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Kill Team Tactica (for Warhammer 40,000 7th edition)


Tactica for Warhammer 40,000 7th edition


An updated version of Kill Team, with new rules that fix at least some of the problems we came up with during the compiling of this Tactica, has been released. We're very pleased by this, but will also need time to review and digest all this new information. In the meantime, we'll keep this article up, except for 1 change to the Chaos Daemons section that we've just been made aware of.

This Tactica is designed with those rules and their accompanying 6 special missions in mind. In case you don't have the rules yet, here's what you need to build a Kill Team:

200 points chosen from:

0-1 Elites 0-2 Troops 0-1 Fast Attack

• No HQ, Heavy Support, Flyers, Allies
• No 2+ saves, no models with more than 3 Wounds
• No vehicles with more than 33 total Armour Value points
• No units may Deep Strike

• You MUST pick a character OR your highest Ld unit to be a Leader
• You MUST pick 3 non-vehicle Specialists, who each get assigned a Special Rule

• Each model operates individually as its own unit, not as a squad
• If reduced to half its models, a Kill Team starts taking Ld-based Break Tests

Please note: for players that used previous versions of 6th edition Kill Team rules, there have been considerable changes. Infiltrate & Scout CAN be used now. Units with 3 Wounds CAN be used now. Ranged weapons with multiple shots per turn CANNOT split fire without the Specialist Rule. Other Specialist Rules apply to specifically melee or ranged.

Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself

The best way to help you form a Kill Team strategy & roster is to give you a taste of what you'll face. We often see 1st-time Kill Team players unprepared, thus defenseless, against:

THE 200-POINT HORDE - New Kill Team players often assume that they'll only need a few models for these 200 point games. It turns out that armies such as Orks can field 30+ Boyz within 200 points. With the current codices, more models are better than more wargear; more shots are better than fancier guns. Thus, the old adage remains: BOYS BEFORE TOYS.

VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER - It is easy to overlook that, even though heavy tanks are prohibited, Dedicated Transports such as a Rhinos carrying Specialists can wreck your Kill Team. There are simple counter-measures against vehicles, like Krak Grenades, but many Kill Teams simply forget to take any of them. Don't let this happen to you!

FEAR ITSELF - Kill Team has a rule called the Break Test. When reduced to half your model count, each figure takes a Leadership check at the start of each turn. For low-cost, yet low-Leadership units such as Orks, you can safely assume you’ll lose 1/3 of your remaining models every turn. This condition is something that you must account for when building your force.

Those 3 threats aren't terrible, but often catch 1st-time Kill Team players off-guard. When crafting your Kill Team, have suitable counters, and you should at least do okay. Please also keep in mind that, due to the limited points cost, you will face challenges to cover every scenario. Hard counters against your Kill Team will always exist…but that's what keeps Kill Team fun!

Know the Heavens, Know the Earth

In other words, know the mission objectives in advance, then know the environment, and you’ll see certain unit types have a huge advantage. Let's briefly go over the 6 missions and their objectives, and you'll see certain units will shine.

• Mission 1: Forward Push - classic 3 objectives. Infiltrators and fast-moving units favoured

• Mission 2: Alone in the Dark - 3 objectives, BUT units randomly deploy UNLESS they outflank; infiltrators favoured

• Mission 3: Headhunt - killing Leaders and Specialists earn Victory Points

• Mission 4: Infiltrate the Camp - exit enemy's deployment zone; infiltrators and fast-moving units favoured

• Mission 5: Secure the High Ground - centre objective grab

• Mission 6: Supply Drop - 6 objective markers, but only 1 of them is the real one

These missions with 200-point Kill Teams are still played on a 4’x4’ table, which feels a lot more sparse than traditional games. Combined with the nature of the mission objectives, we found highly mobile units consistently have a distinct advantage:

Infiltrators - Kill Team is mostly a mid-field game with lots of cover. Infiltrating your way in advance inherently gives a huge advantage. Please note Mission 2: Alone in the Dark, which lets units with Outflank, such as Infiltrators, to deploy freely whereas other types need to roll 3+ just to show up. Infiltrators simply excel in the Kill Team meta.

