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Been Around the Block

Skolarii Sector

Formatting mangled by editor - I'll try again.

See later post for updated list!

Always outnumbered but never outgunned. 
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Fresh-Faced New User

Lost and the damned was in the Eye of terror, plus I can't seem to find the armoured company in Imperial armour 1.
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Regular Dakkanaut

Sanford, Fl

Armoured Company list was in White Dwarf US issue July of 2004. It is still on the UK web page under Imperial Guard, down at the bottom of the page.

Warrior 50
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Gun Mage

Some other ones for you, some are a bit obscure:

Blood Angels Death Company (old list, was in chapter approved 2002)

Flesh Tearers (the last list from index astartes, based on Blood Angels)

Minotaurs/Lamenters/Legion of the Damned/Black Dragons (Cursed Space Marine foundings, chapter approved)

Crimson Fists and Blood Ravens (traited marines presented in Codex: space marines)

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Getting my broom incase there is shenanigans.

Army lists and variants become obsolite when a new codex for them is released.

For Example:
Catachan (min dex)

Harlequins (web) These are trial rules, so they are unofficial. I do not know if you want to add them in.

These are all Eye of Terror mini dex:

Ulthwe Strike Force (Eye of Terror mini dex)

Space Wolves 13th Company (? mini dex)

Lost and the Damned (? mini dex)

Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Skolarii Sector

Here we go again :S

Space Marines (codex)

* Ultramarines (codex variant)
Blood Angels (mini dex)
o Blood Angels Death Company (Chapter Approved 2002) 
* Space Wolves (mini dex)
* Space Wolves 13th Company (Eye of Terror mini dex)
* Dark Angels (mini dex)
o Deathwing (mini dex codex variant)
o Ravenwing (mini dex codex variant)
* Imperial Fists (codex variant)
* Salamanders (codex variant)
* White Scars (codex variant)
* Raven Guard (codex variant)
* Crimson Fists (codex variant)
* Blood Ravens (codex variant)
* Minotaurs Cursed Founding (Chapter Approved 2004)
* Lamenters Cursed Founding (Chapter Approved 2004)
* Legion of the Damned Cursed Founding (Chapter Approved 2004)
* Black Dragons Cursed Founding (Chapter Approved 2004)

Black Templars (codex)

Dark Eldar (codex)

* Wych Cult (codex variant)

Eldar (codex)

* Ulthwe Strike Force (Eye of Terror mini dex)
* Biel-Tan (Craftworld mini dex)
* Saim-Hann (Craftworld mini dex)
* Ulthwe (Craftworld mini dex)
* Alaitoc (Craftworld mini dex)
* Iyanden (Craftworld mini dex)
* Harlequins (web)

Imperial Guard (codex)

* Catachan (min dex)
* Armoured Company (Chapter Approved)
* Tallarn (codex variant)
* Cadian (codex variant)
* Mordian (codex variant)
* Tanith (codex variant)
* Valhallan (codex variant)
* Steel Legion (codex variant)
* Last Chancers (codex variant)
* Armoured Battle Group (IA1)
* Elysian Drop Troops (IA3)
* Tallarn (IA3)
* Inquisitorial Elysian D-99 (IA4)

Tau (codex)

* Farsight (codex variant)

Necrons (codex)

Chaos Space Marines (codex)

* Alpha Legion (codex variant)
* Iron Warriors (codex variant)
* Night Lords (codex variant)
* Word Bearers (codex variant)
* Thousand Sons (codex variant)
* Emperor's Children (codex variant)
* Death Guard (codex variant)
* World Eaters (codex variant)
* Lost and the Damned (Eye of Terror mini dex)

Witch Hunters (codex)

* Inducted Guard (codex variant)
* Inducted Space Marines (codex variant)

Daemonhunters (codex)

* Radicals (codex variant)
* Radicals Inducted Guard (codex variant)
* Radicals Inducted Space Marines (codex variant)
* Puritan Inducted Guard (codex variant)
* Puritan Inducted Space Marines (codex variant)

Orks (Codex)

* Ghazghkull (codex variant)
* Nazdreg (codex variant)
* Blood Axes (WD)
* Evil Suns (WD)
* Goffs (WD)
* Death Skulls (WD)
* Bad Moons (WD)
* Snakebites (WD)
* Feral Orks (Chapter Approved)
* Kult of Speed (Codex Armageddon)

Tyranids (codex)

Kroot Mercenaries (chapter Approved)

Always outnumbered but never outgunned. 
Made in us
Gun Mage

You might want to break down the inquistion codices this way:

Inducted Guard
Inducted Marines
Sisters of Battle

Radicals w/Inducted Guard
Radicals w/Inducted Marines
Puritans w/Inducted Guard
Puritans w/Inducted Marines
Grey Knights

I think this would better break down the differences.

