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Made in us
Krazed Killa Kan


Nice progress on your forces. I also like that hobby bingo thing, I may try that this year.

Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Thanks Nevelon, like I said, I'm aware the finals are probably part of the issue--I've got a photo table, but getting and keeping it clean enough to use have been issues. Some of it I think has also been this past year has been very heavy on (admittedly self imposed) deadlines--January was pushing to get some ladies together for Mordheim, February to April was trying to get enough titans together for a 2000 point event of Titanicus, and mid year was pushing for a self imposed deadline of having my old epic army done before Legions dropped. Buddy had the idea in fall of maybe doing Kill team so I was pushing to get that done. The challenge was "things I needed done" but often was on more of a back burner, so I was often submitting whatever model I had to hand that vaguely fit and caught enough fancy to push it to painted.

Also thanks Syro_, haven't really been following it as much as I should, kinda feeling like I probably won't do it this year, but its nice for a little internal reward for trying some things. Its the 2020 version of the Rob Hawkins hobby blog one, though GW has put out a few similar ones:
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

And some actual hobby update, since I'm on and talking anyways:
Was trying to push some infantry to be done for a 1K+1 questoris intro game of legions against the usual opponent, but due to a COVID shot knocking me on my butt as usual, only got about this far:

Still needs blue metallic, mounting to bases, and washes (and maybe some freehand on those banners.) Did start the bases:

then came back after the game, and cut them out with scissors:

next step, breaking off 1/4" tile plasticard to make some nice sidewalks, plaza areas, and suchlike to match the emperor's children dreadnoughts, and also my titanicus legion's basing. That'll be later though.

In between, the game:
My force, with borrowed infantry, counts-as-arvus and questoris:

the feild of honor, cut down conquest scenario reduced to 3' wide for lower points:

Deployment against the nefarious Imperial Fists:

Both fairly spread, I'm hoping to run the knight up the side into close combat supported by a lot of demolisher and ignores cover fire, while the assualt group of ogryn get supported by the vanquisher russ group and move up. Hopefully I find a spot to throw the velatarii in in the arvus to grab his objectives, and marauders provide autocannon to mangle his T-hawk and then bombing run things.
End of turn 1:

Hunh, marching infantry are uh...really fast. Also, even on 6s sicarians have lots of shots and rerolls enough to eat arvus, taking the velatarii with them. Autocannons are not enough to eat T-hawk, though they did damage it. Bombing run did 4 hits, he saved them all.
And then I forgot to take more pictures. Oops. Basic course of the rest of the game--Bombing runs unsaved will eat infantry--when he didn't save it turn 2, the collapse killed the entire infantry detachment. Imperial fists on first fire with missiles are nasty amounts of firepower, rapidly depleting my infantry. Enough assualt marines out of a T-hawk are cheaper than, but will completely eat, questoris knights, even with high rolls, though this particular fight came down to literally the last roll. My russes didn't like his sicarians, killing all but one turn 2, but that one then killed both marauders in consecutive turns and lived out all following firepower. Hellhammers gave him a good scare with demolisher, but didn't make it through, and collapsed to T-hawk and missile fire as he swept that flank and grabbed my objective, while his termies grabbed the other. Malcadors lost one hull, failed a morale save, and immediately ran 18" off the board. End of turn 3, he had all four objectives, I had 4 stands of basic lasgun infantry, and we called it. Somewhat disappointing, but more because it means I'd need to paint much more infantry rather than tanks, and they're the worst dollar to point value, honestly just kinda not greatly served by their plastic sculpts with the undercuts, and also my least favorite part of the game so far. It was a fun enough game to actually play.

Also done today: Bringing the fur test kitty to just needing basing, and picking up and starting painting the new Reaper knight Sir michel the gold:

hope to get Sir mike done today or tomorrow, but we'll see how we do.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Did get them both done just before work, so posting them now.

Sir michael:

And then tonight is paint night. Was intending to do a catfolk rogue for the challenge, but picked up one of reaper's andromedan vizers, and got caught blending robes again:

Actually got the vizer done, and the power behind the throne kind of fits, if possibly a bit loud color wise...

Colors ended up a bit 90s, but kinda liking it, may use it for the challenge.
Made in au
Alluring Mounted Daemonette


Vizier is well done - very striking! Definitely looks like ski gear from the 90s but in a good way!

The blue robes on the knight look great too.

Very impressed with the little fellas for legion too. They look great as a bunch.

