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Avenging Eagles Space Marine Chapter

The Avenging Eagles space marine chapter is among the scores of new chapters created from the Ultima Founding. The forerunners of this chapter the awoken Primaris who served as gray shields in the Indomitus Crusade when called upon by the Roubte Gilliman the only returned son of the Emperor. These marines excelled at logistical operations dropping the much needed supplies and manpower from low orbit along with wrathful fury. It was during the battles for Baal that the would be chapter drew its name when the Primaris Reivers dropped from the skies reinforcing a beleaguered battalion of Blood Angels. The Blood Angel’s Sergeant referred to these marines, “Like the Emperor's Avenging Eagles descending from the stars.” Though few firstborn marines as they called themselves gave these gray shields the same honors. Most marine chapters held much contempt and suspecian of the Primaris. The Avenging Eagle forerunners felt this keenly from what they thought would be brothers-in-arms. Even amongst the many of the Blood Angels that they had lent aid to and shed blood for showed nothing but disdain for the Primaris. The chapter forerunners soon learned to work independently less be treated as mere conscripts to die and protect the ‘real’ space marines.

Once the Ultramarine Primarch had declared the Imdomitus Crusade complete, the remaining Primairs petitioned the High Lords of Terra to form a new chapter in Imperium Nilius along the border of Cicatrix Maledictum. The chapter intended to serve as fleet based assuming that their area of operations had planets in position to support the needs of a chapter monastery. Even recruitment worlds would be difficult. This proved less of an issue for the newly formed Avenging Eagles as they accidently discovered the planet Shadow in a thought lost to the Imperium system as it was both well within the Cicatrix Maledictum and nothing had been heard from the system for 1000 years. The chapter discovered Shadow after one of their void ships suffered severe damage and lost propulsion control flying into a nebula that would have otherwise detonated active reactors.

Recruitment World

Shadow was in the midst of a world war among three superpowers based on extreme differences in political ideologies. One of the blocs had assassinated the knightly house of the planet rendering the lord’s and then planetary governor’s power to enforce their will impossible. The remainder of the House and the Mechanius joined or fled to the other blocs. The Avenging Eagles arrived at a serendipitous time and place. They first encountered the more moderate and largely isolationist bloc who were well on their way of becoming the new technological leaders of the planet. Additionally, all of the major blocs had nearly completed their atomic weapons that may have destroyed the planet if the chapter had not arrived to tip the balance of power. Shadow now serves as the Avenging Eagles primary recruitment world and minor forgeworld. However, it should be noted that some of the chapter's equipment is of poorer quality than other Ultima Founding chapters. Most notably, grav chutes and combat knives.

The Avenging Eagles are atypical in that they prefer recruiting initiates from a post-industrial world. While a great number of recruits come from the large portions of the worlds agri-farms, a number of them come from fairly low density metropolitan areas. The chapter recruits are typically more educated, technically adept and slightly older than most marine chapters. The Avenging Eagles use the various military academies of Shadow where boys are tested physically, mentally and genetically before being inducted as a recruit. The Avenging Eagles pride themselves on their screening process of initiatives ensuring those that are selected are far more likely to survive the Astartes process wasting less resources.

Chapter Organization

All initiates are placed in what other chapters would call the Scout company. However, the Avenging Eagles refer to Scouts as Operatives or Agents. This is due to the reduced battlefield use these marines see. Instead, the Operatives are used more covert ops particularly where passing a regular human would be useful. Avenging Eagle Operatives serve far longer than most Scouts serve with other chapters as well. It is not unknown for operatives to have 50 years of service before being fully inductive as a battle brother. If it is discovered late that the man cannot finish the Asartes process, it is also not uncommon for them to serve only as veteran operatives with no loss of honor.

Another radical departure from other chapters is that the Avenging Eagles place their new battle brothers in squad roles (Reiver, Hellblaster, Intercessor, etc.) they have shown the most aptitude for insteal of a progression from one squad to the next as typical for other chapters. This is not to say that the marine stays in one role their entire career. Far from it. Only that they serve where the marine is strongest and thus making the best use of novice manpower which is constantly in flux depending on the number of operations the chapter is involved with. Once mastered, the marine is encouraged to cross train into another Marine Occupation Code (MOC) with the goal of mastering all squad roles. It is near impossible for a marine to make the rank of Sergeant if they have only served with the Reivers no matter how well they excell as that MOC. The chapter values well rounded leaders and Lieutenants and Captains must have served in all MOCs to obtain their rank.

