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I've got an upcoming project I'm planning of a 1/32 figure. However, the head included with the figure has the face obscured by a gas mask. I've sourced an alternative head in 1/35 scale, but I'm a little concerned that it'll look too small on the figure. Has anybody had any experience of mixing these specific scales, or come across any issues? Specifically, the head alternative is produced by Hornet Heads, if anyone can attest whether their sculpts are on the larger or smaller size.

Any advice much appreciated!

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Well, people come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s more trial and error to see if it looks passable. That said, it’s a noticeable size difference, approximately 9%. 1/32 and 1/35 are popular aircraft and vehicle scales, and the difference there is noticeable enough they don’t play well with each other if both are true to scale.
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I've had this issue with SM heads and female head conversions before. Though usually it's 28 vs 32 mm differences. at that point its noticeable for sure. So I'd say it's likely to be for you as well given the relative size comparison between 28/32 and 32/35

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Thanks guys - I thought I'd likely be looking at a bit of a disparity. Unfortunately it's such a niche subject (WW1 in 54mm scale) that there's not too many options out there. 3D printing a head would likely be ideal (because I can adapt the scale) but I have no printer, and I run into the same issue of a lack of files out there (My 3D design skills are.... rudimentary ). Guess I'll put this one on ice then. Cheers!

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Now with 100% more blog: 'Beyond the Wall'

Numine Et Arcu
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1/32 and 1/35 are close enough in scale to not really be noticeable figure wise in my experience.

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