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Seven Year War Afficianado


All Quiet on the Martian front

At least one link it can be cheaply bought from

You can also get to the games forums there.

Cost of entry (minimum to play) and likely future costs
A starter box is $100. Of course, people always want to expand. I think you can get two armies for about $300 to $400 bucks. If you only want one army wyou are looking at around $150 or so.

Minimum players
2 players

Recommended players
2 players

Recommended ages
8+ The rules are pretty easy. My 10 year old picked them up no problem, I think it could go as low as 8+.

Likely time to run a game
2 hours or so.

What's to like
Well, it picks up where War of the World sleft-off as the Martians come back to take over the Earth again. This time, they brought their aspirin. In the meantime, the world has been bust developing steam powered tanks and other weapons to face them down. Despite that, things aren;t going too well for the Humans. The warfare is very assymetrical as the Martian war machine is few in number and very strong, while the humans have weight of numbers, stealth, and pluck. The stealth counters are fun and add a lot to the humans bag-of-tricks.

The Initiative system is interest as it shifts with the results of the previous turns. However, it is a standard I-GO-U-GO format. The main draw is the setting and how the forces work within it. There are a lot of stories and narratives that you can build into this game.

The plastics models for the games are top notch and go together really well, and paint up quick. The tripods are a particular stand-out in the line.

What you might not like
The gameplay is not super innovative, but those familiar with the GW core games will pick it up quick and find it pretty streamlined in comparison. It is based on a d10, and rolls are based on the oppositions stats.

This game has a lot of fun stories to tell on the battlefield, and memorable moments. However, I don't think balance is its key strength and would say this is a scenario vs. tournament game. However, that is the way I like them. many people do not.

Also, in the starter set, some key weapon stats are not in there, but you can find them on the forum with a quick search.

Bottom line
This game lives and dies by your buy-in to the setting and the story it is trying to tell. Mechanics-wise it is no innovation, but it leads to fun games on the tabletop.

Do you like Free Wargames?
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Legendary Master of the Chapter


Since it hasn't been mentioned, and I've become somewhat obsessed with it:

Game: Batman Miniatures Game by Knight Models

At least one link it can be cheaply bought from:

Cost of entry (minimum to play) and likely future costs:
You can start playing most factions with just a single starter set, which from either above link will run you about £22.50. For a full crew, you're looking at £35-45 depending on the model count (characters like Batman or Deathstroke amount to half a full team on their own, while Joker needs a fair few a Henchmen). Many models can be used in multiple factions, so a set of Blackgate Prisoners or a Free Agent like Deadshot instantly gives you a way to bulk out any new faction you want to start. This doesn't just go for the Baddies, though; Green Arrow could add some serious punch to Batman crew, before you add, say Canary and Arsenal and use him as leader of his own band.

The rulebook is rather expensive, though it is superbly set out, and if you're just playing among friends there are (legal) PDFs of the previous edition, which is pretty much identical apart from a few slight changes (mostly to missions) and cleaning up translations. All the stat cards are available free, and there's a free unofficial roster builder that also details any Special Rules and Traits.

minimum players: 2
recommended players: 2, although you could pretty easily manage 3 or even 4 players with a bit of tweaking.

Recommended ages: probably 12+. Being Batman, the source material can be quite dark, but more because the rules, while pretty simple, do require you to think about a lot at any one time. The metal minis can also be a bit fiddly to assemble.

likely time to run a game: Between 1-2 hours depending on size and how well you know the rules.

What's to like: It's Batman, in just about every way. The models are very faithful representations of the characters, the gameplay is very, very evocative of your Batman film/comic/game/series of choice, and it's amazing how every model seems to act like it 'should'. It does go beyond Gotham as well, though, with characters from the Arrow series, the Arkham Games and the Watchmen movie all being part of the game.

The models are just superb from a painter's perspective, and if you're into terrain building there's a load of scope to make themed pieces, from sewer grates to multi-storey towers, all of which are fully interactive in the game.

As a game itself, the real selling point is the mechanic at its core; each model has a Willpower score which gives you dice to allocate towards Attack, Defencde, Movement and Special Abilities, so each turn you get to decide how each model is going to fight? If you want to take it o the him then hit back with an onslaught of maxed-out attacks you can. If you want to furiously defend yourself until you can grapple out or get backup, you can do that too. If you want to drop in, lay down a beating but still leave something in the tank to block, providing you have the Willpower you can do that too. As the player, you get complete control.

What you might not like:
Mini-for-mini, this is a very expensive game (although the cost to play is much lower than most). Characters are going to cost you around £10-12 a model, a pair of henchmen about the same. They are a larger scale, and licensed, and phenomenally detailed, but you do pay for all that.

