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Decrepit Dakkanaut


Spartan Games could well have released a lot in the years if they'd not been shut down. The problem with SG wasn't releasing new things, they were great at that. The problem with them was keeping up with what they'd released.

You'd get months of them fawning over Dystopian Wars and giving out news of new things coming and then everything would suddenly go silent, deadlines on previews would be missed and they'd shift their entire focus to Firestorm Armada for several months etc... And that was their issue, they kept focusing on new games and big army additions because those likely brought in a lot of sales very quickly; but they were a small operation and didn't' have resources to keep focused on multiple fronts at once. So for all they'd gain for a big focus on one game; they'd lose it on another.
I wasn't their only issue, I believe Niel had some major health problems that took him out of action for a considerable length of time - and in a small operation losing staff like that can be crippling.

Niel had some awesome ideas and SG had some great designers. They had fantastic vision, but lacked resources to make it real. I'm always very sad that they were never able to merge with WC or another major firm - ergo to team up with an investor in the industry.

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Decrepit Dakkanaut


 ZergSmasher wrote:
Silly question: has anyone heard if the old ships will be compatible with the new version of the game? Reason I ask is because my FLGS has some of the old stuff on clearance and I might love an excuse to buy it. Sorry if this has already been answered, I'm tired and didn't want to read through the whole thread even if it is only a few pages.

Only as proxies for the new stuff basially (although i'm sure somebody will re-stat them for the new game)

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Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

I have a good number of DW kits, I loved the madness of the weaponized monument ships.

Still have to build my 4 legged castle bot, it looks like someone told an Imperiator Titan to hold my beer.

So I can definitely see myself getting some of the plastics just to build and paint.

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

The Imperium Carrier looks great. The Cruiser and BB look like ass. I really feel like they chose to fixate on the wrong parts of the Prussians. Glad I have a few of the older models.
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Decrepit Dakkanaut


Previews from the FB page showing the Canadian battleship and submersible aircraft carrier

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Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

Some good stuff there for BFG conversions too.

Link to the post.


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Courageous Space Marine Captain


Those are spaceships. They may claim to be ocean vessels, but I know spaceships when I see them.

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Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps

Earlobe deep in doo doo

Bonaventure dos look like it's part of a Gothic reboot......

"But me no buts! Our comrades get hurt. Our friends die. Falkenburg is a knight who swore an oath to serve the church and to defend the weak. He'd be the first to tell you to stop puling and start planning. Because what we are doing-at risk to ourselves-is what we have sworn to do. The West relies on us. It is a risk we take with pride. It is an oath we honour. Even when some soft southern burgher mutters about us, we know the reason he sleeps soft and comfortable, why his wife is able to complain about the price of cabbages as her most serious problem and why his children dare to throw dung and yell "Knot" when we pass. It's because we are what we are. For all our faults we stand for law and light.
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San Francisco, CA

Holy CRAP those are awesome! I might have to buy a few, and proxy 'em in as Dwarves for Mantic's Armada. Dang!

I play...


Who am I kidding? I only paint these days... 
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