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Made in cz
Fresh-Faced New User

Shas'o, 142 pt

Missile pod, plamsa rifle, shield projector, hw multitracker, stimulant injector

2*Crisis b., 2*231 pt

3*battlesuit (each has a plasma rifle, missile pod and targeting array)

2*Fire warriors, 2*120 pt

12*pulse rifle

Pathfinders, 106 pt

7* shas'la, 1*shas'ui, 8*carbine w/ markerlight

Devilfish, 90 pt

burst canon, gun drones, 1*seeker missile

Hammerhead, 130 pt

ion cannon, multitracker, decoy launcher, 2* burst canons

2* Hammerhead, 2*165 pt

railgun, 2* burst canons, multitracker, decoy launcher

I play mostly against necrons, space marines and chaos space marines, so my force is suited to fight heavy units.

1) what do you think about it?

2) I was thinking of droping the ion canon hammerhead and one squad of fire warriors, for those points buy a 6 men stealth team w/targeting array, fusion guns and markerlight, a 10 men kroot team and some upgrades for the devilfish. Would you recommend it?

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Lost, but i'll soon find myself!

i think it is a nice list to go against those types of armies, but for the most part, without multitrackers in those crisis suit squads, you'll be wasting points on those expensive weapons. I use them with drones and twin linked plasma rifles and have had some success. With 6 drones in each squad they can take many high strength punches, and with those twin linked plasma rifles they deal out plenty of hot death, to Terminators even. Try to get them within 12" and then retreat just out of assault range.

Also i say that you should not drop the Ion cannon hammerhead, but instead replace the 2 other tanks with 2x1 man broadside squads, give them targetting arrays, and spend those points on upgrades for your existing tanks.

Also, why do you call them hybrid tau?

2000 Tau (No Kroot)
2500+ Marines (Blood Angels)
2000+ IG (...plain i guess...) 
Made in cz
Fresh-Faced New User

They are not mechanized Tau, they are not static Tau, that means they are hybrid Tau.

Also this way the crisis is more flexibile, it can kill light units and light vehicles at range or heavy units. If I gave them multitracker, I would always waste some shots (missiles not piercing armour can be SO depressing) and without accuracy. Making plasma twin linked would cost the same as targeting array, with the same effect but only on plasma.

If I dropped Hammerhead railguns, I would loose submunitons, which are great against light units, something that I surely lack otherwise. Plus broadside is very slow, unlike hammerhead.

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