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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Hey All,

Here is my 1500 pt Armored Company list, how does it look and how can I improve it??

Commander, Vanguisher, Hull LasCannon

Tank Ace, Vanguisher, Hull LasCannon

4x Leman Russ' Hull Heavy Bolter

2x Basilisk with Indirect Fire

This comes to about 125pts below 1500pts, My Question is what should I do with the extra points??  I thought about Ace Drivers on the tanks with points to spare or possibly dropping the Vanquishers down to russ' with AT rounds and add rough terrain mods, and ace gunners to all the russ'

Another thought would be to add another Basilisk with Indirect fire for 125pts??

Any thoughts, does this look good and competative??  I think it would be a good army to duel my Godzilla Nid list, nothing beats seeing giant monsters taking on Giant tanks!!

Chappy Pallantide

Made in us
Legendary Dogfighter


6 AV14 hulls are always formidable. I like adding another basilisk w/ the extra points. You seem to have a good idea of tank responsibilities w/ the vanq's as anti tank and the russes and bassies as your anti troop.. Good list IMO.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

@rryann: Thanks for the reply. I am thinking heavily about adding the basilisk into the list. That would give me several pie plates a turn dropping in on the enemy. The Vanqs are there to take advantage of the higher BS of the Commander and Ace. I thought about doing 2xRuss' with AT rounds, but then I lose mobility for a mere 15pts?? Doesn't seem worth it to me. I like the idea of having some mobility and not be static. I think being static with an armored company spells doom??

What about the other idea of tricking out some of the russ' with the extra points??

Again, thanks in advance for your thoughts and/or advice!

Chappy P

Made in us
Legendary Dogfighter


I don't know if it's just my mentality, but when playing an AC, I think it's best not to invest so many points into individual tanks. I think the AC follows the Guard's attitude of, " the more the merrier". Having more basic targets instead of having less targets with slightly improved skills seems best to me. I can't remember, but Ace gunner allows a reroll of the scatter right? why do you need to do that when you can drop 9 pies on the enemy in the 1st place? Some lists would be hard pressed to find a way to take down 6 LR's, why improve those tanks, but drop there numbers?? idk if that made sense, but basically, I like to keep things basic, and your list is good.
Made in us
Been Around the Block

I haven't ran the points but I would suggest dropping the hull lascannons and use the point to change your command tank to a exterminator (Hella Cool with BS4) and have 2 tank aces vanquisers. I would even suggest dropping a standard russ to get it.

So something like this

HQ - Exterminator Hull Bolter, Sponson Bolters, Pintle Stubber (14 shots per turn hitting on 3+)
Elite - Vanq
Elite - Vanq
Troops - LR
Troops - LR
Troops - LR
Troops - LR (points depending)
Hvy - Bassie Idf
Hvy - Bassie Idf

Brave Rifles

Made in us
Master Sergeant

rryannn said:
I can't remember, but Ace gunner allows a reroll of the scatter right? why do you need to do that when you can drop 9 pies on the enemy in the 1st place?

Maybe because you can't always (most of the time, in fact) drop 9 templates on the enemy and so need to make those shots count?

Or because a 55% chance of hitting with a template is better than a 33% chance? And even better than a single 50% Lascannon shot?

Gee, I don't know. Why?

Green Blow Fly wrote:Arseholes need to be kept in check. They do exist and play 40k.

Ironically, they do. So do cheats. 
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Dakka Veteran

@Stu-Rat: What are your thoughts about my AC list?? Is it viable ?? What would you add/change about the list to make it stronger?? If you were to run an AC list, what would it look like.

I just want to hammer out a list before I drop about 300 dollars on a bunch of tanks, and a couple of Forge World Kits

Chappy P
Made in us
5th God of Chaos! (Yea'rly!)

The Great State of Texas

In my book ace gunners are practically required.  Really want to antagonize an opponent, bring ace gunners. Not cheap and you have to spend the points ont eh BS4 Hq / Elite under the rules as well, but quite interesting.


My only issue for your list is effectiveness against 2+ creatures.  Termies/oblits can be quite lethal to your average tank, and CENSORED hard to wack with non-AP 2 templates.  As long as you are prepared for that then the list looks good.

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Fresh-Faced New User

Aha, taking 9 ace gunners - 225 pts... Each LR up to 190... Ok, maybe for you it's right...

Why 2 Vanquishers? O_o
You're going to fight 5 Land Raiders?! O_o

Take Demo - nice choise to kill everything with 2+ save and high toughness.
(If you take it you can easyly convert a Vanq - simply extending the barrel with free one from Demolisher kit...)
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