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Upstate, New York

 thekingofkings wrote:

not sure battletech qualifies, it has the largest organized playgroup in my state and is still in print.

I the modern version recognizable to those of use who played back in the 80s? I played from the start(ish) up until a bit after the clans returned. I think I have the second tech manual with their stuff. Took a break, experimented with the Click system, seemed mildly entertaining, but never caught on (not a fan of the collectable nature). I keep hearing the name batted about, but after the Click dud, I’ve never paid that much attention to it.

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 infinite_array wrote:

I still think it was a massive mistake that Catalyst didn't cash in on the MW:O popularity by getting permission to make miniatures of the new mech designs. They might have even gotten sales from the video game community that didn't play the tabletop game.

I've been so close to starting Battletech many times, and I'm always turned off by the awful miniatures. When I started playing MW:O, saw someone making lances out of MW:O mechas and asked how he got them. Some Russian guy was selling them based on the MW:O assets. I inquired but the prices were just too steep.

A shame, because when I saw those mechs as miniatures, wow. So close.
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Zenithfleet wrote:
 AndrewGPaul wrote:

Heroquest is a game better remembered than played, I think. The worst aspect is that monsters only have 1 Body Point (even the Gargoyle) and there's only 1 evil Shield icon on the combat dice. Advanced Heroquest, on the other hand ...

Dammit AndrewGPaul... you've finally forced me to register on Dakka to rant about HeroQuest! SERIOUS BIZNIZ, I tell you.

Good man.

I take your point about family playability (the original UK TV advert featured a load of kids who looked about 10; "Fire of Wrath" is one of those cathphrases that was compulsory in our games). From my point of view, I think I first played it after having played Advanced Heroquest, during a rainy summer holiday. The exploits of Grungni fimir-flattener, Legless the Elf and a Barbarian and wizard with forgettable names are legendary, although I, as Morcar spent a fortnight watching my minions get repeatedly butchered. Perhaps if we'd played Heroquest first, it would have been OK.

That's why I say it's best left as nostalgia - it [is a great game when you're a kid, but now that you're an adult, don't sully those memories by actually playing it again.
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 thekingofkings wrote:

not sure battletech qualifies, it has the largest organized playgroup in my state and is still in print.

Battletech is a wierd one. It's never been anywhere where it was near as popular as the "big" games, but in some places it seems to have a truly enduring community, often supported by folks who have been playing for decades and usually at least one semi-official Catalyst games promoter. However, in others it's viewed with roughtly the same vintage/unplayed status as Rogue Trader or Starfleet Commander.

There's a reasonably active BT scene in the Chicago Suburbs.

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I am always amazed at the wide array of people I run into who have played BT even if they have never played another wargame and seem to have little or no interest in other gaming.

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