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nkelsch's RPG Miniatures

Full Army Photo

Collecting RPG Miniatures

I have been collecting Super Deformed Fantasy RPG models for use in various board games and RPG settings. As I collect models and paint them I want to share them in this article. I will also try to share anything I custom sculpt or convert. I hope you enjoy them!

Miniature Lines

Here is a list of Mini manufacturers who make Super Deformed or Chibi Dungeon miniatures which you may find interesting when trying to build a Chibi Bestiary or Hero pool. I will try to note which manufacturer makes each model as I post pictures.

Super Dungeon Explore - Sodapop Miniatures (SDE)

Site Link: http://sodapopminiatures.com/

The original Chibi Dungeon Crawl game. It is a fun boardgame for 2-5 players and you get a good number of plastic models per box set. Lots of opportunity for repaints (Fire Gel to Water Gel) and they have a bunch of expansion packs.

  • Super Dungeon Explore - Has a bunch of heroes and a Dungeon Dragon theme
  • SDE Carverns of Roxor - Fire theme with Turtles and fire elementals
  • SDE Von Drakk Manor - Undead Vampire Castle
  • SDE The Forgotten King (unreleased) - The future expansion with a Nature/forest theme

Chibi DungeonAdventures - Impact! Miniatures (Imp)

Site Link: http://impactminiatures.com/

This is a company who makes a lot of 'Fantasy Football' Miniatures, but recently had a successful kickstarter for a line of Chibi RPG characters from western themes. A Great source of chibi monsters and heroes.

  • Chibi Dungeon Adventures - Kickstarter with lots of classic western RPG staples.
  • Chibi Asian Adventures - Kickstarter 2 with a lot of asian mythology and themed models

Anthropomorphic Animals - Dark Sword Miniatures (Dark)

Site Link: http://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/miniatures/visions-in-fantasy-critters.html

Darksword makes a lot of 28mm dungeon models, but they also have a line of RPG animals, (very heavy on the frogs) which have a more cartoony or SD proportion to them. The models are a little on the expensive side, but great quality and can expand your Hero Pool to have some animalmen or just making more mosnter packs.

Warheads: Medieval tales - Urban Mammoth (UM)

Site Link: http://www.urbanwarthegame.com/store-ecwid.php#!/~/category/id=3801698&inview=category3801704&offset=0&sort=normal

This is an interesting line which has a SD design to a bunch of 'old english' themed models. Not quite the CHIBI eyes and such, more like a large head on a small body. Lots of very nice models, especially the dark knights and bandits. The Innkeeper is my favorite.

Reaper Miniatures (Reap)

Site Link: http://www.reapermini.com/

Reaper is great for regular dungeon miniatures and BONES is huge for cost savings. Reaper has a few models which are oversized proportions which can fit in a CHIBI bestiary, especially elementals and mini guys like imps and tiki mask guys. Also, Reaper has a line called 'Mouslings' which are little chubby mouse people with RPG themes. They can fit in as a band of beast-themed enemies or even as allied heroes. Now with BONES they have a 10-pack for 10$ which makes mouslings 1$ each!

My Stuff! Nick Kelsch's Chibis (NK)

I have been sculpting and converting my own SD dungeon guys for things I felt I needed. Right now I have just a few and as I make more I will post them here. I sometimes have extras of the models I cast, so if you are interested, let me know and I will see what I can do. I also may have IMPACT! cast and sell some things I make (like the Chibi fort)

Models I can still produce:

Rats (NK)

Snakes (NK)

Maggots (NK)

Cockatrice (NK)

Model Photos


Being its own scale of miniatures, Chibi terrain is often smaller than normal much how video game sprites had 'overworld' icons to represent whole towns.

Chibi Fort (NK)


♠ - Tanks

Tanks are the primary Close Combat fighter of the group. They can take a beating and still survive.

Level:Attack:Ranged:MagicDefenseStaminaWounds:Special Skill:
J4004d63Cleave: May attack twice if he hasn't moved.
Q5004d83Cleave: May attack twice if he hasn't moved.
K5005d84Cleave: May attack twice if he hasn't moved.
A6005d104Cleave: May attack twice if he hasn't moved.
Pocket Healer (3 Meat): Summons a Minor Minion with the Heal skill

Trained by the Royal Army, These warriors are adept at protecting others and highly skilled in the ways of the shield.
Hearthsworn Fighter (SDE)
Dungeon Cavalier (Imp)

Barbarians live in rough climates and grow up fighting large beasts. They have been known to take down a whole pack of wolves with a single blow.
ClawTribe Barbarian (SDE)
Dungeon Barbarian (Imp)

Some warriors display attunement to the holy light and augment their skills with holy power.
Royal Paladin (SDE)
Paladin (Imp)

Gladiators fight for money, and sometimes by force as a slave. Brutal and uncaring, they are adept with 2-handed weapons.
Armored Anti-hero (Imp)

There are few warriors who fight like they have nothing to lose, often relinquishing defense for more offence, Berserkers are dangerous and unpredictable.
Warrior Red (Imp)
Inugami (Imp)

Masters of the sword, Samurai are skilled warriors who can fell even the mightiest blow in one attack.
Female Samurai (Imp)
Ronin (Imp)

Many A peasant or hopefulkid grows up wanting to see the world and delve into a dangerous dungeon. Augmented by tools and treasure, these warriors can hold their own against the monsters of the world.
Deeproot Scout (SDE)
Finn the Human (SDE NK)

Relying on willpower and skill, these warriors overcome any obstacle. Many have developed magical skills out of sheer determination and training.
Mario & Luigi (SDE)

Death Knights
Warriors corrupted by evil fight daily to redeem their past deeds. While powered by darkness, many have found redemption in service to others, or are walking a path of revenge.

