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Savage Khorne Berserker Biker

1800 Dwaves vs. Orcs

His Deployment from my point of view:

Chariot/Bolt Thrower(On a hill)/ Bolt Thrower(On a hill)/ Orc Totem Thing/ Orcs/ Black Orcs/ Orcs/Trees/ Boar Riders/ Character on a boar/ Chariot  

Characters: Black Orc Boss in the Black Orc Squad/ Orc Boss in the Orcs to the far left and a Orc Boss on a boar by himself

My Deployment

Lake Blocking my left Flake/ Cannon (On a hill)/ 10 Thunderers (On a hill)/Cannon (On a hill)/ Organ Gun (On a hill)/ 10 Thunderers lined up infront of the hill in one rank/ 8 Slayers/ 12 Warriors/ 16 Warriors with Great Weapons/ 16 Wariors/Trees blocking my right flank

Characters: Thane in squad with Great Weapons/ Runesmith with the Organ Gun, Master Engineer with a Cannon/ Dragon Slayer with the Slayers

Turn One:
He gets first turn and chooses to go first. I'm not going to mention what spells he gets because I can't remember and he didn't get a single one off all game. He uses his turn to move everyone full speed dead ahead and tries to shoot the thunderers on the hill with the bolt throwers and misses both times.

My turn :-) I fire don't move at all and fire both cannons at his chariots, nailing both of them. Unfortunatly, I roll a one to wound on the one to the left, but the one on the right is smashed to bits. Then everything else has some fun... the thunderers on the hill shoot the orc squad on the left, killing 6 orcs, not bad for long range. Then it's the organ guns turn. I roll the artillery dice and get a 10! 9 of which wound. Then I switch targets to the black orcs, firing with the thunderers in the line and killing 3. The Orc unit on the checks for moral and holds.

Turn Two:
He charges my unit of warriors on my right flank with the boars head on. Everything else moves up and he tries to get a spell off but I dispell it. The bolt throwers fire at the same target and miss both times. On his charge he kills 3, I hit back and kill one. He ends up losing because I outnumber and outrank him but he passes his moral test and holds.

I check and see if my greatweapons can flank charge the boars, but there's no way to wheel without hitting the slayers with my movement tray, so instead the thane charges on his own into the flank of the boars. The cannon on the left smashes into the remaining chariot and this time it it's so lucky. The thunderers on the left and the cannon on the right kill about 4 orcs on his left, causing them to break and flee. The organ gun opens up on his black orcs and I roll a 2.... get greedy, and roll again and get a 10! Yay for being greedy! and I wound 8 of his black orcs. Unfortunatly, they changed the rules on the organ guns. It used to be Str 5 with the Armor Piercing rule underneath.... which is what I was looking for to show him he gets no armor save. Now it's just str 5 ap -3..... which I didn't see, and thus, he saved 2 and only 6 died. Thunderers fire into him and killed 2 more. My Thane killed one boar on the charge and the warriors lost one but killed one as well, the remaining boars broke and the warriors tried to over run and the thane stayed his ground.

Turn Three:
My screw up. I find out the wording on the Rune of Challenge has changed to "only the runebearer may be charged" and so it is now useless for the purpose of this game. Also, I think he's going to be able to charge me so I use the rune of Dismay, but none of his units are in range to charge anyway except for the character on the boar, who passes and charges my thane. The bolt throwers hit this time and kill one thunderer. The orc boss whiffs on the charge and is repaid for his efforts with a smack on the head, causing him to run away and my thane to pursue.

The turn before he charges me... I need some good shooting here.... I move the unit of 12 warriors up infront of the line as bait and the one that overran to get back to provide for a flank charge. I start out with the cannons, one of which can only see the bolt throwers, so I take a shot, hit it, and fail to wound. The other one kills one regular orc. Not too bad... cannons haven't been all that fun lately.... So I open up with the organ.... mand do I love my organ... I always roll high with it and I get a 2.... I get greedy again and this time the gamble doesn't pay off and it fizzes for this turn. Now my thunderers on the left fire and fail to wound.... the ones on the right fire into the orcs on the right and kill 2. Yay for my wonderful round of shooting.

