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Fresh-Faced New User

what do you think of flesh hounds thinking of taken 2 sqauds of 8 down to a tournament for the speed just to get them into the heavy squads and light vehicles manly got a close combat army  
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Agile Revenant Titan

Fayetteville NC

They are a bit expensive for what they can do.

Going against light armor can be risky. Get a 6 on the pen chart and you may lose a good chunk of your own squad due to their 5+ save.

They aren't bad for tieing up shooty squads, but I'm not sure I'd go with 2 squads of 8. I've found Furies better for this job (albeit slightly slower) and/or Demonettes on Steeds (equal speed, but a little pricier).

Have I really been playing 40K for nearly 30 years? 
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