Fast-Moving - Kill Team games swing quickly back and forth. Fast-moving units allow you to react in time. Units with Fleet or Move Through Cover always seem to do well. Bikes in particular are popular as they get extra Toughness, plus the latest wave of codices always seems to give them a cost discount and additional benefits like White Scars Chapter Tactics. Please also take note of missions like Mission 4: Infiltrate the Camp that requires you to move off the enemy’s deployment zone, where victory points dramatically favour movement.

Snipers - These marksman, with their long range, act like the Heavy Support of Kill Team. By themselves are already quite useful in the infantry-centric conditions of Kill Team, but considering how popular Bikers are, they become even more useful. Don’t rely on an all-Sniper Kill Team, but a few are great to maintain pressure.

Specialists - After many games, we no longer dare say which special rules are good and which are bad. There's too many exotic combinations. The one thing we can agree on is this: never rely on your Specialists. They can be singled-out too easily, so it's best to treat them as a nice-to-have. Your basic units will be what wins you games.

Space Marine Deathwatch...the original Kill Team

Space Marines (2015 Codex) and other MEQs (2014-2015 Codices)

The term “Kill Team” originated from Space Marines seconded to the Inquisition's special squad, Deathwatch. And it’s fitting; they genuinely excel in Kill Team. We will ONLY highlight our top units & tactics for brevity’s sake.

Scout Squad - At the risk of peaking too early, we now believe Space Marine Scouts are one of the two top Kill Team units; the other is a hard-counter to them found in the Necron section. They are even better than their power armoued battle brothers due to their Infiltrator abilities, which gives them a major advantage in 4 of the 6 Missions. Moreover, they can obviously Scout ahead and get some extra movement, as well as Move Through Cover, very useful in the typical Kill Team terrain layout. Sniper Rifles remain an excellent option, but you won’t need to upgrade them further. And if you choose to take them with no upgrades, you can have up to 17 Scouts by using both Troop slots. We recommended them even before their 7th edition codex came out and increased their statline at the same low points cost. They're simply the most optimised unit for Kill Team conditions.

Tactical Squad - Your basic Marine comes with everything he needs: Bolter against infantry, Krak against vehicles, and a 3+ Save where there’s few AP weapons. Keep them cheap, so you that may take more Marines. If you wish to buy upgrades, the best is a Meltagun on a Stealth Specialist: Infiltrate. Remember you CAN take 10+ if you split them between your 2 Troop slots.

White Scars Bike Squad - 7th edition made bikes cheaper in general, and you get even higher value for points with the White Scars Chapter Tactics. In Kill Team, they're even better as they're not restricted by unit cohesion, finally letting them ride free on the spacious Kill Team theatres. However, remember your increased T5 can be negated by Instant Death or Fleshbane Specialists. Finally, a Meltagun Marine Biker with Stealth Specialist: Infiltrate is one of the top Kill Team Specialists.

Sternguard - The Sternguard is interesting yet a bit overpriced in our experience, but we can't dismiss their effectiveness against certain armies, though we prefer the above units for points effectiveness. We found the Krakenbolt, AP4 at 30” (15” Rapid Fired) to be the best use of Sternguard; they really earn their high points cost when facing carapace-wearing enemies. They have been improved by the 7th edition codex with the Imperial Fists Bolter Drill; it DOES apply to Sternguard Special Ammunition now. However, just a warning: this is THE unit that everyone gravitates to, because it's such a perfect fit for the fluff, but in our experience Scouts are so much better value for their points.

Due to popular request, we wanted to add a few entries from the other famous founding chapters, like Dark Angels, Space Wolves, and Blood Angels. Please be reminded you cannot mix & match codices. However, with so many similarities between Marine Equivalents (MEQs), we'll cover them here.

Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry - A top tier unit in large-scale battles, this popular choice is perhaps even more feared in Kill Team, as it is perhaps the most powerful unit allowed. Although pricier than what we would normally recommend in these 200-point games, they are still a great value, especially since they’ve become cheaper in the latest codex.

Blood Angels Assault Squad in a Rhino - An interesting option for Kill Team is for an Assault Squad to swap out its Jump Packs for a Rhino at no extra cost. Blood Angels in particular benefit from a Fast Rhino that would cost more, thus greater savings. Moreover, Blood Angels come with Furious Charge, particularly useful for assault.

Chapter Tactics - A bonus to every model for free, this is such an advantage we put it front & centre. All of them have their uses. And yes, technically, even the Forgeworld Chapter Tactics are allowed now.