As said, they're a different scale, so integrating your existing minis might be hard. 28mm cops and robbers will do in a pinch to get you going, but sooner or later you'll probably want to replace them with less jarring minis.

This is a 'street level' game, so you won't find Super/metahumans flying around too much. Don't expect to see Superman, The Flash, Doomsday or Dr Manhattan turn up on the board. Knight are working on a Supers game, which may even include Marvel stuff, but for, its mostly brawlers, assassins and tech-based heroes and villains that you'll be playing with.

Bottom line: If you like Batman, if you want fantastic minis, if you like brutal, tactical skirmish games with the player in absolute control, this is he game for you. It can seem expensive, but if you can afford an Infinity or Malifaux band you can afford a BMG crew, if you can afford a 40k army you can easily get 2-3 complete forces for the price.

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Made in us
Ancient Venerable Dark Angels Dreadnought

A Protoss colony world

Okay, here's one that is not technically a miniatures game, but can potentially be played with miniatures instead of counters.

Game: Star Fleet Battles (currently produced by Amarillo Design Bureau)

At least one link it can be cheaply bought from:
http://store.starfleetstore.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=S&Product_Code=5501&Category_Code=03-01 (This link shows the basic set)

Cost of entry/likely future costs:
The aptly-named Basic Set costs $34.95 (US), with expansions typically running anywhere from $15-30. There are a LOT of expansions out there, so collecting the entire system could get expensive, but no more so than a large-ish 40k army.

Minimum players: 1 (for solitaire scenarios)
Recommended players: 2, but some scenarios are set up for 3 or more, and some can be played solitaire.

Recommended ages: 12+ (rules are very involved, even for adults!)

Playing time: Varies widely, with small single-ship duels taking 30 minutes to an hour and a half, and large fleet battles taking 5 hours or more.

What's to like:
The game is based loosely on Star Trek (The Original Series), and shares some of the fluff, but takes it in a much different direction. The game is incredibly detailed, in terms of how damage affects your ship's ability to fight, how energy is allocated to different ship systems (weapons, shield reinforcement, electronic warfare, etc.), and many other things. There are a ton of races and ships in the whole game system (probably around 2000 ships from about 50 races), meaning that there are so many different matchups possible that you never need to play the same game twice! Some of the races are familiar from Star Trek (Klingons, Romulans, Tholians, Gorn, the Federation), but most are unique to the game system. There are many different weapons, including such classics as phasers, photon torpedoes, disruptors, plasma torpedoes, and Tholian webs, plus some completely new ones like the Expanding Sphere Generator and the Plasmatic Pulsar device. Each weapon has unique effects, damage output, and arming methods.

The scenarios are almost as varied as the ships. Some of them pit two ships against each other, some of them pit a single ship against a space monster of some kind (which may be player controlled or automatic), some of them represent clashes of large fleets. While some of the scenarios are "General scenarios" representing actions that happened many, many times in the fluff, others are "Historical scenarios" that represent a specific battle between specific units. All scenarios have a few variations listed in their rules to change them up, as well as balancing methods to help less-skilled players have a chance of winning. The terrain your ships fight in can vary widely as well, from open space to asteroid fields, the vicinity of planets (M-class, airless moons, or gas giants), and even deadly radiation zones and black holes!

The game is as big as you want it to be. You can have a perfectly enjoyable game with just Basic Set, or you can get a lot of expansions to give yourself many more options. The expansion modules include additional races and ships, new unit types (like carriers, fast patrol ships, and the deadly X-ships), new scenarios, and new ship systems and their accompanying rules.

While there are a lot of rules and things to keep track of, the rules are very extensively cross-indexed, meaning rules interactions are easily solved.

While the game itself is normally played with counters on a mapsheet, it can also be played with miniatures (on a bigger mapsheet). ADB sells a good line of miniatures for the game, although it is not comprehensive (hard to do with so many ships out there!).

What's not to like:
The rules can get quite intricate and clunky at times, and there are a LOT of rules. The sequence of play can get bogged down when there is a lot of different stuff happening in a turn, slowing the game (worse in large battles).

Some procedures that are central to the game are rather tedious, most notoriously Energy Allocation. Experienced players can make this go faster, but it has been said that games are won and lost in Energy Allocation...

Bottom line: If you are looking for a detailed starship combat simulation, this game is for you (especially if you are a Trekkie!). Nearly every aspect of space combat is represented in some form, from energy allocation to crew casualties. However, the level of detail and large rulebook (especially when you add all the expansions) can be very daunting, so the game is probably not for everyone.