Thanks for sharing!

t z you are k 
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Thanks tzurk.
Weekend update:
Made some progress on the skrimish gang:

Also apparently gorkamorka is on the menu again, so back on the boar bikerz. Apparently theres also darkneldar gang rules, so decision to make, but still working these for now:

A little catfolk progress:

And got the basing down for the 8mm stuff. Needs milliput and paint:

And as usual, got distracted by a quick playaround, this time a unicorn. Did a four paint thing, plus two for the base:

Trying for warm fur, cold manes, not quite what I wanted, too many stray marks, but Ok with it.
Made in jp
Incorporating Wet-Blending


You continue to amaze with both the breadth of your projects and the sheer number of models you finish. I really like the Reaper knight in the blue and gold.

Now showing The Fellowship of the Ring, along with some Dreadball Captains!

Painting total as of 4/13/2024: 31 plus a set of modular spaceship terrain

Painting total for 2023: 79 plus 28 Battlemechs and a Dragon-Balrog

Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Thanks JoshinJapan! Admittedly, most of the breadth is shiny syndrome, and the speed is "number go up good" which I feel is hurting quality, but still feels nice. Those knights are so fun to paint up, just right at the sweet spot of detail.

At home, got the base scultping well underway, about half of them got curbs:

And at paint night, just some minor details and.basing to go for the badzoners:

Hopefully soon for both...
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

As usual, overestimated how much I'd get done this weekend. Did a lot of basing though. Legions stuff got a base prime layer and base colors:

And sculpted some milliput for the ladies. Looking like goliath will fit best:

But a few don't really match, as I didn't really build them for that, so a few more kitbashes needed doing:

Also trying to start a few better fitting models for the challenge:

And got another titanicus game in. Buddy built some spare warhounds into audax, so my lucidium went out to give them a first battle:


Trying to have the warbringer and left reaver for long range support, then charge in with the right two, he's trying to shove two audax plated superhounds into me, and outflank in some cerastus. Using open engine war, misty artic world, so running cooler but bad visibility.

First turn:

Moving up to get good ranges, most of my shooting whiffs, and I fail a lot of void saves.

2nd turn:

Tried to mousetrap out his hounds, and force his knights to spend time moving up so I can get turn around space.
Unfortunately, everything on the right flank got exploded in a long chain reaction. Insult to injury, the warbringer only took damage from one enemy shot--everything else was bad fall rolls.

Turn 3:

Last stand time, trying to nail the dire wolf for the internal morale points. Sadly, I got one shot off, doing minor damage, then got neutron lasered, shut down, survived the combat phase by luck, and failed the wakeup roll, and exploded anticlimacticly. Still a fun game, but a bit disappointing result. May have to try spreading more, and getting neutron lasered less. Shutdown orders are punishing.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Got the solar aux infantry done this morning:

And at paint night, got an elf ranger done for the challenge:

And put some base colors down on the goliaths to be:

Hopefully get them done this week...
Made in us
The Marine Standing Behind Marneus Calgar

Upstate, New York

Amazing work on that ranger.

Good progress all around

Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Thanks Nevelon, I'm actually pretty happy how he turned out.

Got another spray of things to show. Set up a game with another friend of TItanicus, though he's borrowing some titans from the usual opponent.
Map setup:

Doing matched play, I pulled destroy secondary, defend points primary, he got the honor banner and priority target

He's playing ignatum, very heavy corruptions in a firmis, I'm using my usual two maniple setup.
Screwed up my deployment on the knights, as you can see, open for a first fire that he took but luckily didn't kill them. I got agressive on one side and tried to lock out his warlord on the other.
Moving up turn 1:

Got a nice crossfire, but the entire game my vulcans won't roll more than 4 hits, and he does decently on the volkite saves.

He nails the hound, I drop in a new one behind, his reaver goes up, I retaliate first with a charge as well, but it takes until combat phase to kill it with a warbringer, reaver, and knights, and it takes the bringer and knights with it. Kind of a bad spot now.

We play it out, I cat and mouse the dropped hound around his back field, but the reavers I managed heat poorly and both explode, though the bringer is silenced by my hound:

One more turn went on, and my hound killed his, and then hides behind a building, where we called it and talked out the last turn, as I likely coildn't scratch his warlord, but he probably couldn't grab the banner or arc on my hound. Unfortunately we both misread our goals, I needed engines on the objectives, not just keep him off, and he didn't designate things for priority target right, but best as we can figure, I scored 10 points for killing 70% of his force, 0 on objectives, and he got 0 primary (the warbringer had his banner), 12 secondary (both sides of priority assignment--killing something with his reaver, and surviving with the lord), plus 6 off tertiary kills, for a pretty solid victory for him.

Did also get some motivation to progress on the dire wolf from a bit back, pistons didn't fit well after posing, so I made ones that did, actually most of the way done, and base already ready:

Also primed up the legions stuff, so hopefully soon on that.

