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Made in us
Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

9-12-2021 Update: Cleaned listing. Added SoB, old Space Wolves, and Tau items.

Selling my collection of Eldar and Harlequins. I haven't touched them in years, so they might as well go to a better home. Some of these items might be “old school”, but I know plenty like that or don’t mind. Images are under spoilers for ease of use. If you follow my hobby log you know I have a bunch I will never use and a growing family to support. I also want to see these used by others, especially those that might find the hobby too pricey. Prices are based on current online and ebay listings minus a discount so they sell. They are also priced low because I weep for you Eldar-interested folk out there. Most of these miniatures were purchased before GW massively hiked the price of the Eldar line. I'd like to pass those savings on to you.

Like any sane transaction, items will not be shipped until payment received. PayPal will be used to invoice and receive/send shipping information. When making a purchase/offer please provide your PayPal email. If a buyer is near the Duluth, Minnesota area let me know and we can meet up, otherwise I will ship to anywhere in the USA. Let me know what you want and I’ll get you a final quote including shipping. I will always ship tracking. If you want to purchase the entire lot, or a part of it, I will give something of a discount/take reasonable offers.

Autarch x1: $15
Avatar of Khaine x1: $20
Farseer (painted with spear remaining) x2 x1: $10 each
Farseers (unpainted, old school with spear and shuriken pistol) x2 x1: $8
Bonesinger x1: $20
Eldrad Ulthran x1: $15
Prince Yriel x1: $15
Yncarne x1: $20 SOLD
Visarch x1: $15 SOLD
Guardian Defenders with matching HW Platform (painted, 10 Guardians): $25 for the squad
Guardian Defenders (unpainted) x25 x15: $2 each
Windriders (newer model) x6: $7 each
Dire Avengers x30 x15: $2 each (yes, that's right, I bought these way back when they were dirt cheap, not the 40 dollars for five insanity they are now) SOLD
Phoenix Lord Asurmen x1: $15
Howling Banshees (Olde Schoole) x6: $5 each
Phoenix Lord Jain Zar (Olde Schoole) x1: $10
Strikings Scorpions (Olde Schoole) x7: $3 each
Wraithlord (unpainted) x1: $20
Falcon (painted) x1: $20
Wave Serpent x2 x1 (white remaining): $25

Sisters of Battle/Adeptus Sororitas and Inquisition
Vindicare Assassin: $10
SoB Cannoness: $10

Space Wolves
Rhino: $15
Assault with Jump Packs (x5): $10
Melee Troops (x18) – includes commander: $20
Bolter Troops (x21): $20

This collection has many components magnetized and/or kept separately from their units due to Tau modularity. I’ll give a good price and we’ll figure out details via offers.
Aun’Shi: $10
Darkstrider: $10
Ethereal (x2): $10 each
Hammerhead Tanks (x2): $25 each
Stealth Suits (x12 7 remaining): $5 each
Drones and Missile Stands: $2 per drone, includes stand – these are a mix of magnetized to their stands, not glued, and glued
  • Gun Drone: 16 4 remaining

  • Markerlight Drone: 11 3 remaining

  • Markerlight Drone (old model): 4

  • Pulse Accelerator Drone: 1

  • Grav Inhibitor Drone: 1

  • Recon Drone: 2

  • Command and Crisis Suits: everything is magnetized or not glued, let me know what equipment options you want and they will be included for free
  • Commander: 1 at $20

  • Crisis Suits (primed green): 3 at $7 each

  • Tau Assorted Foot Troops: $2 per model
  • Fire Warrior Squad Leaders (bare heads, all with carbines/markerlights): 3

  • Fire Warriors with Pulse Carbines: 6

  • Pathfinders with Ion Rifles: 6 3 remaining

  • Pathfinders with Rail Rifles: 6 3 remaining

  • Images


    Avatar of Khaine

    Farseer A (greenblades), B, Warlock, and unpainted Farseer, Warlocks, Bonesinger, and Eldrad Ulthran

    Prince Yriel

    Yncarne, Yvraine, and Visarch SOLD

    Guardian Defenders with HW Platform (painted), painted HW platforms, and unpainted Guardian Defenders

    Rangers with Illic Nightspear

    Windriders (Olde Schoole) and Windriders with Skyrunner Farseer/Warlock (head magnetized)

    Wraithlord and Wraithguard (painted), unpainted Wraithlord (one Olde Schoole) and Wraithblades

    Falcon (painted) and unpainted Falcon (image does not include antennae but they are there, just broken off)

    Fire Prism/Night Spinner (parts magnetized) SOLD

    Wave Serpent


    War Walkers

    Dark Reapers (Olde Schoole) and Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra

    Dire Avengers and Phoenix Lord Asurmen

    Fire Dragons and Phoenix Lord Fuegan SOLD

    Howling Banshees (Olde Schoole) and Phoenix Lord Jain Zar (Olde Schoole)

    Strikings Scorpions (Olde Schoole) and Phoenix Lord Karandras

    Swooping Hawks and Phoenix Lord Baharroth SOLD

    Warp Spiders SOLD

    Harlequin Characters SOLD

    Harlequin Troupes SOLD

    Star/Voidweaver (parts magnetized) SOLD

    Skyweavers SOLD

    Vindicare Assassin

    SoB Cannoness


    Assault with Jump Packs (x5)

    Melee Troops (x18) – includes commander

    Bolter Troops (x21)



    Ethereal (x2)

    Hammerhead Tanks (x2)

    Stealth Suits (x12 9 remaining)

    Drones and Missile Stands

    Command and Crisis Suits

    Tau Assorted Foot Troops

    Tau Bits - displayed as proof of items and will be thrown in as necessary with orders

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    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    Still available. If interested in a batch let me know and we'll work something out. Thanks for looking.

    Made in us
    Grovelin' Grot

    Michigan, southeast

     CaptainWaffle wrote:
    Still available. If interested in a batch let me know and we'll work something out. Thanks for looking.

    PM-ing you with a list.

    Orks - Old Skool (just got some new stuff, so about a GORK-tillion pts)
    Space Marines - Unidentified Chapter and Blood Angels (about a bazzilion points)
    Eldar ( just started)
    WHFB - High Elves, Empire, Tzeentch & Warriors of Chaos, Skeletons (just started all)
    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    Things are selling but there are still items available. Send me a list and we'll work something out. Thanks for looking!

    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    Items are moving like slow moving hotcakes! Get em' while they're warm!

    Willing to give even more deals when purchasing batches. Let me know what you're interested in. Plenty available for the Eldar enthusiast or the casually interested.

    Made in us
    Elite Tyranid Warrior

    Sent you a PM
    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    Still a little left. Re-organized the listing so you can see what's left. Send me a message if interested. Prices listed are really cheap, but I'll still do lot deals. Thanks for looking.

    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    Some left still. Take a look and send a message. We can work something out!

    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    Updated with some other items. Offers and lots offers considered. Thanks for looking.

    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    Things are still selling. Take a look and make an offer! Thanks for viewing.

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