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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Brotherhood of Blood

1000 pt tournament coming up with a minimum of 500 in troops.


Shasel Fireknife config with multi track BS upgrade                                 97 pts



Crisis fireknife config with multi track                                                      62 pts




10 fire warriors with Shas upgrade marker light and networked drone       150 pts

Same                                                                                                       150 pts

10 firewarriors                                                                                          100 pts

10 firewarriors                                                                                          100 pts

Heavy support

Broadside 2  gun drones BS upgrade                                                        105 pts

Broadside 2 gun drones BS upgrade                                                          105 pts

Ion head with burst cannon decoy launcher and multitrack                           130 pts

                                                                                                         Total  999 pts


With the 500 pt compulsory troops I expect to see lots of Marine tack squads so tried to maximize my 3+ armor killing capabilities. (Ion head over rail).  At the same time I am trying to get as many models on the cheap to overshoot targets for fire supperiority.  Feed back welcome.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Brotherhood of Blood

I won the local Friday night tournament with two massacres with this list.  Although the tournament restrictions left me limited with little other options my firewarriors did amazingly well considering.  In the first game they out shot a IG list with thier 30 range and in the second had to take down a berserking charging Khorne army with a tooled up prince.  Both games the MVP's would have to be my firewarriors
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Using as many forces as you can for killing marines i think is a good way in using the Tau. Maybe instead in using your Broadsides you could take another Ion head because not too many people use tanks in the 1000pt matches, as broadsides are used too take out tanks with their S10 Ap1 shot. This would also take the firing away from all your fire warriors as you ues them for long range infantry killers.
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Lost, but i'll soon find myself!

As strange as it sounds i like the thought of the 2 broadsides. If anyone tries the rhino rush or something similar to get into cc you could blow them all up by turn 2. I also use broadsides to hunt multi-wound guys and terminators. They work very well for killing HQ's too. I would however drop the gun drones upgrade for a multi-tracker. If you use the broadsides correctly they should almost never be hit, and even if they are hit they have a 2+ save.

What does fireknife configuration mean?

If you're hunting marines, i suggest twin linked plasma rifles. They hit more often, cost less, and you dont need a multitracker. With the points you could buy drones with the XV8 and with the commander you could get a shield (you dont want a single Battlecannon shot killing your important leader.)

Congratulations for winning 2 massacres.

2000 Tau (No Kroot)
2500+ Marines (Blood Angels)
2000+ IG (...plain i guess...) 
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