And They Shall Know No Fear - Kill Team’s Break Test forces you to make a Leadership check each turn after your numbers fall below half. It CAN be re-rolled with ATSKNF, giving all Space Marines a huge strategic advantage over other armies. The Adeptus Astartes are one of the few lists that can play out a waiting game in Kill Team.

All loyalist Space Marines are great, with these being just some of our top picks. As generalists, which are usually seen as a disadvantage in large games that favour niched roles, they actually excel in Kill Team because you can’t afford to fill every niche with different units. Add to that how they have Chapter Tactics and ATSKNF for free, they are the quintessential Kill Teams that all others are measured against. A quick checklist for making your Space Marine Kill Team:

Anti-Horde: Just take enough models, usually 10 to 15 or more
Anti-Vehicle: Krak Grenades are good enough, a Meltagun is even better
Anti-Break: And They Shall Know No Fear is what makes Space Marines great in Kill Team

Chaos Daemons (2013 Codex)

The NEW Kill Team rules, released just now (Sept 2016) actually addresses a problem that deeply impacted Chaos Daemons. We will be revising this section shortly in particular.

Khorne Daemonkin (2015 Codex)

The Khorne Daemonkin codex is much more compatible with the Kill Team ruleset. We know it feels kind of limiting we're stuck with only 1 of the Chaos powers, but with the entries in this codex explicitly having the Fearless rule, it is enough for us to put aside the traditional Chaos Daemons codex in favour of this one. Please note, close combat IS tricky in Kill Team due to every unit operating on its own, which will often leave a melee unit exposed to retaliatory fire. The best defense against that is to try to synchronise your assaults, so that as many units as possible all attack simultaneously. To that end, there's a clear stand-out unit:

Flesh Hounds - Fast-moving, Fearless, with 2 Wounds, these are excellent assault units and very cheap for what they do. They're also strong enough to take on many light vehicles, but since there are some Walkers with armour they can't penetrate. However, while they benefit from having a Beast type's speed, it can also be a disadvantage that prevents from fielding a pure Flesh Hound Kill Team.

Bloodletters - Slightly cheaper, but also slower and less survivable than Flesh Hounds (but still Fearless), they bring Hellblades that can pierce 3+ armour...the highest allowed in Kill Team. By themselves, they will get shot up unless you have something to tie up enemies beforehand, making them a natural complement to the aforementioned Flesh Hounds.

Remember that you can't summon additional units in Kill Team - A soft reminder that, due to Kill Team's "You're On Your Own" rule, you cannot generate extra models by any means. This also applies to the Blood Tithe rules. You can, obviously, use the Blood Tithe for other effects, and with the Every Man For HImself rule, you wrack up points quite quickly.

Remember you need to nominate a Leader and 3 Specialists that CANNOT be Beasts - Thus, you can't field a pure Flesh Hound Kill Team due to RAW, unfortunately. You will have to supplement with some other unit choice. Thanks to the Dakka community for pointing this one out in particular.

Of course, there are many good units in the Daemonkin codex in addition to Flesh Hounds simply because they have the Fearless rule, but Flesh Hounds are really outstanding. We suggest you to build what you like, but include 5 A quick checklist for making your Daemonic Kill Team:

Anti-Horde: You need a horde of your own, usually a dozen or more models
Anti-Vehicle: The high Strength and Attacks of Khorne units help compensate
Anti-Break: Many of this codex's units are Fearless, but not all of them, so please keep that in mind

Tyranids (2014 Codex)

The Tyranids have it tough, due to their Synapse rules; you normally need to have an expensive special type of unit to even control your own Kill Team. Not only does the 200 point limit make that extra burden too costly, but it also gives your opponent an obvious target that you can't hide away as they have to stay close to the others. Different permutations were tried, but we found only 1 type of unit is feasible for Kill Team without violating Rules As Written.

Genestealers - Often portrayed as independent harbingers to infiltrate worlds before the wake of the swarm, that's EXACTLY what they do in Kill Team. With Infiltrate and an excellent setup for assault, Genestealers are great at what they do: butchering most things in close combat. They are also resilient against Break Tests due to their naturally high Leadership. Unfortunately, that is all they got and they are very predictable...with a high points cost. An unprepared or inexperienced opponent will try to take them head on, but most players know to kite them around objectives, which they're not great at holding as they aren't that survivable. With Kill Team conditions where each unit operates independently, a Genestealer downing an opponent in close combat often gets shot up by his nearby buddy. As a result, in most games they're a real hit or miss, and we found it's more miss, especially those who faced them before.

