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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Ok, i posted this same list a few days ago and didn't here a word about it.  I need some feed back fast because im going to do my first tourny this tuesday and i really need to know if this list will stand a chance.  its all 1500pt armies.  i know i could be up against chaos, IG, necron, or space marines so any helpful hints for facing them would be useful.  also i really would appreciate any possible suggestions for my amry list.


Hive Ty- VC, LWhip and BSword, Warp Blast, enhansed senses, extended carapace, toxin sacs- 193 pts

Broodlord- extended carapace, toxin sacs, retinue of 6 genestealers-  228 pts


Lictor-  80 pts

Warriors (3 models)- 1 w/ VC, 1 w/ barbed strangler, 1 w/ deathspitter, all have sything talons, enhansed senses, extended carapace, toxin sacs-  121 pts

Warriors (3 models)- 1 w/ VC, 1 w/ barbed strangler, 1 w/ deathspitter, all have sything talons, enhansed senses, extended carapace, toxin sacs-  121 pts


Hormies (8 models)- adrenal glands (+I)-  88 pts

Termagaunts (8 models)- fleshborer, toxin sacs-  72 pts

Termagaunts (8 models)- fleshborer, toxin sacs-  72 pts

Ripper Swarm (3 models)- adrenal glands (+I)-  36 pts

Fast Attack

Gargoyles (8 models)-  96 pts

Toxin Spore Mines (3 models)-  30 pts 

Bio-acid Spore Mines (3 models)-  36 pts 

Heavy Support

Zoanthrope- Warp Blast, synapse-  65 pts

Biovore (2 models)-  80 pts

ShootieFex- Twinlinked devourers, VC, enhansed senses, extended carapace, reinforced chitin-  178


60 models, 1500 pts on the dot

Made in hk
Fresh-Faced New User

Wow I have never tried to use Spore mines as a FA slot. I mean don't they just start in your set up area and then just drift about?

Maybe you need bigger units of troops as 8 models cannot tie up much. Normally one uses them to TAR (tie) up the enemy but you seem to have them configured for shooting?

The Fex needs to be a BS+VC IMO as I don;t think its worth the points to make the VC Twin linked
Made in us
President of the Mat Ward Fan Club

Los Angeles, CA

This army is not ready for a tournament by a long shot. There is just so many things I would personally change that I was relunctant to reply last time, but I'm stuck at work so I'll give you my humble opinions. Here are the issues I have:

1) I'd recommend at least one Tyrant guard with the walking hive Tyrant instead of the Extended Carapace. It's only 20 points more for a single guard, but you get two extra wounds and a creature that can actually fight in combat. Not only that, but the 2 wounds provided by the Guard are always in effect, unlike the 2+ save which can be nullified by AP2/1 weapons.

A walking Tyrant should usually have a TL Devourer as it's second weapon as the unit is unlikely to actually get into CC. If you really want a Tyrant with a little combat punch, taking Scything Talons isn't a terrible idea, but I think the Devourer is the smarter choice.

What isn't a good choice is the Lash Whip/Bonesword. It costs more than either the Devourer or Scything Talons and it doesn't do anything nearly worth the price.

Warp Blast is a total waste since the high powered blast cannot be used by a creature with Enhanced Senses. You're better off sticking with Shadow in the Warp to help protect against SM Librarians.

2) The Broodlord is okay, but the Toxin Sacs and Extended Carapace are a bit of a waste of points. Not that the upgrades aren't useful, but I highly recommend keeping the Broodlord stripped to a minimum because in any Alpha mission they won't get anywhere near close combat, so it's better to have less points invested into the unit.

3) Your Warrior squads are illegal because only one Warrior per brood may take a heavy weapon. Deathspitters are also terrible, terrible weapons for the points. The closest thing to an effective (per points) shooting Warrior brood is one armed solely with Devourers.

4) Your Hormagaunt brood is way too small. It isn't even big enough to tie an enemy unit up for a single round of combat. As for upgrading the Initiative of Hormaguants you should either go full-bore with I, WS & S or no upgrades at all and just use them to tie up a unit for a turn.

5) Again, your Termagaunt units are much too small. The point of a Gaunt unit is to get extra bodies into the army. You should really consider Spineguants (Gaunts with just Spinefists) instead as the 5 point model is by far the most effective way to get extra wounds into the force. Termagaunts aren't a horrible choice, but they should definitely be outnumbered by Spinegaunts at least 2:1 in your army.

6) Ripper Swarms are completely useless when you compare them to Spineguants. Spinegaunts do everything Rippers can do but more effectively per point, except for the fact that Rippers can perform autonomously from the Hive Mind. However, since Rippers also aren't scoring units, that ability has little merrit.

7) Gargoyles either need to be a major focus of the army or not taken at all. Taking a single unit of 8 isn't going to accomplish anything except creating an easy target for the enemy.

8) All Spore Mines are pretty much garbage, but if you're going to take any, stick with Bio-Acid. Even then, just remember that the Mines still give out VPs when they die, so no matter what you kill with them you've already given away 36 VPs.

9) Biovores are an absolutely terrible unit. I can go on for quite a while about how horrible they are but I'll restrain myself. Just believe me and leave 'em at home.

10) I'd suggest reading my article on equipping Carnifexes (look at the top of the forum in the "articles" section). I would highly discourage taking TL Devourers on a Carnifex that has a Venom Cannon. Either take a Gunfex with VC and BS and keep him back out of charge range of the enemy, or take a Dakkafex (x2 TL Devourers) and get up close and pepper enemy infantry units.

As your army doesn't have much in the way of tank-busting, I'd suggest sticking with the Gunfex (VC/BS).

So in short, your army is a mish-mash of smallish units equipped highly uneffectively. You should definitely have a Flying Tyrant and you could probably use some Genestealers (w/ Extended Carapace).

Good luck!

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I bet you'd find a lot of marine armies that outnumber you. You have like 2 TMCs and 32 disposable creatures, you definately need more.
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