Chapter Secrets

The Avenging Eagles are uncertain of their primogenitor Primarch. The chapter librarius own research into the matter has reveled disturbing information if true. All found evidence indicates that the chapter may be the sons of the second legion Primarch. One of the forgotten and purged. If true, the entire chapter is evidence that Cawl has been using more than loyal geneseed and that the entire chapter could be eliminated in the future. Fortunately, the evidence is far from indisputable. The Libarius and the Apotherium have both ceased research into the subject and classified any information gathered. The leadership of the chapter is made aware of this, but the information has not been passed to throughout the chapter.

Command Element

The Avenging Eagles current chapter master is Codename: Clash. He earned the honor of leading the chapter during a daring strike against the Tyranids on Baal where he slayed a Dimachaeron with a single shot through the beast's eye straight into its brain. The Chapter's Chief Librarian is Codename: Bastion earning the title and his codename holding an Imperial bastion by himself for 3 days against a combined force of Chaos space marines and their dark Mechanium allies. Bother Liberian Bastion also managed to disintegrate the Chaos warband's warlord during the struggle as the juggernaut riding lord sought to personally remove the psyker but failed. Finally, Lieutenant Dundee an impetuous but skilled close quarters combat fighter. It has been in part his actions that the chapter command has begun instituting Sergeants no longer where helmets in battle to curb unnecessary losses for high-risk over extensions of forces.


Intercessors serve as the backbone of the Avenging Eagles chapters like most Ultima Founding Chapters. The chapter focuses on fire and maneuver tactics and favors the Auto Bolt Rifle or Bolt, Automatic Rifle (BAR) in chapter terminology. Due to the chapter's superior logistics, Avenging Eagles Intercessors, like all chapter bolt weapons, often have spare magazines of ammunition allowing squads to maintain longer fire fights or more concentrated fire. This creates essentially more effective bolter fire as the marines are permitted extra shots that may not be anymore accurate than a typical space marine chapter but does allow for opportune hits or, at very least, additional suppression of enemy targets.


Captain Clash has been very interested in moving the chapter's core MOC from Intercessor to Infiltrator. Unfortunately, the combat trials have not proven this doctrinal change as effective as the Intercesssor one currently in place. The training required for Infiltrators as backbone of fighting operations has been too resource intensive as has actual combat operations despite so initial success. Still, the Chapter Master believes that integrated squad medics will allow for both longer combat operation as well as higher morale and effective fighting overall.


The Avenging Eagles signature unit. Only best of operatives are permitted to join this MOC once becoming a full marine. Most Reivers have to master one to two other MOCs before allowed to serve as a Reiver. Avenging Eagles make use of a disposable grav chutes. The Shadow forges just are not capable of manufacturing chutes that don't consume themselves and burn out during use. The planetary minerals are not there. Instead, these super hot and melted chutes are ejected upon landing. Additionally, the Avenging Eagles make use of full chainswords in melee. The swords were gifted to the chapter after the battle on Baal by the Blood Angels and the chapter has trained with them in place of knives for their Reiver squads.


The chapter wants to get more use from Suppressor squads, however; like the Reiver grav chutes, they suffer from a lack of natural resources to manufacture needed equipment to make use of them in full. Due to this, only chapter brothers that have served in at least two MOCs with one either being Reiver or Inceptor, no brother can join this MOC.


Inceptors are still uncommon within the Avenging Eagles chapter. Despite a desire to make more effective use of the program, the MOC has largely languished.


While the Reivers may be the poster boys of the Avenging Eagles, the Eliminators are workhorse behind the scenes ensuring combat operations meet Imperial needs. Eliminators are so overlooked that even the chapter seems to forget about them. Which suits most marines serving this MOC. They don't seek glory or only mission success. It is no surprise that many of the chapter's best leaders spent the most time as an Eliminator.


Hellblasters have been vital MOCs in nearly every major operation the Avenging Eagles have been part of since before the chapter even existed. The chapter has always been short on support vehicles and lean heavy on this MOC to pick up the slack.


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