We ARE continuing our search for new possibilities for Tyranids, as one of our circle has a Tyranid army that he seldom fields and wants to use in Kill Team, but without some mini-supplement that adds more Synapse-free units, Genestealer Kill Teams are too predictable. A quick checklist for making your Tyranid, a.k.a. Genestealer Kill Team:

Anti-Horde: You can take only 14 at most, not a great number for an assault army
Anti-Vehicle: Rending is enough to take on light vehicles
Anti-Break: Thankfully, you almost never have to worry about this

Us Blood Axes have learnt a lot from da humies. How best ta kill 'em, fer example.

Orks (2014 Codex)

After a long wait, Orks finally got a codex update for 7th edition. Unfortunately, at least for Kill Team, some of those changes have hurt them (such as one of their top units, Lootas, being moved from Elites to the inaccessible Heavy slot). Their biggest problem, however, is that they can start a fight with a BANG with lots of Boyz on the table, but may end with a whimper as their Furious Charges lose momentum, then they start losing 1/3 of remaining units a Turn due to Kill Team’s Break Test Leadership test. We will ONLY highlight our top units & tactics for brevity’s sake.

Gretchen - A surprisingly effective unit in Kill Team. Although useless in combat, they can hold objectives and hold off Break Tests by sheer numbers. They'll die as soon as they're hit, but consider how many ranged or melee attacks an enemy Kill Team can make per game? Every attack your opponent makes on them is an opportunity cost to him, but remember to spread out and use cover. For optimal points effectiveness, take in mobs of 10 or 19 to get the most value for the single Runtherd that they come with.

The "Blood Axe" Leader - This is a trick that applies to many codices, but most cost-effectively for Orks. In Kill Team, you must nominate a single character to be Leader that gives away victory points when killed. Ork units don't have characters, so you can make, say, a Runtherd the Leader, to cowardly hide away and deny points.

Ork Bikerz - Faster and tougher than regular Boyz already make them well-suited for Kill Team. In addition, their Dakkaguns are surprisngly strong for any codex. They're bad to the bone and good for your Kill Team as search & destroy or last minute objective grabbers.

Deff Koptas - Even more maneuverable than Ork Bikers with more Wounds and the option to swap for free Rokkits for anti-vehicle/anti-MEQ. The latest codex made them significantly cheaper, suddenly propelling this unit to a great Ork choice.

Orks are still a mob army at heart. If you choose to play them, it’s likely you’ll take lots of Grots along with some other higher-priced units for specific roles. Just remember, if you don’t have the numbers, they’ll be hit with the Break Test way too early on, and when that happens, be prepared for 1/3 of your remaining models to disappear each turn. With almost every new codex lowering the points-cost for other armies…it’s not easy being green anymore. As opponents wise up to the fact that Kill Team still favours a high model count, please remember to be both brutal AND cunning, by either forcing your opponent to be offensive or by setting up an ambush in the late-game with smart positioning and preserving your numbers. A quick checklist for making your Orks Kill Team:

Anti-Horde: You ARE the horde, so capitalise on that, take at least 21 models
Anti-Vehicle: Rokkits on Deff Koptas or other units to take on vehicle pillboxes
Anti-Break: Again, at least 21 models, as fear is your worst enemy

Astra Militarum (2014 Codex)

The Imperial Guard, Hammer of the Emperor, is famous for their tanks and artillery. However, Kill Team is a game of infantry, so how do they measure up? It turns out they still have a few good options. We will ONLY highlight our top picks for brevity’s sake.

Infantry Platoon - It’s possible to fit 35 Guardsmen into 200 points, even with some additional wargear, so they can outnumber an Ork horde. With the 7th meta favouring ranged over melee, and the spacious nature of Kill Team, they may have a slight advantage. Krak grenades are a great investment for at least 1 squad, we found. If you wish to take a Heavy Weapons Team, the Autocannon is the optimal choice for Kill Team and best paired with Indomitable Specialist: Relentless, to start the game out of Line Of Sight. The option to take Conscripts also allow you to be an even better horde than Orks.

