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[Modiphius] - Fallout Wasteland Warfare 2021 thread: New Vegas Pre Order, Robobrain. 16/04/21  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Bane Knight

angel of death 007 wrote:
 Rotgut wrote:
 JonWebb wrote:
 Monkeysloth wrote:
angel of death 007 wrote:
 Monkeysloth wrote:
Cards are with the new book only.

they come inside the book?

That is good to know, thank you. I just saw the preorders in USA for books through online retailers but it didn't say if it had the cards.

I would love to buy the whole set from Mordiphus but with the cost and shipping it is a lot of money. A lot cheaper to order it from a retailer in USA and get free shipping and a little discount.

Yes. They're unfortunately die cut with this expansion due to production issues and covid but that makes them easy to pack in with the book.

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 Rotgut wrote:
I’ve been waiting for the new Vegas stuff and it looks so good!

I am a little disappointed there isn’t a bundle with a box from both factions because I would be all over that to get that burning man.

He should go on sale individually late this year early next I believe. All the bundle exclusives eventually go up on the store sometime during the wave after their release.

The cards and book are one product yes, though to clarify the card sheets are not bound in the book but packed with it so no tearing sheets out and marring the book.

Not sure I understand Rotguts question. A bundle of which boxes? We’ve got the bundle of all six NCR and Legion sets plus rules and Burned Man but otherwise as Monkeysloth notes he will get a solo release at the end of the wave(in retail etc).

Hey I meant a set that had a core NCR and core legion box together with the book, but I’m glad I can get the burning man later, the new minis looks so good!

You can and you can't get burning man later..... depends on what you mean by get. Even though second hand retailers sometimes list the limited edition models I have had all my orders canceled for them. So the only way you can get it is from Mordiphus and will pay 3x the cost of the model for shipping. So hopefully you live in Europe other then that it is high hopes.

I am on my 3rd order with Nuka girl as a part of it.... but it seems Mordiphus only will provide them on their site and not to retailers, esp USA retailers. So sad...

All the promo figures are available to retailers through the DTR scheme if not via standard distro. It all depends on the margin (selling product at a loss to distro isn’t a great plan).

Not sure why your store hasn’t been able to get stock but get them to reach out to support@modiphius.com and we’ll see if we can help.

Sadly shipping prices have spiked (Covid and lack of planes/boats) and as noted above while we are working on sorting EU/US warehousing it’s far from a simple process even before Brexit + Covid.

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