My armies (re-counted and updated for 8th Edition on 6/25/17, including usual wargear options):
Dark Angels: ~9100 | Blood Ravens Space Marines: ~800 | Space Wolves: ~400
Inquisition: ~120 | Officio Assassinorum: ~175 | Imperial Knights: ~Coming soon!
Tau Empire: ~5500 | Chaos Space Marines (various legions): ~5300 | Death Guard: ~800 | Chaos Daemons (all types): ~2200
Check out my P&M Blogs: ZergSmasher's P&M Blog | Stormsurge blog | Imperial Knights: Renegade blog | Total models painted in 2016: 50 | Total models painted in 2017: 15 | Current main painting project: Intercessor Squad
 Peregrine wrote:
Given the sheer diversity of species that humans have had sex with I think it's a safe bet that yes, someone is going to the aliens.
Made in gb
Hardened Veteran Guardsman


You guys should take a look at Beyond the Gates of Antares.

Quite possibly the best Scifi wargames since 40k 2nd ed.

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut


Alright, I'll bite:

Game: Apocalypse: Earth
At least one link it can be cheaply bought from: http://www.skinflintgames.co.uk

Cost of entry (minimum to play) and likely future costs: 20GBP\$51USD
minimum players: 1
recommended players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 12+ should be OK
likely time to run a game: 1-3 hours depending on size
What's to like: Fast and lethal combat system not based on IGO UGO, unpredictable and cinematic storylines - FUN!
What you might not like: We're a VERY small operation, don't expect GW levels of slickness, and we can't paint as well as you guys!
Bottom line: Dieselpunk alternate WW2 set in the 1950s, setup for 1/72 for reasons of cheapness, fast dizzying combat that punishes tactical mistakes brutally. £5.99 for the rulebook, a decent sized army for less than £20 - what's not to like?

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Skinflint Games- war gaming in the age of austerity

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Fresh-Faced New User


just wanted to throw this out to you; we've just unleashed our latest edition to Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators on Kickstarter and it's running now 18 MAR - 17 APR 2016.

Here's a quick link straight to the kickstarter page;


Here's a quick overview of the game from the good guys over at Skip the Rules;


Here's a video testimonal of the game;


Here's a video review of the game from Radho;


Here's a link to our testimonials page from our website;


The Basics:

Hull Breach is an award-winning Card Game from Not-So-Broken (NSB) Games. First released in 2011 as an 'Alpha Run'; then Re-released in it's final version in 2014; as Corporate Wars and Loyalty & Vigilance. Now, we are moving to complete the set with In Defiance of Dictators.

This space-based Card and Dice tabletop game which features epic combat between warships, firefights during Marine boarding actions, and a multitude of clever tactics and galaxy-shaking events, Hull Breach is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the gaming world.

In Hull Breach, you assume command of an advanced space station belonging to one of our several in-game factions and fight it out with one or more other Commanders to achieve galactic domination.

The object of the game is to protect your Station - your home in space - from other Commanders while trying to capture or destroy theirs. Be warned - they’re trying to do the same thing to you. It's a tough galaxy and at the end of the day only one Commander will remain standing. Only through careful planning can the most daring gain command of the galaxy.

Each deck of Hull Breach cards consists of fifty-five (55) cards, including a Station, two Station Module enhancements, two Stockpile cards to track your resources and economic wealth, with fifty others to help extend your power across the galaxy. Each pre-constructed deck sports an effective array of the different card types you’ll need to wage war against your opponents: Upgrades, Options, Modules, Marines, Ships, Events, Tactics, and Breakthroughs. Once you have a few games under your belt you can mix and match cards from different decks to create your very own personalized fighting force and compete against some of the finest commanders in the galaxy.

Best of all, while we encourage customization and deck-building, this isn't one of those "collectible" card games that will have you tearing through randomized foil packs of cards to find the ones you want. Hull Breach plays right out of the box and you'll know where you can find every card in the game without having to drop a ton of cash on additional boosters or turn to the secondary market to field a competitive deck.

Also, Hull Breach is not only a game, but a developing universe where the players have the opportunity to affect the outcome of the fighting between the factions. In every box you receive a fiction supplement to help you immerse yourself in the Universe’s rich backstory, and we are currently in negotiations to expand upon that literary presence. In fact, several of the Reward levels below will allow you to create your own historical presence in the Hull Breach universe.

Why Support Hull Breach?

Snow-Con’s Best Game Award Winner for 2012, and a Cardboard Republic Top Pick, Hull Breach has delighted thousands of players since its original run: Hull Breach!: Corporate Wars. Now, as we prepare for the next major expansion within the Hull Breach Universe, we are taking to Kickstarter to help enhance the game that we love, as well as providing a unique opportunity for both our life-long fans and newcomers to the game to make their mark on the galaxy. Starting for as little as five dollars, you can help support an exciting and intriguing new universe, and get on the ground floor of an award-winning gaming experience.