Voice of Command - One limitation to keep in mind for the Platoon is that, in Kill Team conditions where every model operates individually, Voice of Command orders apply to 1 model rather than to a squad. However, even so, that can be a very powerful combination. This often involves an Officer hidden in the back, commanding a Heavy Weapons Team to maximise the value of their expensive wargear.

Ratling Snipers - If you want marksman, this is actually a better option than Veterans with sniper rifles, it turns out. Their ability to Infiltrate and Run after firing make them ideal harassment units. Their final benefit is, while most Imperial Guard units come in bulk, you can just get 3 of these guys, easier to fit into the 200 points constraint of Kill Team.

Armoured Sentinel - Unpopular in large-scale games due to its squishiness, the Armoured Sentinel is actually one of the toughest vehicles allowable in Kill Team with its total AV of 32! With its points-cost reduced in the new codex, it becomes an interesting unit with its weapons options, which are also quite cheap. On the downside, vehicles cannot be Specialists so you can’t benefit from them on this unit.

Conclusions - It took us a long time to figure out the Imperial Guard for Kill Team. It was very counter-intuitive, as its greatest asset may actually be its Infantry Platoon as a horde over its highly customizable Veterans or vehicles. Quantity has a quality of its own, and the Astra Militarum’s greatest asset may be its troops’ willingness to die for the Emperor. Don't play them as the Imperium's special forces; that's what Space Marine Scouts do, and do much better. You have a different set of competitive advantages. A quick checklist for making your Astra Militarum Kill Team:

Anti-Horde: Just take enough models, usually 15+
Anti-Vehicle: Remember SOME units should at least have Krak or a Heavy Weapon
Anti-Break: Infantry need numbers, Veterans a little better, vehicles are immune

Craftworld Eldar (2015 Codex)

The Eldar have been top tier, if not the best, army since 6th edition, but how do they fare in Kill Team? The answer: even better. We will ONLY highlight our top picks for brevity’s sake...but the fact is every Eldar unit you can take in Kill Team is excellent, on par with the best choices from any other codex.

Fleet - One reason why Eldar are so good is, on top of all their advantages, they're highly mobile. In Kill Team conditions, Fast-Movers have an advantage.

Windrider Jetbikes - Whereas Bikers are always great in Kill Team, the Eldar probably have the best ones. Just don't let yourself be tempted by their wargear options; keep them at minimum frills.

Howling Banshees - Their improvements in this codex, namely their even greater movement speed and ability to charge into cover effectively, making them probably the best anti-MEQ units in Kill Team. Just remember to make use of cover, as they, more than other units, can afford to take the longer, safer route to the enemy.

Swooping Hawks - They are a great anti-vehicle counter-measure with Haywire Grenades, but even when facing Kill Teams without one, they're still valuable as extremely fast-moving units that can harass the enemy.

"Probably the best" is the phrase we kept on using here, and it's not hyperbole. While choosing to play a Craftworld Eldar Kill Team does not guarantee victory every game, they are all highly competitive, with the above being the most ideally suited to Kill Team. The units not listed here are not at all bad; they're actually too good (and costly), wasted on the infantry and light tanks you'll face in Kill Team. On top of all that, they seem severely under-costed for their effectiveness, so we'd only remind you to maintain that advantage by keeping extra wargear to a minimum. A quick checklist for making your Craftworld Eldar Kill Team:

Anti-Horde: Have a mix that adds up to 15+
Anti-Vehicle: Swooping Hawks are your safest bet
Anti-Break: They don't break easily, but 15+ units to delay a Break Test is best

Necrons (2015 Codex)

Necrons are considered a top tier army alongside the Eldar, but part of that is due to their excellent Formations and their respective Special Rules. It turns out, even without them, Necrons are very effective at Kill Team due to sheer resiliency in terms of survivability and their across-the-board high Leadership.

Reanimation Protocols - Effectively a 5+ Feel No Pain. Usually other armies need to take a Specialist for this, but it's standard for most Necron units. Valuable at high points games, even more so in Kill Team.

Necron Warriors - The relatively cheap basic rank & file are not only pretty good for their points cost, but are equipped with a good gun that can deal with Infantry and vehicles. Combined with the aforementioned Reanimation Protocols, that's an excellent combination. Their slightly cheaper cost makes them more attractive than Immortals, allowing you to take more so you have a greater chance of Reanimation Protocols to kick in.

