technically a hit so won't get rerolled.

Note that most similar abilities are being changed to allow you to reroll all hits so that wouldn't be an issue, you could choose to reroll the '3' but leave the 5 alone.
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Orc Bully with a Peg Leg

Hasselt, Belgium

 kirotheavenger wrote:
Negative modifiers can only stack up to +/- 1, so in your example you'd need a 4+ to hit.

Is there a new set of rules for Kill Team that I missed?

EDIT: legit question here - I've been out of the loop for Kill Team for most of the last year-and-half.
I know the +1/-1 thing has been added to the new edition of Age of Sigmar. Has a new set of rules been released for Kill Team as well?

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Ship's Officer

Bristol (UK)

Sorry, I'm being a muppet, that's 40k!
Ignore me...
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Shas'ui with Bonding Knife

AFAIK, modifiers to hit rolls are always resolved before rolling dice. Therefore, in your example, you'd roll everything which was less than the required 5+, ASSUMING the rule indeed states "hit rolls", ie. plural form.
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