I'm a returning Commander (player); so what can you tell us about the new Hull Breach Expansion: In Defiance of Dictators?

Hull Breach!: "In Defiance of Dictators" focuses on the rising conflict between the Republic Defense Force and the Colonial Unaligned Forces in the wake of the Corporate Wars. Once again, you take control of one of the faction-controlled stations, build up your fleet and forces, and do battle with any who would attempt to encroach upon your space. Each box set includes four (4) pre-constructed decks (ready to play directly out of the box) complete with all new stations and cards that pit 2 RDF Commanders against 2 Colonial Commanders. Are you ready to fight off the imperialistic monsters, or crush the rebel scum? You decide, you command!

You asked and we listened! Over the course of the last two expansions, we have consistently continued to listen to our players and fan base, in order to continue to expand and improved our Hull Breach Universe. In Defiance of Dictators will include:

- New Team Play and Team Victory Rules

- alternate Victory Conditions; Diplomatic and Economic Victories

- even more Faction-Only cards and effects

- 65 never-before-seen printed cards and artwork, and many necessary revisions to our First-Edition cards

- two new Ship classes; the Freighter and the Transport; in inspire trade between players and aide in the valiant Marine-heavy decks

- a revised Rulebook, complete with easier access rules for beginners; and a digital video rule book put together by the awesome team at 'Skip the Rules'

- a completely all new Fictional Supplement that focuses on the Republic Defense Forces and Colonial Unaligned Forces

- everything you need to enjoy our new Organized Play system
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Executing Exarch

Okay, I'll bite.

Game: Shoot N' Skedaddle (Skirmish Wargaming in the American Old West)
At least one link it can be cheaply bought from: http://shootnskedaddle.blogspot.com/
Cost of entry (minimum to play) and likely future costs: Assuming rules, 3-7 figures per side and a handful of buildings for a town? Roughly $200 total.
minimum players: One, high solo suitability.
recommended players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 12+
likely time to run a game: 90 minutes.
What's to like: Randomized posses/gangs/equipment and randomized activation (heaps of unforeseen events)
What you might not like: If Old West isn't your thing, move along. If you like super strict rule-sets to allow strategic dominance the randomness in SnS might not appeal to you.
Bottom line: A Hollywood inspired skirmish rule-set with an abundance of characters, equipment and random events.

How to get started? Click here: http://shootnskedaddle.blogspot.com/search/label/Get%20Started

I'm the author, so if you have any questions - hit me up. The rulebook is free via the blog above, so take a look.

Made in ca
Preacher of the Emperor

At a Place, Making Dolls Great Again

Anyone know any low number sci fi games (older preferably and not GW).

Make Dolls Great Again
Clover/Trump 2016
For the United Shelves of America! 
Made in de
Been Around the Block

Freebooter´s Fate[u]

At least one link it can be cheaply bought from:

Cost of entry (minimum to play) and likely future costs: Have a look at their Starter Deals (60 Euros).

Minimum players: 2

Recommended players: 2

Recommended ages: 12+

Likely time to run a game: One hour.

What's to like:
This is a skirmish game with a caribbean Fantasy/Pirate flair. As of now, the following factions are available: Pirates, Imperial Armada, Goblin Pirates, Brotherhood, Mercenaries, Cult and Amazons.
Average point level is 500 and corresponds to ca. 5-6 models. So you have a very low number of miniatures to paint.
The game functions WITHOUT dice. Instead of dice, the player draws cards from a deck and adds this to his relevant attacks, defences, etc.
Humour is prevalent and the setting is not grimdark in any kind of way. Therefore it is a nice respite from your usual 40K experience. The Goblin Pirates are especially hilarious.
Famous fictional/real characters are also represented in this game like Rambo (Sly Marbo) in 40K and Madonna (Mad Donna) in Necromunda. Just off the top of my head this includes: Yoda (Goblin Pirates), Indiana Jones (Goblin Mercenary), Undertaker (Mercenary/Cult), Lara Croft (Mercenary), Baron Munchausen (Goblin Mercenary), Juliet Starling in Lollypop Chainsaw (Mercenary) etc.
Voodoo takes the place of magic in this game. It involves the summoning of loas which have different kind of effects.
A ton of scenarios have been published so far. This game won´t bore you for a long time. There are also co-op scenarios like in Necromunda.

What you might not like:
Well, this game doesn´t use dice. Yes, NO dice. This could be a dealbreaker for some people. Also, people who don´t like humour, pirates, hundreds of peglegs, rum, parrots, smokepowder weapons and caribbean flair should stay away from this game.

Bottom line:
A fast playing skirmish game with a Fantasy/Pirate flair. Due to low model count it is way cheaper to collect a starting faction compared to GW games.

Link to an introduction gameplay in german language:

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