Tomb Blades - This is truly one of the two top tier units for Kill Team. If you've read our other entries, we consistently advised against taking upgrades. Not this time. Their cheap Shadowloom upgrade to Cover Saves enhances the plentiful terrain you find in Kill Team, while the Nebuloscope's Ignore Cover negate its benefits for your opponent. This also happens to be the hard-counter to the other top tier Kill Team unit, Space Marine Scouts, with their Guass Blasters and Nebuloscope penetrating their defenses completely. Combined with their other virtues for Kill Team, such as how they're a highly mobile Jetbike, you've got an excellent unit that's well-worth their relatively high points cost. Thanks to the Dakka community for recommending this unit.

Your basic Necron unit is already pretty good, but combined with their Reanimation Protocols and unique wargear for basic units, they really are an excellent choice. A quick checklist for making your Necron Kill Team:

Anti-Horde: They're durable, but make sure they get enough units to pump out attacks
Anti-Vehicle: Gauss weapons more than have you covered here
Anti-Break: Their high Leadership makes this far less of an issue than for other armies

Skitarii (2015 Codex)

A new army type added to Warhammer 40,000, the Skitarii have some very interesting tricks that many players are not familiar with yet. We actually tested these units out in Kill Team the very day the White Dwarf magazine came out.

Doctrina Imperatives - A strange rule that allows you to adjust your stats through the course of a game, this is a force multiplier. It turns out you usually use your Ballistic Skill-enhancing doctrines at the start and your Weapon Skill-related ones near the end, but this can completely surprise your opponent.

Skitarii Vanguard - Now often regarded as one of the best value-for-points units, their affordability makes them ideal for Kill Team. Their low-cost combined with their competitiveness actually made us remove units from the above army entries, such as Ork Boyz and Imperial Guard Veterans, because they're at about the same points cost and are both more deadly yet just as durable. They have exotic rules like Rad-Saturation that lowers the Toughness of their opponent, which when combined with the aforementioned Doctrina Imperatives, not only let them stand toe-to-toe with Space Marines, but can possibly exceed them in close combat! You may need to take some Anti-Vehicle weapons, and in 1 squad you can fit as many as 3 such Special Weapons (which are also excellent and unique to this army type), but they do get a bit pricey. Even when factoring those costs, we believe they're still a very cost-effective choice in Kill Team where cost is a major factor.

Sydonian Dragoon - This Walker unit is at EXACTLY the maximum armour value allowed in Kill Team, making it a very tough melee unit that can quite possibly get the jump on the one or two anti-vehicle weapon-carrying unit(s) your opponent might be fielding. If needed, take that extra turn to maneuver a Dragoon around his flank and "cross the T". Of course, it is still vulnerable to Krak Grenade spam, thus there are instances when you would want to replace its lance with the Radium Jezzail, a sniping weapon that's also quite suited for Kill Team. Again, an exotic unit for Kill Team that may catch your opponents off-guard. Please note, their Broad Spectrum Data-Tether's buff to nearby units' Leadership DOES have an effect on the Break Test mechanic...just another fancy piece of wargear that gives the Skitarii a slight advantage.

Remember that you can't use the Skitarii Maniple Command Benefits in Kill Team - Even within 200 points, you can fulfill the requirements for the Skitarii Maniple detachment, which gives Crusader and Scout. Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to Kill Team games Rules As Written because they have to use their own Force Organisation Chart called a Kill Team Detachment. We only mention this because this is the one army where units can be so cheap that it actually fulfills the prerequisites for a formation. We're sorry about this; Crusader and Scout would have been excellent additions under Kill Team conditions.

In this army entry, we used the words "exotic" and "unique" a lot. It's not due to a lack of vocabulary; the Skitarii simply are quite different. What's more, despite having what may seem to be completely disparate rules, they actually work together very well, making this a fun army to play just to see your opponent's reaction. A quick checklist for making your Skitarii Kill Team:

Anti-Horde: They're good, but still benefit from having at least 15+ models
Anti-Vehicle: Remember to include a few Special Weapons or a Dragoon for this
Anti-Break: Their Leadership is decent, but not great, so keep an eye on this

Thanks very much for reading and your comments or questions are most welcome in this article's Comments section (http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/629798.page). Until then, happy hunting, Kill Team Commander.


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