And the counts as goliath ladies are coming along:

Experimenting with sculpting bases first for less mess when finishing, still have to do eyes and skin though on the new set. Old set actually got a layer of sepia after this, think they may be done, but will judge when I get home.

Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Made some titanicus progress:
Eyes and glass painted:

And set up on a temp base for washes, highlights, and final assembly:

Checked the skirmishers as well, decided I didn't like the finish, so did a quick orange glaze and sepia wash, which works for me. Finished set:

Front rank is models going in to the gang, back rank is spares that may come in later or for another game. Now just to get the other 5 done...
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Bit more assembly on the titan, ready for highlights:

and paint night progress, base pink on the pggies and hellhammers, and almost there on the goliaths:

Liking the skin results so far, hopefully comes out in the end.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Slow through the weekend, but a little to report:

Necromunda gang and spares ready to go:

And some spare warhound guns assembled, magnetized, and base coated. Need to keep on these eventually, but demo-usable now:

Also did an other color on the dore wolf trim, but not much to see and forgot pictures. Nibbling it down, probably gorkamorka muties conversions next...
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Another paint night, another new project. Joshinjapan started some usagi yojimbo miniatures from dark age minis over on his thread, which inspired me to try pulling my copies out:

Decided I'd do usagi himself, and kenichi, trying not to overload myself up front at least.

And some work with them, and a random secondhand tzaangor:

Usagi got most of the work, swords are untouched, shirt, pants, and fur are mostly there, though I think they need some more color depth. Kenichi is just base colors, working from some of the color covers, think he may be a bit yellow. Hopefully get some more progress this week.
Made in eu
Incorporating Wet-Blending


Nifty! You have three models there that I don't: Chizu, Tomoe, and the Mogura Ninja! I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Now showing The Fellowship of the Ring, along with some Dreadball Captains!

Painting total as of 4/13/2024: 31 plus a set of modular spaceship terrain

Painting total for 2023: 79 plus 28 Battlemechs and a Dragon-Balrog

Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Thanks JoshinJapan, not sure on them, probably save them for later, honestly.

Got the Dire Wolf done, pretty annoying assembly, especially when you drop it, but done:

Also did up the vulcan carapace weapon swap for my reavers I picked up at the swap meet:

And had a quick 1500 point game against the usual opponent, variation of last week's tempestus v audax.
Set up on fortified area, cross the board (me) vs vital cargo primary, both having kill em all for secondary. I misdeployed my warbringer, and forgot I'd set it up short ranged, and also forgot to take deployment shots, so midway through turn 1, he's out of position and doesn't do much:

End of 1 move, my middle reaver is shields down, and hurting, but so is his tank-warhound in front:

turn 2, I move up, fail the legsweep with the charge, and first fire blows up my titan, and then the fall drops my other reaver from untouched to explided. Tank hound I think dies of reaver fire, leaving this:

All downhill from there. Dire wolf and another reaver get crunched, but good use of blind barrage gets vital cargo off, last reaver gets concentrated fire and explodes, and then its a one turn last stand, and the warbringer just dies with a wimper and a silenced result.

Back at home, some progress on hellhammers and oggies for LI:

And put together a silly joke from a passing discord comment for the upcoming necromunda campaign, Johnny Dayruiner, with his heavy combi-multimelta:

Reaper halfling with shieldwolf guns, and a barrel from an LI kratos. Hopefully get him painted in time to be an easter egg.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

More tuesday paint night stuff.
Finished the hellhammers, and just need base painting for the ogryn:

Probably actually go back and do some markings on the hull for squadrons, but good enough for now.

And also got Usagi done, though no real progress on katsuichi:

Iffy on the blade NMM, do like how the base paining came out.

Also did a little base scultping and another color on the tzaangor, still a ways to go there.

Little at a time, still averaging a model a day so far this year.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Quick update, ogryn done, and some shoe fronts and detail work on Johnny Dayruiner:

Hoping the hands come out when it dries.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

So, quick army shot with the finished ogryn:

And got another game in for titanicus, playing a ferrox and getting my Dire Wolf its first game in, vs the usual opponent with an Audax canis maniple trying ursus claws.
The battlefield:

Tried to not give too many spots for him to hide, but leave some so I could roll the melee boy in. The forces:

Set up trying to spread a bit without giving too many isolation points, while he tried to push right up in to start firing ze ursus clawz! Blue chips are canis maniple deployment tokens, and the usual warpstone marker as my retrieval target:

And turned out I hadn't left him much space to deploy, so after deployment (and one turn 1 move of a reaver)

Sadly, I kinda banged his shields for little effect, while good mine use took down my double-vulcan hound:

Turn 2, I push forward, whiff completely on the charge (poorly chosen, should have done long as I was warp displacing and rolled high, could have reached the dire wolf), he moves and I get hammered, right reaver has its legs almost gone. Drop the plasma hound in, mostly wiffs.

