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INFINITY Sneak Peek: Special Deterrance Group Azra'il! by thebeastsofwar
We've received another awesome packet of intel from the folks at Corvus Belli for Infinity and the focus of it this time is the Special Deterrance Group Azra'il!

Some information about this particular beefy unit for the Haqqislam forces...

"The Azra'il are veteran elite troops who have fallen into disgrace. The Jamdariyah, the Sultan's personal guard, is renewed with each Sultan. Every time a new one is elected by the people, his head of security disbands the previous Jamdariyah. Some of the members stay on with the new Sultan, but those who are politically suspect cannot keep their old rank. However, they can't be sent back to their former regiments either, because, having been part of the Sultan's guard, who knows what they may have seen or heard?"

"This is why they are sent to the Azra'il Special Deterrent Group, where their talents can be used but where they can also be closely monitored."

...which already sounds very cool indeed and immediately gets you thinking about making some personalised Azra'il with their own markings based on the Sultan they might have served in the past.

"The Azra'il normally carry out aggressive patrols, seeking deliberate and provocative contact with the enemy. The choice of an older model of heavy armour is an intended and premeditated decision. Not only is it a link to each individual Azra'il's past - a reminder of their fall into disgrace - but also it is more bulky, and thus more threatening, in appearance. If their presence alone is not sufficient to put fear into the hearts of enemies, they then unleash all the firepower at their disposal, doing justice to their name."

An awesome sound unit with a rich past allowing you to go crazy with the look and design of the armour. I would love to have the name of each soldier written on the back of the armour along with the name of their Sultan.

You could then go as far as to date them back to specific periods of history within the Infinity background and then of course add some kill tally marks to the HUGE gun itself.

A brilliant looking new model!

B-Sieged Teaser by coolminiornot
Man the catapult, defend the walls, and face the abyss!

B-Sieged is a beautiful and exciting new board game designed by Second Gate Games and published by CoolMiniOrNot. What monsters will climb out from the abyss? Only time will tell! Get the latest news about B-Sieged by liking the Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/bsieged?fref=ts

Pence has signed the Religious Freedom Bill...Gen Con, your move. by gamersongames
Gov. Pence has signed the Religious Freedom Bill, putting it into effect. Gen Con wrote saying they'd move if he signed it. Gen Con, your move.

#GenCon #ReligiousFreedom #ConventionPolitics

Dwarfs vs Chaos Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report - Altdorf in Flames Ep 01A by miniwargaming
To see how Oleg and Luthor encounter end, go here: http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/Dwarfs-vs-Chaos-Warhammer-Fantasy-Battle-Report-Altdorf-Flames-Ep-01B

Regiments of Renown - The Dwimmerdale Dwarfs emerge from the ruins of Altdorf, attempting to flee Luther the Chosen and his mighty Kurgan.

HD Painting tutorial - How to paint new Games Workshop Bloodthirster by awakenrealms
In this tutorial you will learn how to paint GW new Bloodthirster in original color scheme.

For more information go to our website: http://awakenrealms.com/
Want to see more awesome content? Like our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/awakenrealms

New Laser Cut Terrain Sets - First Look Wargaming by rbaer0002
Checkout these new sets of laser cut terrain! http://www.spikeybitsblog.com/?s=terrain&submit=Search

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Imperial Knight vs Scythed Hierodule Warhammer 40k Battle Report - Who Would Win Ep 39 by miniwargaming
To watch the Post Game show, go here: http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/Post-Game-Imperial-Knight-vs-Scythed-Hierodule-Warhammer-40k-Battle-Report-Who-Would-Win-Ep-39
To watch the Thunderwolf Cavalry vs Nob Bikers Battle Report, go here: http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/Thunder-Wolf-Cavarly-vs-Ork-Nob-Bikers-Warhammer-40k-Battle-Report-Who-Would-Win-Ep-40

A super heavy walker the Imperial Knight, stand toe to toe with a Gargantuan Monstrous creature, the Scythed Hierodule.

Target: Located by gamesworkshopwnt
Want to know more about what stalks through the ruins of an Imperial Forge World? Keep checking back to http://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/blog/blog.jsp for hints, tips and updates!

TYRANIDS SPECIAL OFFER - http://www.denofimagination.com.pl/2014/01/tyranids-2014-special-offers.html

Tau part one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGUxdB9jS14

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote contact us: service@denofimagination.com

Den of Imagination - Your Miniature Painting Service

We are a registered studio in Torun, Poland. We have been in line of work since 2008. Our still growing staff of painters and sculptors is ready to work on any project you can imagine!

We are credible, solid and reliable. We work best with large commissions and we guarantee fast service.

WEBSITE: http://www.denofimagination.com
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DenofImaginations
TWITTER: http://Twitter.com/doiStudio
FLICKER: http://www.flickr.com/photos/97996892@N07/

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*Licensed under CC - Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Episode 288 : Flames of War 1780 Romanian Tancurii Medii Vs SS Wiking Grenadiers (Civilian Gamer) by gamersongames
Since our Heavy Gear League is still on recess till the fall, here are some Flames of War practice games for the upcoming Canadian Nationals Tournament in Calgary Canada! As always hope you enjoy watching. Comments and feed back are always welcome.

Check out Civilian Gamer at: https://www.youtube.com/user/HeavyGearReports

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