Turn Four:
He charges the 12 warriors with his black orcs and the great weapons with his orcs on the right and the fleeing 5 remaining orcs in the left unit rally... the standard bearer and the character. The boars run off the table and his boar character rallies. He ends up beating up the 12 warriors.... but like true dwarves, they hold their line for as long as the can.

The slayers charge his unit of black orcs and the unit that overran pivots. The organ gun can't see anything and the thunderers pick off 3 orcs in a combined effort, while my cannons try unsuccessfully to kill his bolt throwers. The remaining of the 12 warriors gets chopped up and the slayers don't do much of anything. The great weapons however win their combat but the enemy holds.

Turn Five:
His bolt throwers try to kill some thunderers and miss. His Character on the boar charges my thane, inflicting one wound before getting smashed under my thanes great weapon. His black orcs finish the slayers and charge into my thunderers, which flee in order to shoot them, unfortunatly the orcs smack into a cannon and are stuck there and my thunderers run off the board.... the one time short legs should've helped. My Greatweapons beat and run down his squad of orcs on the left.

My thane moves towards the combat, thunderers precannons kill a crewman of the bolt throwers. I charge with the organ guns crew and runesmith into the black orcs, but end up losing and holding for one turn.

Turn Six: How did it all go wrong?
He charges with his other character into the combat and whiffs, his black orcs killing 3 of my guys, but they hold tough.... I might win this...

My dwarves are too far away to help the combat, and he ends up killing my runesmith and making my thunderers panic, which count as fleeing at the end of the game

Result: Draw..... though I beat him by 176 VP's, but the guy doing the league said a draw is 200 vp's or less difference


Angron- crushing the theme and fluff of armies one horde at a time.

-The Trooper 
Made in us
Auspicious Aspiring Champion of Chaos

On the perfumed wind

Thanks for the report. The whole VP thing is in the rulebook, under VP conditions, so the league director was probably going off of that.

Black Orcs are nasty, provided they don't run. Combined with their quell animosity rules, I tend to see them a lot from my regular opponent.

Not sure what you're talking about with the armor piercing rule on the organ gun. It was Str 5 -3 sv before and still is. I don't know what you think changed. I've been pretty disappointed with cannons and stone throwers lately, and am leaning towards using those special slots for more troops instead. Bolt throwers and thunderers to remove some static combat resolution from the real nasty units, and usually the organ gun. The rest just hasn't seemed reliable or killy enough...

Thanks for the report! I now return you to your regularly scheduled list writing.


“It was in lands of the Chi-An where she finally ran him to ground. There she kissed him deeply as he lay dying, and so stole from him his last, agonized breath.

On a delicate chain at her throat, she keeps it with her to this day.”
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Did you remember that your dwarves "hate" all greenskins? That really helps in close combat, I think it allows them to re-roll all to hit rolls in the first round of combat or something.

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I thought the Orc player did a good job of coming back but his boar boyz should have went after your guns. BTW I hate shooty Dwarves (or as I like to call them Iron dwarfs),  guns are for  40k
Made in us
Battlewagon Driver with Charged Engine

Murfreesboro, TN

No, silly; don't you know that, in the dark future, there is only close combat? Why fire your bolter at an enemy, when you can beat him senseless with it while hooting like a deranged howler monkey?

As a rule of thumb, the designers do not hide "easter eggs" in the rules. If clever reading is required to unlock some sort of hidden option, then it is most likely the result of wishful thinking.

But there's no sense crying over every mistake;
You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

Member of the "No Retreat for Calgar" Club 
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Regular Dakkanaut

Guns are NOT only for 40k, we dwarf players cannot help the fact that your races' primitive minds cannot create such powerful weaponry.

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Posted By TGtBtU417 on 08/10/2006 3:01 PM
I thought the Orc player did a good job of coming back but his boar boyz should have went after your guns. BTW I hate shooty Dwarves (or as I like to call them Iron dwarfs),  guns are for  40k

Dwarfs have guns to help make up for their "short-comings"(pun intended). They have poor initiative and very,very slow movement. No cavalry,skirmishers,monsters,or unit flyers.

Nice battle.

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