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Three Color Searforge Army for Warmachine - Part 2

by Felix Flauta

I wrote the Three Color Searforge Army for Warmachine article to show how fast and easy (about 12 hours worth) to get a three color up and running for Warmachine. The army as it appears there is three or four base colors with a painted base that will gain you access to any event requiring paint.

No more times.

First Washes

Vallejo Sepia ink went over almost everything. Red ink made from Reaper Blood red went over all the safety colors.

Sepia is even useful over Lug's wolf grey coat. All it needed was a highlight to fix it up after I was done. For dark fur I used dark blue highlights.

Even Gudrun's green tunic benefits from the dirty look of a sepia wash.


Highlights are obvious in this picture as you can see how sloppily they were applied.

The Dark Skin of the Ogrun is easily highlighted. I typically hit it with a tan/dark flesh highlight and use the wash to bring the highlights down.

Annoying little guys

The Forge Guard were my least favorite model to detail as I noticed all the places along the hammer shaft that I left unpainted. Some touch up work and I was in the clear.


I added green flock to the bases after highlighting the stone.


It took me all of a Saturday to finish up, which probably takes the total time invested up to 18 or so hours. More detail or not doing everything as a single assembly line batch would add to the time, but it was fine for the purposes of this article.

With more time, you'd see smoother layers, better detailing, more careful attention. But if you want to play, then assembly line is the way to go.

Army Profile

You'll see the rest of these pictures in their Army Profile


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