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[Modiphius] - Fallout Wasteland Warfare 2021 thread: New Vegas Pre Order, Robobrain. 16/04/21  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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angel of death 007 wrote:
 Rotgut wrote:
 JonWebb wrote:
 Monkeysloth wrote:
angel of death 007 wrote:
 Monkeysloth wrote:
Cards are with the new book only.

they come inside the book?

That is good to know, thank you. I just saw the preorders in USA for books through online retailers but it didn't say if it had the cards.

I would love to buy the whole set from Mordiphus but with the cost and shipping it is a lot of money. A lot cheaper to order it from a retailer in USA and get free shipping and a little discount.

Yes. They're unfortunately die cut with this expansion due to production issues and covid but that makes them easy to pack in with the book.

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 Rotgut wrote:
I’ve been waiting for the new Vegas stuff and it looks so good!

I am a little disappointed there isn’t a bundle with a box from both factions because I would be all over that to get that burning man.

He should go on sale individually late this year early next I believe. All the bundle exclusives eventually go up on the store sometime during the wave after their release.

The cards and book are one product yes, though to clarify the card sheets are not bound in the book but packed with it so no tearing sheets out and marring the book.

Not sure I understand Rotguts question. A bundle of which boxes? We’ve got the bundle of all six NCR and Legion sets plus rules and Burned Man but otherwise as Monkeysloth notes he will get a solo release at the end of the wave(in retail etc).

Hey I meant a set that had a core NCR and core legion box together with the book, but I’m glad I can get the burning man later, the new minis looks so good!

You can and you can't get burning man later..... depends on what you mean by get. Even though second hand retailers sometimes list the limited edition models I have had all my orders canceled for them. So the only way you can get it is from Mordiphus and will pay 3x the cost of the model for shipping. So hopefully you live in Europe other then that it is high hopes.

I am on my 3rd order with Nuka girl as a part of it.... but it seems Mordiphus only will provide them on their site and not to retailers, esp USA retailers. So sad...

All the promo figures are available to retailers through the DTR scheme if not via standard distro. It all depends on the margin (selling product at a loss to distro isn’t a great plan).

Not sure why your store hasn’t been able to get stock but get them to reach out to support@modiphius.com and we’ll see if we can help.

Sadly shipping prices have spiked (Covid and lack of planes/boats) and as noted above while we are working on sorting EU/US warehousing it’s far from a simple process even before Brexit + Covid.

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The download page has been updated with all the Unit/equipment cards for the Mojave release and point values.

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Got my Bundle today. I always like it when a 7 day delivery notice gets bumped to 2 days. I must live pretty close to a new DHL hub as I'm in the Western US and usually things from the UK, and Modiphius, take 5-7 to get here.

Had a bit of time to look over the New Vegas Expansion booklet. It's mostly scenarios, figure checklists (but only NCR and Legion and nothing else from the wave which is odd), and painting charts (not step by step guides but showing Army Painter colors for base, shade and highlight) which I'm sure lots of people will be happy with.

There are a few new rules. Achievements which do give you bonuses in Settlement mode so that's awesome. They're basically what they sound like, things to achieve in a game or series of games but, outside of settlement mode, provide no official bonus. That being said I could see people in a friendly game awarding bonus points for doing them.

I would be nice to have the achievement checklist as a download PDF in the future--maybe editable so you can check things and then reset it.

The big new rule is Story Line events. These replace the normal event deck with a long form dynamic event that has various stages you have to work around. Each new round you advance the event phase to the next part. They're a fun way, from the looks of it, to extend the existing scenario supply to be more replayable as these Story Line Events affect all sides/players generally equally and you could use different ones on the same scenario and it would play very different.

There are only two in the rulebook but they don't require cards so I see lots of these available for download (either official or fan made) and in future expansions. I'll have to try one out sometime but I think it's a nice addition to the game and its no more complicated then the normal event deck which is also nice.

Lastly there's new official rules on item and how to swap them between units. Basically you can carry an item if you cannot use it but you have to drop it and let another figure pick it up to pass it to another figure. Since FWW allows a player to chain together several activations this was done to prevent abuse with passing something between 6 figures in the same turn.

There are 5 scenarios that are focused around the events leading up to the Hoover Dam battle as well as one during the battle. It makes me think having a solo campaign where you start with the Courier (or similar priced RPG character) and follow missions from the game earning caps to hire new units so the scenarios can get progressively harder/bigger would be a fun addition to the game.

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James Sheahan, the Designer of Fallout Wasteland Warfare, announced today he is steping away from that role to go back to working on Video Games.

Hi All. It does not seem very long ago I was drawing the first Unit cards whilst on a train journey and colouring in pieces of wooden dowel with felt-tip pens to make the first range rulers (which I learned the hard way needed to be coated with clear nail varnish to stop the coloured ink staining my hands during play). Today, my time as designer of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare has reached its end. After creating the rules, 250+ Units, 250+ weapons, 2,000+ cards, multiple expansion rule sets and modules, an AI system, an RPG, multiple scenarios and campaigns, and even a solo RPG campaign, I am returning to the video games industry (where I spent a lot of my early career) to be a designer of multiplayer console games.

Whilst my work on F:WW is complete, some expansions I designed are still to be released: Homestead (an expanded Settlement mode where you physically layout your settlement as you build it so you can play scenarios in it and defend it from attacks as well as a Settlement Event system too); Vault-Tec (allowing you to explore procedurally-generated vaults whilst attempting various objectives); The Unexpected Shepherd Parts 2 and 3 (the solo RPG campaign using choose-your-own-path mechanics with scenarios to playout using models); plus, the cards for several waves of models. The team at Modiphius, who have always been involved in F:WW’s development and have created some content already, will take over creating further content and designing for F:WW’s future.

I want to thank all the players who have played F:WW. I am proud of the game and its mechanics, but even more so of the players who have supported the game, helped each other, shared great games, created amazing terrain, shared their amazingly painted models, and had fun. My thanks to everyone at Modiphius who have helped bring this game to market too.
While it is hard to step away from F:WW, I am excited for my future challenge and for F:WW’s future. As I will no longer be involved, I will not be able to answer any rules questions as those decisions will be up to the guys at Modiphius and I wouldn’t want to give answers that conflict with anything they have planned.
As well as my new role, I hope I will be releasing some other tabletop games of my own in the future too – I hope you will check them out when I do. Until then, I wish you all the best for the future, and that you continue having fun in the Wasteland.

I'll be interesting to see where the game goes from here as overall I think it's very well done, and that the new job goes well for James, but there are some quirks that seams like they might be more from the designer then Modiphius (the shear amount you have to keep track and the space for it of for this game makes it worse then some Fantasy Flight stuff makes me pull out Elderscrolls often which has a much less time consuming setup) and I'm curious to see how much that gets relooked at down the road (Jon has stated there are some goals for making the game more approachable).

His statement also shows some of the releases that have been talked about that we still haven't heard much about outside of Homestead. I'm happy to hear the rest of Unexpected Shepherd is coming and that Vault-Tec (first time the name has been used) is also done on his side so those could come out this year.

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