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Grey Knights: Prognosticar's Pointmen

This squad of Grey Knights serve as the investigators of daemon activity often times well before any ritual is performed to even begin to summon such foul warp spawn. Their Prognosticar commander is had been gifted with keen foresight by the Emperor allowing the kill team the ability to often find and destroy Chaos Cults in their infancy. This greatly minimizes the corruption and potential mind-wiping these men in grey must perform to maintain secrecy.

The Squad Justicar is Caddon Varn, a knight well versed in the dark lore and arcane knowledge of the warp. He favors the Nemesis warding staff as his weapon knowing all too well the strength of daemons in close quarters combat.

The squad's sniper is Kaladour Thule who prowess on the Psilencer is nothing less than legendary in which he uses to fulfill his oaths of purification of the Materium.

The squad's communication expert is Anval Torvin who also carries the Psycannon to battle. It is his blessed aura that often fills his battle brothers with holy energies to perform super human feats of marksmanship.

The squads combat expert is Cathbad Raum and exacting and relentless for to Chaos with his Nemesis Demon Hammer.

The demolitions expert is Pelenas Kai, a bellicose knight shouting violent oaths over the flames of his purifying incinerator.


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