Turn 3 keep charging (but not even making contact), others move in support. Warhound gets vaporized from 1 shield down by a single opposing hound's fire. Both reavers are on the ropes.

Forgot further photos, but one reaver blew up, then the dire wolf. I managed to nail a couple hounds back, but am left with 1 reaver, who last stands, and fails to kill his opponent, even on explosion. End result, 5 points on secondary, none primary, opponent got 30.

Also during the weekend, started a conversion for the upcoming gorkamorka campaign, running some muties. Decided to do some centaur conversions. Using reaper wolves and hellhounds and some frostgrave and sisters of tarellium models. Initial cut ups:

Some fills and letting dry to have a good fur base:

And some fur, and expanding the force:

A little closer:

And ready for the next steps:

Not sure how I feel about the big guys, not feeling their gnoll uppers match the size of the lower well, or that the transition sculpt really works, noy sire what to do about it. Anybody got suggestions?

Also, got some progress on Johnny Dayruiner's paint.

Hand sculpt did end up a bit big, should work well enough. Not sure on his pants yet, but think everything else is base colored. Moving along pretty good.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

So, paint night report, mostly finishing up stuff. Johnny Dayruiner ready for action:

And katsuichi also done, I think:

Not happy with the tunic, but not sure where to go to improve it, except maybe some more glazes up of light blue, but felt it stood out too much when I did. Do like how the hair came out though.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Couple finished 6mm tanks to show:

Prints I got from sebs printshop a while back. Just opened them recently, and more print slip than I cared to fix on these two, hopefully the other six are better. The one is popping a wheelie specifically to hide a really bad left rear corner.

And some more progress on the mutie centaurs:

Not sure if arms or clothing and details are next. Probably arms.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Not as much done as I'd like this weekend, but still did some progress. Got the arms on the muties, just need to figure out any clothes, stowage, and straps I want to do:

And started a random reaper bones dwarf as a quick break:

Finally dropped off the mini a day average, but I probably should worry less about numbers (even though numbers go up is kinda motivating.)
Gotta figure out the next big project, several different titans calling my name..
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Some tuesday paint night progress:

Started some epic:armageddon space marine tanks, put some more paint on the tzaangor, and finished up the dwarf.

Some closer shots at the finished dwarf:

Tempted to do some freehand on the shield, maybe glaze the blends a bit tighter, but feeling good enough for now.

Still feeling a bit locked up on the wolf centaurs, gotta figure out stowage, but that'll come.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Kind of a slow week and a bit late, but a little to report.
One more layer of paint on the predators, need to wash down with bronze green I think, and then details:

And got the stowage on the wolf centaurs down, maybe another couple small straps, and furring the butt cape on the leader, and I think then its on to paint:

Hopefully get a bit more done tomorrow at paint night.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Paint night again, some more progress.
Assembled and primed up an ORC trooper from infinity for the challenge this month, considering also doing a croc man and kamau--water based warriors in space probably counts!

Also put a layer on the tanks too I guess. Also got some basic colors down, think I'll fill out the rest in standard pan-O blue.

Also finished up the tzaangor, and popped some brown-orange on the snakeman.

And some focus on just the beastman:

Nice to have gotten something down, hopefully make a little more progress this week.
Made in us
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

United States

What great colors for the Beastman! You are highly productive, with so many diverse interests- a great pleasure dropping to see everything that has been added!

"He fears his fate too much, or his desserts are small, who will not put it to a single touch; to win- or lose- it all."

Montrose Toast

Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Thanks Meer_Cat, its more a short attention span and too many interesting games, but keeps things from getting boring.
Made in us
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

Slow week, keep losing motivation when I do sit down for painting. Still, a little progress.

Little bit more secondary black on the 6mm predators:

Blue and a bit of highlight on the ORC trooper for the challenge:

Also had the necromunda campaign kick off, didn't take the best pics, but here's some from the two games we did. Fairly quick games, we got 2 in each over maybe 4 hours.
Mutant goliaths vs goliaths with a pet mutant in a gang fight:

Van saars try a hit and run vs goliaths.

Dice no-sell the van saar attempt to be clever by putting my reinforcements between them and a tunnel blitz. "Nothing personal kid:"

Pretty fun, we'll see where this goes.
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