♣ - Support

Support classes focus on other skills which augment the quest while still providing secondary damage. Each type is highly specialized.

Level:Attack:Ranged:MagicDefenseStaminaWounds:Special Skill:
J2402d62Surprise Attack: If attacking from behind a monster, use Double attack value
May have Missile Weapon or Reach Weapon
Q2503d82Surprise Attack: If attacking from behind a monster, use Double attack value
May have Missile Weapon or Reach Weapon
K3503d82Surprise Attack: If attacking from behind a monster, use Double attack value
May have Missile Weapon or Reach Weapon
A3503d103Surprise Attack: If attacking from behind a monster, use Double attack value
May have Missile Weapon or Reach Weapon
Beast Companion (3 Meat): Summons a minor minion which can fetch items and treasure. If you already have the ability to Summon a Minor Minion, You may summon two Minor minions or one Major minion instead.

Masters of the bow and arrow, Rangers rely on a a fast arrow to protect them from close combat.
Glimmerdusk Ranger (SDE)
Celestial Herald (SDE)
Dungeon Ranger (Imp)

Thieves often tag along with parties into dungeons because stealing from monsters (and other adventurers) doesn't have as harsh penalties as city life.
Candy & Cola (SDE)
Dungeon Thief (Imp)
Hafling Thief (Imp)

Trainers of animals, Beastmasters live a life learing the ways of the monsters they fight. Some have even gained the power to assume monster form.
Van Wilding (SDE)

From the far east, these adventurers are tight-lipped and seem to have their own motives. Masters of Thrown weapons, some even seem to have mastered elemental powers!
Ninja (Imp)

Trained in the ways of unarmed combat, these masters of martial arts abandon weapons and armor to make their bodies brutal fighting machines.
Nyan Nyan (SDE)
Karate Master (Imp)
Tae Kwon Do Master (Imp)
Sumo (Imp)

Acrobats often find themselves in dungeons to help avoid traps and reach areas other adventurers cannot go. Skilled with polearms, they can attack from outside melee range.
Dungeon Acrobat (Imp)
Kung Fu Master (Imp)

Dark rogues who are hired to hunt down and kill specific targets. Parties employ their skills to help take down enemies.
Riftling Rogue (SDE)
Darkling Assasin (Imp)
Half-Orc Assasin (Imp)

Tinkerers and eccentrics, Engineers are masters of mechanical contraptions and employ gunpowder as a weapon.

Hunting for treasure and over-burdened, Merchants may seem like a hindrance to a party, except when you get back to town and find they are overflowing with gold.

♦ - Magic

Masters of magic, these explorers controlpowerful spells, but are physically frail in combat.

Level:Attack:Ranged:MagicDefenseStamina:Wounds:Special Skill:
J1041d62Spellbook - Magic Missile: May make a basic MAGIC attack.
Q1052d82Spellbook - Magic Missile: May make a basic MAGIC attack.
K1152d82Spellbook - Magic Missile: May make a basic MAGIC attack.
A1162d103Spellbook - Magic Missile: May make a basic MAGIC attack.
Summon Familiar (3 Pot): Summons a Minor minion which has attacks which match the element of any spells in your spellbook. If you already have the ability to Summon a Minor Minion, You may summon two Minor minions or one Major minion instead.
Mages practice many forms of Pyromancy and have mastery of Fire which becomes a huge use in dungeon adventures.
Ember Mage (SDE)

Wizards of the royal guard are trained in fearsome ice and lighting techniques.
Black Mage (SDE NK)
Wizard (Imp)

Witches practice dark magics and defeat enemies with powerful hexes. Some have even become skilled in transforming people into beasts!
Witch (UM)

Mastery of Shadow magics, Warlocks enslave demons to do their bidding.

Able to control the weather, shamans have long protected villages from typhoons, dought and so on.

Bending the every elements to their will, Geomancers control the power of earth and air.
Monk (Imp)
Wise Sensei (Imp)

Not formally trained by any of the schools of magic, magicians find ways to create new unconventional spells.
Dungeon Magician (Imp)

Sorcerers forgo earthy magics to draw power from the cosmos itself.
Hexcast Sorceress (SDE)

Magical in nature, they cast spells on inanimate objects to fight for them. While powerful, his fellow adventurers may dislike turning their hard-earned loot into magic spells.

♥ - Healer

Healers are needed for the success of any party. While keeping everyone alive, they often find themselves the target of many attacks.

