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Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Here we go:

HQ: FS on JB, w. Guide, Sp, Witchblade (116)
HQ: Fs on JB, w. Guide, Singing Spear    (118)

Elite: 5 Stormies w. 2 Flamer, Warlock w. destructor (72)
Elite: 5 Stormies w. 2 Flamer, Warlock w. destructor (72)

Standard: 5 Wraithguards in Serpent w. starcannon (300)
Standard: 5 Wraithguard in Serpent w. Starcannon (300)
Standard: Wraithlord w. Starcannon (120)
Standard: Wraithlord w. Starcannon (120)

Heavy S.: 3x Falcon w. holofield, spirit stones, star- and shuric. (630)


General tactics:
Depending  on the army/mission faced, I normally rush forward on the flanks with my Serpents to deliver the WG into enemy frontlines (tanks). In the Center the Falcons advance, accompanied by the Farseers, who guide them. The Wraithlords work together and try to seek close combat. If the terrain is dense enough, the Falcons will try to evaporize the weaker flank of the enemy, trying to hide from  the rest.
If needed (monos etc.) the FS will guide the WG. Once guiding is done they try to hunt whatever is left...
It es a very hard, but small on numbers army. Loosing the die roll for first turn without sufficient cover would hurt me alot. Once on the move it needs a good portion of luck or a vast amount of heavy fire to step the 5 tanks and 2 Wraithlords.
But every loss will hurt, cause they are so damn expansive...
It will need some seroius skills to make the overpriced WG working. At the moment I am struggling with them, but i am trying hard.

So what do you suggest? Is it a competitive list?

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