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Kabal of the Dying Sun: Darkness and Despair Kill Team

This Dark Eldar kill team is serves as field research team both testing the effects of dark light weaponry in which they reveal in the desolation it causes. Simultaneously, the kill team seeks to collect living samples for further study of the kabal's interest in transmuting light to darkness and hope into despair. The team is not well liked by the Kabal and their leader, Archon Vorl-Xoelanth, does not have high expectations from them to bring back meaningful results as the team is far too reckless.

Kabalite Warriors

This element of the kill team work as the core researcher often performing the field experiments. This often has the warriors rarely fighting as they are conducting more esoteric tasks. The primary leader of the kill team is Sybarite Veth'va Vulkyriax who claims to be trueborn but grew up on the streets of Commorragh like any other other Drukhari. He has proven to be and efficient killer and perhaps the reason the kill team is even allowed the honor of travel to real space. His heard has harden and become cold to the atrocities with blast pistol and power sword he has committed for continued life to the point he is starting to believe this is his last raid. Little does he know that Skytha Vorpex, the other Sybarite armed with splinter rifle and agonizer, despite her dark flamboyant demeanor has orders to break Veth'va and observe his fall if possible. Other members of the squad include: Kherpres Kaghmyr, the unforgiving warrior armed with the splinter cannon, Quaez Xesh an eldar with unfettered ambition and a dark lance, the bla·sé communication specialist, Xurul Skahyl, Kheraes the Flenser who calls his Blaster Flenser as well, Karsaec Verkosian, and Lythric Barbtongue.


The wyches of the kill team often see the most fighting as they raid, slave and pillage for the needs and wants of the kill team and the kabal at large. The Hekatrix is Thyndrella Khrone who seeks only the finest things of the galaxy. She is often joined in combat with Xela Deathivy and her razorflails, who competes to fulfill her extravagant desires with her hekatrix. In stark constrast, Laelonyela the Mirthless seeks only bringing vengeful pain and suffering to all non-eldar life with her hydra gauntlets. Demadyre the Magnificent is a young eldar who has not yet felt the fear of death only seeks to unforgiving perfection of fighting. She is called Magnificent more as a cruel joke among the kill team as she practices fighting constantly but has not yet tasted first blood. The other members of the wyches are: Kherissa Khaur, Tryxin Trehil, and Morghmn the Hunter with his shardnet and impaler.


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