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Welcome to Dakka's main repository of wargaming articles. This part of Dakka is powered by a Wiki (just like Wikipedia), so if you see any mistakes like bad grammar or spelling, or have anything you want to add to an article then just click the 'edit' link which is at the top of most pages, make the changes and save. Editing is simple and is very similar to posting in the forum so don't be afraid to help out! We want to create the best collection of wargaming articles on the planet and are well on our way to achieving that goal, so if you have any cool tips or tricks, or have written articles in the past then please feel free to add them to our wiki, just click the Add an Article link for a brief tutorial to get started.

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GrimTeef's Storm Eagles Chapter

  • A Space Marine Army Profile by GrimTeef.

I've always liked the look and feel of a Space Marine force, and have had one in some form or another since Rogue Trader days. I wanted something that felt a little different from the standard codex chapters, and liked how the Deathwing and White Scars had a bit more feral or tribal tone to them, but not so much as the Space Wolves have. Also, I wanted to find some themed reason to justify and use the army choices that I enjoyed.

The army features the 4 things I enjoy about Space Marines:...


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