Level:Attack:Ranged:MagicDefenseStamina:Wounds:Special Skill:
J3013d62Heal: May recover 1 wound on any ally in range.
Q3023d82Heal: May recover 1 wound on any ally in range.
K4034d83Heal: May recover 1 wound on any ally in range.
A4044d103Heal: May recover 1 wound on any ally in range.
Reincarnate: Once per game, when the healer reaches 0 wounds, he may stand back up with full wounds again.
Sister of Faith (SDE)
Praying Cleric (Imp)

Deeproot Druid (SDE)
Zenko Kitsune(Imp)

Diminutive Mage (Imp)
Alchemist (UM)

Evil Sorcerer(Imp)

Chef Yumi (Imp)
Chef (UM)

Yamabushi (Imp)

Satyr (Imp)
Bard (UM)


Fortune Tellers

★ - NPCs

Chibi King (NK)
Blacksmith (UM)
Innkeeper (UM)
Princess Ruby (SDE)
Princess peach (SDE NK)
Porkoid Merchant (NK)
Castle Guard - Archer (UM)
Pimp (UM)

☼ - Spell Effects, Gear, Shape Changes

Heroes can have minions which help them out, or are powerful fighters. Some heroes may transform monsters as well.

Level:Attack:Ranged:MagicDefenseStamina:Wounds:Special Skill:
Minor Minion3113d41
Major Minion6336d83
Angry Bear
Baby Unicorn
Chibi Wagon (NK)

Monster Packs

Classifications: Ace - Unstoppable Force King - Monster King Queen - Monster Queen Jack - Anti-Hero 10 - Miniboss 9 - Monsterous Beasts 8 - Large Minions 7 - Monsters 6 - Magic Minions 5 - Battle Minions 4 - Minions 3 - Beasts 2 - Creeps

♠ - Undead

Raised from the dead by foul magics, The undead roam trying to add to their numbers. Usually controlled by a master force, often defeating the source of their power can quell an undead uprising. Vampires, Mummy Lords and Lich Kings have been known to turn a simple undead infestation to a powerful army.
Vampire's Castle
K - Von Drakk (SDE)
J - Herald of Vulcanis (SDE)
J - Dust Necromancer (SDE)
10 - Werewolf (SDE)
8 - Flesh Golem(Imp)
2 - Bats (NK)
4 - Rattlebones (SDE)
4 - Zombies (Imp)
Lich's Crypt
A - Death Specter (SDE)
J - Bone Archer (SDE NK)
J - Bone Ninja (SDE NK)
7 - Hangman's Treant (NK)
5 - Dread Knights (SDE)
4 - Boneheads (SDE)
2 - Skullbats (SDE)
Mummy's Tomb
Q - Golden Sphinx (Imp)
6 - Tomb Shadows (Imp)
5 - Mummies (Imp)

♣ - Demonic

Creatures and Humans can be corrupted by demons from the underplane. Having no power in our realm, they must rely on others to do their bidding in order for them to have influence, their ultimate goal is to usually have a physical manifestation in our realm.
K - Fel Orc King (NK)
Q - Succubus (SDE)
10 - Manticore (Imp)
6 - Curse Coven Witches (SDE)
5 - One-Eyed Demons (Imp)
4 - Dungeon Orcs (Imp)
2 - Maggots (NK)
Goblin Assassin
Goblin Berserker
Goblin Sapper
Orc Bodyguard
Pumpkinhead General
Pumpkin Wall
Headless Horseman

♦ - Magical

Magical races come in many forms. The major source of all magic revolves around the elements. The Four elements are at constant war but have a very rigid aristocratic court which keeps the balance. Often lower elementals may make a bid for the crown of the elemental plane and destabilize everything. Sub-element factions have also formed due to the mixing of elements. Dragons look to enslave the elements to serve them but also can be controlled as they need the elements for their power.
Fire Kingdom
A - Roxor (SDE)
10 - Rotgut The Fire Troll (SDE)
7 - Burning Gels (SDE)
2 - Fire Gels (SDE)
Dragon's Court
Chromatic Hydra
Rex Ogre
Rex Ogre
Dragon Priest
Dragon Priest
Earth Realm
10 - RotSpeen The Hill Troll (SDE)
Rocktop Slowpokes
Rocktop Rollers

♥ - Beastial

Feral beasts of the wild have also evolved along side the other humanoid races and take a less than peaceful attitude to co-existance. Many of the beasts and beastmen tribes have deep seeded distrust and hatred for Humans, Dwarves and Elves.
Beastmen Raiders
A - Chimera (Imp)
K - 3-headed Giant (Imp)
J - Porkoid Beastmaster (NK)
J - Porkoid Gladiator (NK)
J - Porkoid Druid (NK)
J - Angry Pig (NK)
J - Porkoid Shaman (NK)
9 - Lion (Imp)
8 -Troll (Imp)
7 - Chimera Cub (NK)
4 - Porkoid Battlers (NK)
4 - Porkoid Stikkas (NK)
2 - Rats (NK)
Bugbear (Imp)
Reptilian Temple
2 - Snakes (NK)

☼ - Spell Effects, Gear, Shape Changes

Curse Coven Toads


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