Also, weren't there a couple of lists that were in citadel journal? I vaguely remember a SoB strike force (that used drop pods), and the Genestealer cult. The legality of both lists would be suspect given that all related parent codices were updated...
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Getting my broom incase there is shenanigans.

You don't have:


Tyranid Seeding Swarms
Genestealer Cults

Made in us

Orlando - Chicago - and back again

You forgot my favourite Space Marine List... The Movie Space Marines

You Pays Your Money, and You Takes Your Chances.

Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Skolarii Sector

I've added the Puritan/Radical options to the Daemonhunter list because your choice of models is limited by the list itself but not the Witch Hunters Puritan/Radical split as you use exactly the same army list the restriction just comes from the players choice.

I guess the SOB strike force, Genestealer cult and Squat lists aren't legal anymore? The Movie Marines list hasn't made it to the UK yet.

Tyranid Swarms I'm more interested in. Has this been superceded by the new 'Nid codex or is it a variant? And where can one find it?

Thanks for all the replies!

Always outnumbered but never outgunned. 
Made in us
Gun Mage

I'm not sure squats ever had an army list in 3rd? I'd think an army list that was at least compatible with 3rd edition would be required.

Seeding Swarm lists are in limbo right now, I don't think there's ever been an official answer one way or the other if it's still valid with the 4th edition codex. I believe there was commentary by a developer at one point or another on the EoT boards that seeding swarm was kaput, but nothing was ever printed. It can be found in the Chapter Approved books (at least, it was in the last one printed).

SoB strike force and Genestealer Cult are in a similiar position, but given those were old citadel journal lists I doubt you'll ever get a official position on them (I have heard rumors however, that if they ever did a Codex: Alienhunters book that the "adversaries" would be genestealer cultists).

I think there was also an adeptus arbites army list out there as well.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

*Current meatspace coordinates redacted*

Hmmm ... a collection of thoughts:

1.I don't know if you want to include Fabius Bile or not as he only unlocks a new troop type.

2.Sort of the same deal with the Deathwatch -it sin't really a list per se, and I'm not sure it's compatable with the new 'dex.

3.Ghazghull has a variant Goff list attatched to his entry, IIRC.

4.Also, given the amount of specific special rules they get in the basic dex, I think ultramarines is worth it's own entry.

5. There was an article in WD about Deathpact traitor marines, but i'n not surt if it had any rules attached or just suggested units. either way I suppose it's not that different than the Marine Chapters and suggested traits.

He knows that I know and you know that he actually doesn't know the rules at all. 
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Been Around the Block

Skolarii Sector

It's always tough to draw a line on something as arbitrary as this but I would rule out Bile and the Deathwatch as distinct army variants. Ultramarines is even more contentious. I don't have my Marine codex at the moment - how significant are the special rules? Not sure about the Deathpact traitors - which WD were they in and what is the list like?

Ghazghkull is in the list!


Always outnumbered but never outgunned. 
Made in us
Gun Mage

You mean bloodpact? The modified LaTD list right? I'll look it up tonight I had forgotten about that one.

The Ultramarines I'd think would matter, since you get two special unit types that aren't available anywhere else: Tyrannic war veterans and Honour Guard.

Deathwatch was updated for 4th in one of the WDs following the new SM codex (I want to say it was around 3 issues later?), but I don't think there's enough there for them to be their own army.
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

*Current meatspace coordinates redacted*

Yeah, bloodpact, that's the ticket.

The Ultramarines should go in the list - two new troop types says it all really, along with the specific SC's. I'm tempted to agree about the Deathwatch too, just not enough stuff.

Hey, lone pilgrim, what's this list for, if you don't mind me asking?


He knows that I know and you know that he actually doesn't know the rules at all. 
Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Skolarii Sector

Okay - let me know what you dig up on the Bloodpact. I've added the Ultramarines as a codex variant army.

The list is mainly because I am updating my website which has well over 100 battle reports and I've realised the classification of the armies I've played against is all over the place. I want to nail the armies down once and for all as I compile them into a database. A secondary reason is that I'm going to the UK GT for the first time this year and I wondered exactly what armies were out there. More than I thought, as it turns out!

Always outnumbered but never outgunned. 
Made in us
Gun Mage

IIRC the bloodpact wasn't really it's own army, more a type of unit LaTD armies could take (similiar to stormtroopers). I can't remember if there was any real "blood pact" army other than taking those, traitors, and defilers (there wasn't a restriction on units, just suggestions). I'm still looking for the WD though so I'll let you know.

Didn't the UK GT ban everything that wasn't a codex army? No CA, no Craftword Eldar, no Eye of Terror, no Citadel Journal, no Armageddon, and no Web-based armies.
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